The Second Heir


Okay, so I'm cheating for the sake of getting this up quicker. But The first part is from Aragorn's Point of View and shows just a piece of the Three Hunter's experience with Eomer because it basically is the same as the movie as far as the hunt, then it will jump back to Mae's Point of view.




**Aragorn's POV**

"We are no spies. We track a party of Uruk hai across the plains. They have taken three of our friends captive" I simply stated in regards to his accusation and stating our purpose.

"The Uruks are destroyed. We slaughtered them in the night"

"What about hobbits? There were two hobbits with them!" Gimili cried out!

"They would be small. Only children to your eyes" I added clarifying the statement.

"We left none alive. We piled the carcasses and burned them" he said looking to the ground.

"What of a she-elf?" Legolas asked drawing the rider's attention. The man's eyes lit up in recognition.

"Yes, I found her. She was injured and in very much pain but alive"

"Where is she?" he pushed.

"She refused much aid other than water skins and some bread to last a couple days"

"And you let a she-elf with no weapons go?"

"What was I to do master elf? It is not my place to order a lady around, especially a first born"

"My apologies for my friend. He cares for her deeply. Where did you last see her?" I spoke up putting my hands on Legolas' shoulder before he let his feelings interfere further.

"She walked into Fangorn early this morning. But as for the Hobbits you speak of I do not know their fate"

"Dead?" Gimili asked.

"It is a great possibility. I am sorry" he paused to whistle.

"Hausfel! Arod! May these horses be of better fortune to you than their former masters. Search for your friends but do not trust a hope it is forsaken in this land"

**Mae's POV**

My mind wondered for the quiet hours of the morning and I could see the sun above me now which means it is past mid-day. Sounds of Fangorn creaked and snapped all around me, making me jump with each one. Even in the light of day, it was rather unnerving in here. What drove me in here? I was starting to think maybe going on my own wasn't such a good idea. My thoughts often wondered to my friends. Were they even coming? Their duty was to get Frodo to Mordor not to save a foolish she elf from Uruks. A tear fell down my face. I may never hear Gimili's snarky comments about elves or lightening sarcasm. I won't hear Aragorn saying it was time to continue on when I only wished to sleep five more moments. I would miss Sam's cooking. And Frodo, he seemed so frail. I only hoped to protect him until the end.

Then there is the elf. He is my best friend no question. He understood me and knew how to make me smile. He comforted me and was my anchor in the chaos. I would be grateful just seeing those amazing blue eyes again or his pale blonde hair. I put my head back against the trunk as I thought about all that has happened in the past three months. Lastly, my mind rested on my lineage. Should I have at least told him? If no one else, I could trust Legolas with my secret. Now, the last heir to Gondor may not even be discovered until it is no use.

The sun showed it was probably midafternoon and I looked down to check my wound. Blood had seeped through my makeshift bandage but wasn't gushing. I removed it and inspected the wound after rinsing it once. There was less redness around it, which meant I was healing slowly. I placed the bandage back on and took a drink of water. I ate a piece of bread before closing my eyes to rest.

My ears twitched bringing me out of my slumber. I heard voices. My mind must be playing tricks on me because the one sounded like Gandalf. Gandalf fell in Moria. I shook my head and tried to rest again. I however couldn't the sounds awoke me not long after that.

"One stage of your journey is over but another begins. War has come to Rohan. We must ride to Edoras with all haste. A great evil plagues the land" The voices were very close now. I looked around but saw nothing.

"Although, I believe we have one more companion to find" Gandalf said.

"You know where Mae is?" I heard Aragorn ask.

"Maethriel, dear, where are you hiding? It is safe now" I blinked my eyes slowly unsure if it was a dream or really happening. I looked directly below me and saw Gandalf dressed in white, Aragorn, and Gimili standing below. A smile found my face. But, where was Legolas? My heart stopped had he fell in battle with the Orcs? No, he couldn't have. I fought back the threatening tears.

"Where's Lego...las" I felt the branch lightly shift under me. I looked up with weary eyes as I saw the one person I wished to see. I put my hand to his cheek to make sure he was real and not a dream.

He put his hand on mine and smiled.

"I am so relieved you're alive. I thought I had lost you" he said looking me dead on.

"I thought I was gone as well. I feared you went a different route or wouldn't find me" he pulled me into his arms and I cried against his shoulder.

I relaxed as he held me tight. I took in his pine scent mixed with sweat and put my head to his chest.

"Can you walk?" he asked after just seconds of peace.

"Not fully. I took an arrow to my thigh. I pulled it out just this morning" I said looking down. It was the truth but then I realized, I would be a burden to them injured.

