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The Second Heir

By bntjammer

Romance / Adventure

Meeting the Fellowship


The Second Heir


The descendants of Isildur have been lost to time and myths. However, Sauron knew better than this. He knew Isildur's heirs were still somewhere in Middle Earth, hidden from the world, mainly from him. The once strong and numerous Dunedain of the North have been dispersed and broken. However, the race of men may be weak but cannot be underestimated. He did this once and never will do it again. To disband the threat, he sent his trusted servant to Saruman to track these heirs.

His search took many years, chasing false rumors and dead ends. However, his search brought him to a small elvish village on the outskirts Lorien. Where, Maethriel, daughter of Lileth, a young half elf lies hidden under Galadriel's watchful eye. Isildur's line has mixed with Elvish blood. Saruman thought this interesting as he heard his reports and gripped his staff.

However, Maethriel had no clue as to her heritage or human lineage for that matter. She was just going throughout her life as any other elf with 234 years under her belt. She now resides in a remote village with her elf father and two younger half-brothers since her mother's passing some 225 years ago.

She is truest to her elf side hiding her human blood for the most part. She is one with nature, good with horses, and can be deadly with a bow. She bears an elf's ears, grace, stamina, and immortal life. However, her light brown hair and green eyes show her human side in slight subtlety.

After confirming the possibility of this girl being of Isildur's line, Saruman took his information to his master. Sauron ordered Saruman to act on the last known heir to Isildur's throne. Once she is gone, then no man could stand against them.

The world is changing. I can feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it.

It seemed to be a normal day to the elves of Hidenil. The sun was shining and the wind blew lightly through the golden trees. That is until a black arrow entered the village killing the first elf. The destruction began on the north side of the small village. Maethriel was just waking for the day and left her talen only to see the chaos below. Orcs scattered around the village killing and fighting all elves in sight.

"Find the girl!" One of the creatures shouted. She saw her brothers shooting arrows and her father was on the ground wielding his sword. The beasts were disgusting and killed as if no regret entered them.

"Mae, stay where you are! You need to be safe!" her father shouted turning towards her. His last words she would ever hear from him as she saw him fall at the blade of an orc. She grabbed her own bow and shot a few arrows before jumping to the ground to tend to her father.

She ran to check on her father only to be grabbed from behind by disfigured, bloody arms. She kicked and screamed as the beast carried her out of the village. She saw her brothers both cut down in icy hatred and her blood went cold with grief. The last thing she saw was fire being set to the trees and the Lothlorien wardens arriving too late at the northern part of the village. She knew the face of the one running the fastest through the village towards her. Haldir, Marchwarden of Lorien. Be he was too late. The damage was done. All hope was lost.

Maethriel was walking behind the Orc captain, her hands bound and eyes blindfolded with a strip of cloth. She sighed; her eyes had long lost the ability to produce any more tears. In the matter of an hour, she lost all that mattered to her: her father, her brothers, and her village. What upset her most though, was that she had no idea why the Orcs came in the first place. Her village was a peaceful one, far from even Lothlorien's dealings. What confused her more was why they spared her and took her captive?

"Bohk, how long until we will reach Lord Saruman? We've been traveling for days." An Orc asked the leader.

"It is still some time. Lord Saruman insisted we take our time in our return to not draw unwanted attention."

The Orcs grumbled among themselves as to what was so important about this girl. Even the leader didn't know for certain, but Saruman made it very clear she was of great importance to Sauron himself.

As they attempted to pass south, Maethriel grew weary after little food and water for the past two weeks. The Orcs then took a road that crossed the mountains not twelve days distance from Rivendell.

A few days later, loss of all strength, she passed out in the forest in the heat of the day. She hit her head on a rock and remained unconscious, breathless. The Orcs took notice at last and left her assuming the fall killed her.

"She is dead; leave her. I do not wish to carry around a worthless she-elf." The orc would have been leading the girl whined.

"Saruman will not be happy." They passed her body and made haste for Isengard.

Chapter 1:Meeting the Fellowship

**Maethriel's POV**

I woke feeling a sharp pain in my head but a soft breeze caressed my face. I opened my eyes slowly and found myself in the forest, but not the Golden Wood I loved. I felt grass on my skin but tasted the copper of blood in my mouth. As I made to sit up, I met two piercing blue eyes.

"Legolas, what do you see? We must keep moving." a voice called from the distance.

