The Second Heir

Captive Thoughts

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Book 2: The Two Towers

Chapter 1: Captive Thoughts

I woke to the odd sensation of my head being pressed against something. I slowly opened my eyes and saw light bit also found myself bouncing against the back of an Orc, or something resembling an Orc. They seemed much larger and had skin as black as ink. They seemed stronger and freely passed through both day and night. I tried to pull back only to find my hands bond around the creatures neck. I tried pushing off but a searing pain in my thigh kindly reminded me of my injuries. I looked down. They had left the arrow in but cut the shaft. I winced looking at it. Dark bloodstains fell down my leggings and fresh red blood oozed around the arrowhead thanks to my movement most likely. I sighed. I was exhausted and loosing blood.

Suddenly, the events of before hit me like a stonewall. Boromir was most likely dead. I shook the though from my head only hoping he lives. Then there was Aragorn and Gimili. They only stayed in my focus shortly. He and Gimili were well-seasoned warriors. Frodo had most likely escaped due to the stupidity of Merry and Pippin. Then there was Legolas, the elf that I had come to call my best friend. I missed him most of all right now and prayed he survived the battle as well. But I was snapped out of my thoughts as the Orc carrying me had stopped. I looked around me and I couldn't see Merry and Pippin anywhere. I prayed they were okay.

"Hey, the she-elf's awake" one spat.

They paused in their trot. Another came up to me and grabbed me by my throat.

"Stupid Wench escaped once but won't be so lucky this time" he said squeezing harder. I felt weaker and spots filled my vision.

"Stop it! Leave her alone!" I heard Merry shout. Good they're alive. He released his grip only to be stopped by another.

"Remember, master wants all three alive and unspoiled. Especially the she-elf"

I couldn't hear anything else before I fell into darkness once again.

It may have been hours or days but I found myself thrown to the ground. I opened my eyes seeing Merry and Pippin crawling towards me.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"T'is our third day with them Mae. How is your leg?" Pippin said looking down my legs. I looked at Merry and saw a large gash on his forehead and he looked sick. I felt grief wash over me. I couldn't protect them.

"It is only a throbbing pain when I don't move it and is most likely infected by now" I said slightly sarcastic. But our brief time together was over.

"What is it? What do you smell?"

"Man flesh"

"They've picked up our trail. Move out scum!"

"Aragorn!" Pippin whispered.

"And with Aragorn, comes everyone else" slight hope sent relief through my body.

It was now dark. I could easily hear the Orcs were fighting over the lack of food and breaks. I shook my head at re petty questions at the leader.

Taking my attention elsewhere, I couldn't see the hobbits anywhere and prayed they weren't on the menu. I looked around and saw they congregated around something. Knowing this may be my only chance to escape; I reached into my boot and found my dagger. I slowly and discretely as possible cut the ropes around my ankles then my wrists. I sighed in relief as I saw my opportunity. I stood only to fall back down in pain. I ripped a piece of my cloak and wrapped it just above the arrow in hopes of a brace. I tried putting weight on the leg only to be met once again by agonizing pain. But I had no choice. Endure the pain or die. I slowly crawled closer to the forest line. Once inside I would be safe, if I could make it that far. I heard the hum of horses galloping not too far off. A lot of horses. I tried to quicken my pace wincing and suppressing screams with each movement.

I made it about twenty yards before I heard the first gasp of pain from an Orc. I turned around to see a cavalry of men killing the Orcs with spears and swords. I crawled faster only to have a dead Orc land on top of me. I slammed into the ground and screamed at the unbearable pain as the arrow went further into my leg. A man heard me and came closer. He cautiously removed the Orc and looked down at me.

"What is a lady like you doing with Uruk hai?" he had blonde hair and dark eyes.

"I was captured" I said before passing out feeling blood trickle down my leg.

I awoke to feel the warmth of a fire against my face. I blinked my eyes slowly.

"You're awake?" the same man who found me asked.

"What happened?" I blinked a few times, focusing my eyes.

"Have a drink and piece of bread first, then we'll discuss some things" he said handing me a small water skin and a piece of very stale bread.

"I am Eomer, son of Eomund, Third Marshall of the Ridermark" he said nodding to me. Whatever that means but obviously he's a captain of some sorts.

"I am Maethriel of Hidenil in Lorien"

"If I may so bold, my lady. How does a she-elf end up captive of Uruks in Rohan?"

"It is a very long story and though I thank you for your kindness I must find my friends"

"There were no others found amongst the creatures"

"They escaped then, good hobbits" I felt extreme relief fill me.

"You are free to ride with us until we find a suitable home for you. I cannot leave a maiden on her own in the open plains. Our path is north away from Rohan" His offer sounded promising but I needed to find Legolas and the others.

"No. I shall stay here and await my companions. I know they will come looking for us. The forest will give me the required cover to survive"

"Fangorn is a dangerous place. What of your injury?"

"I will be fine there is more to me than you think" I said standing and trying my best to hide the pain surging through my body.

"I cannot convince you otherwise?" he asked with saddened eyes.

"No but a water skin and a few slices of bread would be very much appreciated"

"I will see what my men can spare. Take some more rest. You've lost much blood"

"My elven healing will spare my life of the loss"

A little while later he returned with two water skins and five pieces of bread. He handed me that and a piece of flint.

"It isn't much but should last a couple days"

"Thank you my Lord"

"I hope we shall meet again, but until then may the Valar watch over you my lady"

"You as well my Lord" I nodded in thanks and walked slowly into the forest as the first signs of light peppered the sky.

I limbed in about 10 yards before finding a wide tree and slowly climbed up a few branches and found a thick branch that I could safely rest again. I was already exhausted and in more pain. I looked down at the arrow. It was a good inch or two deeper now but it needed to come out and soon. I ripped another stripe off my cloak and put a stick in my mouth in an attempt to minimize my scream. I took several deep breaths before I grabbed the shaft and pulled it out with swift motions. I bit threw the stick but it muffled my scream. It didn't bleed as much as I expected either. I cleaned it out with some water and pressed the new strip to the wound and the old one around it securing it in place. I felt relieved with the pressure gone but the pain and risk for infection still remained.

I took another bite bread but realized something horrible. If the fellowship didn't come along soon, I may die in this tree.

So there's chapter one of two towers. I hope you enjoyed it... I know its a little darker than my normal but you try being captured by Orcs, having an arrow in your leg, and being separated from your friends.

It's also a little shorter than my usual but next chapter should be better.


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