"Gandalf, travel ahead. Just leave Arod and the medicine pack. We will meet you in Edoras. I need to tend to her wounds" I looked at him with grateful eyes. We all knew Aragorn was he better healer, but I would rather Legolas be the one to care for this wound.

"So be it. Be in Edoras in Three days' time" Gandalf stated and we nodded.

"Glad to see you alive lass. The elf was unbearable in your absence" Gimili said looking up at me with a grin. I smiled.

"My apologies Gimili. I promise to keep him in line here on out" he chuckled and grinned mischievously.

"It does me much relief to see you again" Aragorn added. But soon they were gone.

I looked at Legolas and smiled again. I rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm more at peace right now than I have been in many months" I whispered.

"As am I. I was very restless as we followed after the Uruks"

"Try being the one being carried on their back" I meant it as a jest but his eyes got suddenly very serious. He moved back from me and looked me over.

"Did they hurt you in any other way than an arrow?"

"Bruises and general lack of food and water but it could have been worse" Relief filled his features and I smiled.

"I will lead Arod here. I have some herbs and such so I can examine your wound"

"Come back soon" I said watching him gracefully jump to the ground. He carefully jogged out of my sight but returned quickly leading a white horse towards my tree despite the large roots and fallen trees.

He grabbed a sac and joined me back on my branch. He sat very close to me then pulled my leg into his lap and reached for the edge my tunic but stopped.

"I'm sorry" he said blushing realizing his actions may have come off as inappropriate. But this was not the case at all.

"It's fine Legolas" I said taking his hand and guiding it up to my wound just under my outer tunic. Sadly, I winced even at his light touch.

He hesitantly ripped my leggings just enough so he could fully see my wound. He poured water on it and it bled slightly at the aggravation. He probed the area with his fingers seeing how deep it was.

"It's very deep. I'm surprised it's not infected"

"I've tried to keep it clean since I removed the arrow"

He pulled an herb out of his pouch and chewed it before pausing before the wound.

"I have to pack the wound. It will most likely hurt"

"I pulled the arrow out, trust me, I can handle an herb placed in it" I said bracing myself.

"It will help with the pain and keep it clean" he said putting more on the top before putting a light gray cloth over it and wrapping my leg tightly.

"There, all finished" he said sitting my leg gently back down on to the branch.

"Thank you"

"Despite our elven balance, I think we'd be more comfortable on the ground. I have two blankets" I thought about it. I have been in this tree all day, perhaps trying to move around and stretch would do me better.

"I'll try but I'm scared. I can't support my weight. I couldn't very well last night"

"No problem" Next thing I know he had me scooped up in his arms. I let out a small squeak as he jumped and landed safely on the ground.

"I won't let go" he said adjusting me so I was standing but I put little weight on my leg. I slowly half walked, half leaned on Legolas as we sat down on a blanket.

He built a small fire and even found some berries for us to have. He sat down beside me.

"Do you think you'll be able to ride tomorrow?" He asked.

"I hope so. How long of a ride is it?"

"Two days"

"We can leave in the morning. You look like you could use a good night's rest"

"If you are sure" he said handing me a piece of lembas.

We sat around the fire and talked, much like the night in Lothlorien on our talon. I told him of my experience with the Orcs. He corrected me saying they weren't exactly Orcs. Uruk hai, I think that's what he called them. When I asked him about Gandalf he told me the story of his return as Gandalf the White and his tale of fighting the Balrog. Night came sooner than I believed and soon I found myself struggling to stay awake.

"Sleep Mae. You need rest to heal" he said standing up to head to his bed roll several feet away.

"Will you stay next to me?" It slipped out before I realized it, but what shocked me most was how accustomed I was to our closeness until he was gone.

"Of course" he said laying down beside me. I smiled feeling completely at rest. I fell asleep with the warmth of my best friend next to me. I fell into dreams of us maybe being something more. I trusted Lady Galadriel's mirror. And I honestly was becoming much more wanting of that fate.

The next morning I really didn't want to wake up. I was warm and comfortable. I heard a steady beat in my ears and the smell of pine filled my nose. I fluttered my eyes to find my head on Legolas' chest and his arm around me. My eyes widened. I glanced up and saw Legolas was still asleep with a smile resting at the corners of his mouth. His face was even more beautiful sleeping. I had to stop myself from caressing his features. A blush found my face but this felt so natural. I gave in and went back to sleep since dawn had not yet broke.

When I woke, I felt Legolas shift under me. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. I felt refreshed and one hundred percent better. Legolas also looked well rested. His eyes no longer had dark circles under them.

"Good morning" he said softly in elvish pushing a hair out of my face. Then we realized our position and sat up immediately.

"I'm sorry" I said blushing.

"Don't be."

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