"Aragorn, come here for a moment." I took this moment to further take in my surroundings. The person leaning over me was an elf. Light blonde hair was pulled back in warrior braids but fell past his shoulders and pointed ears stuck out. A man with dark wavy hair and lighter blue-gray eyes now stood next to him.

"Who are you?" the dark haired man questioned immediately. I put my hand on top of my boot ready to grab my dagger if these men were ill-willed.

"Maethriel of Hidenil in the Realm of Lorien, my Lord. Orcs took me captive. My village was destroyed" I said looking down. The thought of that day brought tears to my eyes once again, but I blinked them away.

The two men stood then walked several yards away, whispering. Despite their distance, I could hear them. Can they not tell I am an Elf?

"We cannot just leave her." the elf said.

"She is injured. As much as we wish to help her, she will be a burden. We do not know where the road will lead us. It may be worse for her to come with us. We should send her to Lord Elrond, he would tend her well." The man suggested. Lord Elrond? Are we close to Rivendell?

"Aragorn, let us take her until we reach the next settlement. She could not do much harm. She is helpless." The elf continued.

"I am not helpless." I mumbled. I could hit a squirrel at 200 paces with my bow… My bow! It was left in the village. I have no defense but the dagger in my boot. It is dark times. I don't know if I can even trust these two strangers, even if they seem to know the Elven lord of Rivendell.

"She is your responsibility." The man said to the elf.

"I will not be in the presence of another elf, much less a she-elf" a short man with dark red hair and a long beard came to the two and joined their discussion. Then I noticed his stocky form overall, a Dwarf.

"Gimili, it is only temporary I assure you. But Legolas is right. We cannot leave her alone. It is too long of a journey back for her to make it on her own." The man stated obviously accepting the fact that I should come with them. The dwarf grumbled to himself and stomped off. It is not as if I want to be in the company of a dwarf either!

"This maiden was brought to us for a reason. Though unknown, the Valar felt she belonged with us therefore she will travel with us." An old man with grey hair and wooden staff spoke with an authoritative tone.

"Are you able to walk my lady?" The old man asked. I tried to stand and the elf held out a hand to assist me. Once on my feet, I was a little dizzy but it passed and we started to walk.

I looked around as the four men led me through the woods. We met five more people, another man and four small children. The children were smoking… they must be the Halflings my father told me about, Hobbits. The man seemed as weary at the first but the Hobbits seemed intrigued.

"Gandalf, who is this woman?" The man asked.

"This is Maethriel of Hidenil. She was taken by Orcs after her village was destroyed but was lucky enough to escape. She will be joining us until we reach a settlement." He looked me over, still skeptical.

"So be it but I will not be put out of my way by a she-elf. My loyalty is to Frodo and this quest. No woman should be here, for their place is not among men." I wanted to respond to him but I figured since I am in their grace, it was best not to instigate anything.

They all went about their morning routines. The sun was still low in the east sky. I looked to see a canteen sitting near one of the hobbits. Water, a luxury I have been deprived of lately.

"May I have a drink? I have not had water almost in 3 days" I asked the hobbit with light hair.

"Yes milady you may." he said handing it to me. I smiled and took a long drink.

"Thank you." I said nodding handing him the canteen back.

I sat away from the group, which now sat chattering about the path ahead. I heard names like the Gap of Rohan and the Mines of Moria. They started to pack up but I noticed the elf who found me was missing from the companions.

"My lady" the blond elf came up to me and motioned that we continue on.

"Thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience I must be."

"Your most welcome." he is sweet.

"Um... Where exactly are we?" I asked.

"Not far from the land of Rivendell. Maybe fifteen days' journey"

"Are you a Rivendell Elf my Lord?"

"No, I am of the Woodland Realm, Mirkwood is my home." he said simply.

"Do you have a name?" I asked.

"Legolas." He said smiling at my question.

"Well Legolas, I am glad you spoke on my behalf earlier. I am in your debt." I said bowing to him in a soft curtsey.

"Maethriel, it would go against all my morals to leave a maiden in the woods alone after already being captured once by Orcs."

"Please call me Mae. Maethriel is so formal. When people call me that I feel like I am getting scolded by my father…" My joking tone dropped towards the end as sadness crept slowly into my mind again. My father. Legolas looked at me and noted my change in attitude before nodding.

"As you wish, but we should be going. The others are already leaving." he said leading me back towards the group. We caught up and walked some time before coming to open plains were we walked nearly a day.

"We will travel to the west of the Misty Mountains for Forty Days." Gandalf announced as I took notice of a mountain range to our left.

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