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Little did he know......


“I wonder how it feels to get your letter 5 years late!” He laughed. Oh that laugh I want to slap away. “I wonder how it feels to not have your brother around anymore!” He laughs coldly. “ One yes I did get my letter late but I got mine because I’m smart and a strong wizard! Also I’m very kind! You probably got your because of your father and mother! Two, don’t bring him up! What if your mother died?” I asked him. He stood there looking at the ground silently. “Exactly!”

Romance / Drama
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Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

House: Slytherin
Full name: Draco Lucius Malfoy

Discription: Blue gray eyes, snobby, 5’9, blonde hair, Slytherin princes

I wonder how it feels to get your letter 5 years late. I wonder how it feels to not have your brother around any more!!”

Perrie Edwards as Sofia Diggory

Year: 5 tho it’s late
House: Hufflepuff
Full name: Sofia Marie Diggory

Discription: Dark blue eyes, very nice and beautiful, 5’2, golden almost brown hair, glasses,Hufflepuff princess

One yes i got it late but I also got it because I am smart and strong wizard. I’m also very kind! I bet you got yours because of your father and mother! Two dont bring him up! What if your mother died?! Exactly!

Jesy Nelson as Zeya Lenen

Year: 5
House: Hufflepuff
Full name: Zeya Lee Lenen

Discription: Dark Hazel eyes, very nice but can be mean sometimes, 5’4, auburn hair

Shove off Malfoy! Leave Sofia alone! I came here when everyone knew my brother died and you didn’t say anything.... oh i know.... Malfoy has a crush!”

Jade thirlwall as Mia Lenson

House: Hufflepuff
Full name: Miami Lynn Lenson

Discription: Dark brown eyes, pretty nice but is mean to people she hates or people who hate her freinds, 5’3, Golden hair

Shove off Malfoy!”

Leigh-Anne Pinncok as Lily bell

House: Ravenclaw
Full name: Lilian Harris Bell

Discription: light blue eyes, pretty mean but is really nice to people she loves and knows, 5’6, black hair

Bloody hell Malfoy! Leave her alone! Don’t you have something better to do like I don’t know hmm go bully someone else and then go tell your daddy?... oh oh your gonna go tell you daddy on us... poor Malfoy can’t fend for himself!”

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Year: 5
House: Gryfindor
Full name: Harry James Potter

Discription: green eyes, glasses, dosent like Malfoy, is freinds with the 5 girls, 5’5, Black hair, Scar

“Leave them alone!”

Emma Watson as Hermoine Granger

Year: 5
House: Gryfindor
Full name: Hermoine Granger

Discription: Green with a hint of blue eyes, friends with the 5 girls, 5’4, blondish brownish, Dating Ron

“Don’t listen to him sof, he’s just a mean boy! And I if you ask me, what do people say when a boys being amena to a girl? He likes her that’s right sof!”

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasaly

House: Gryfindor
Full name: Ronald Weasaly

Discription: Dark green eyes, freinds with the 5 girls,
5’7, red hair, Dating Hermoine

Bloody hell!”

Madeline Petch as Alex Lenson

House: Gryfindor
Full name: Alexis Maria Lenson

Discription: Brown eyes, is in the group of the 5 girls, 5’6, light brown hair, Dating Neville

Mmm Malfoy has a crush but he won’t admit it because of his reputation because all Sofia Diggory is ...what did you call her oh yes you called her A stupid hufflepuff!”

Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottem

Year: 5
House: Gryfindor
Full name Neville Longbottem

Discription: green eyes, likes the 5 trio, brown hair, 6’0, dating Alex(Alexis), the second choosen one

“Good job babe! So proud of you! Now I know why I’m scared of you!”

The 5 trio or the 5 girls- Sofia, Zeya, Mia(Miami), lily(Lilian) and Alex(Alexis)

Golden trio- Harry Ron and Hermoine.
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