The Second Heir

More than Friends?

This chapter was written under the influence of "Super Hero" by Luke Conrad (look it up on YouTube)

I hope you enjoy this chapter!


So last time in Middle Earth…

I felt Legolas shift under me. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. I felt refreshed and one hundred percent better. Legolas also looked well rested. His eyes no longer had dark circles under them.

"Good morning" he said softly pushing a hair out of my face. Then we realized our position and sat up immediately.

"I'm sorry" I said blushing.

"Don't be" He said it very quickly and smiled.

Chatper 13: More than Friends?

"Why shouldn't I be sorry? I was practically holding you as a lover would" I said shifting away nervously.

"I do believe it was a two way embrace. I did not mind that. I care for you deeply Mae. I hoped you had known that by now" My eyes widened as I looked at the elf next to me.

"I care for you too Legolas, but I doubt you feel as the same way as I do" I said looking at the ground.

"I want more Maethriel" he paused looking me dead in the eyes.

"When Aragorn told me you had been taken, I felt my heart shatter. I have often pushed these feelings away thinking, it was just a very close friendship between us. But as time went on you opened up to me and I to you. I can't say I love you because I don't believe in saying the words before they are meant with one's heart and soul. But I would like to try."

"A courtship…" I asked shakily. Am I dreaming? He can't be saying this right now? I only thought about the possibility last night on a realistic level. Was I truly ready to go beyond friendship?

"If you would have me. I know it's sudden and the timing could be better" he said putting a hand on my cheek.

"Tell me to stop" he said as his lips drew closer. My body didn't want him to, I dream about his lips on mine too often to deny this.

"Don't" I said meeting his lips with mine. It was a quick kiss but my body was on fire. I looked at him and smiled. He leaned back in for another. This one was longer and he cupped my face in both hands deepening the kiss. I ran my hands through his hair. We eventually pulled back and I was beaming.

"I accept your offer, Legolas. When I was gone, you were all I could think of. Your eyes, your hair, your laugh, your smile, all of it. I couldn't dream of never seeming them again"

"I have dreamed many a times about you saying those words" he said pulling me into his lap. I leaned against him and smiled. We stayed like that for a long time just sitting there enjoying the peace of being together as the sun rose into the morning sky

(A/N: Having not read the books, I don't know the ins and outs of an elvish courtship but I've picked up some bits and pieces along the way by reading other fics. If you have any expertise in the area please fill free to PM me if something is out of place)

But reality hit me that we were expected in Edoras in three days' time.

"I know we need to go" he said shifting me to the side to stand up. He gathered everything and put it into Arod's sattle bags. Lastly, he took my hand and helped me stand. I could tolerate the pain but still didn't want to risk putting full weight on it. My leg had obviously taken to the herbs Legolas had used and was healing steadily. However, I am only half elven meaning I won't heal as fast as he expects.

"Before I forget, I think you would want these back" he handed me my mother's sword along with my bow and quiver. I felt much better knowing he had them and they were not just sitting in an Orc infested field.

"Thank you. Perhaps you can teach me how to wield my sword when we have time"

"Aragorn would do better than me. I have two shorter blades, not just one. My skill with a single blade is not expertise" he said helping me onto the horse. I whispered soft words of thanks to the white horse as he is about to go a great distance with two riders.

I sat in front of Legolas and he wrapped his hands around me to reach the reins. During the day, we stopped only a few times to give Arod a break. At night, we would sleep next to each other watching the stars and talking. We spoke about many things from Mirkwood to the journey ahead and other topics. I could tell Legolas anything… well almost everything. It wasn't that I didn't want to tell him my secrets of my heritage; I couldn't. I gave Lady Galadriel my word.

In two days, we crested a hill and saw the great city of Edoras before us. He patted Arod and whispered words of praise to the steed. He was truly a good horse.

"Why do two elves wish to enter our great city? What business do you have here?" a guard stopped us just before the main gate.

"I am Legolas of the Woodland Realm and this is Maethriel of Lorien. We are friends of Gandalf the White" I tensed. The others should have arrived late yesterday but was it safe?

"Any friend of Gandalf is welcome. Our city is in his debt. He is in the Golden Hall giving Council to Théoden king" the guard nodded opening the doors and allowing us passage.

"Thank you" Legolas nodded before encouraging Arod forward. Upon passing the gate, Legolas insisted we draw our hoods to hinder any more unwanted attention to our race. Elves were not always looked at with grateful glances, especially in the realms of men. The town was dreary but I could see some mixed emotions in the people's eyes. We reached the great hall of the city, which had pillars of gold at its main support.

After slowly ascending the stairs, he took my hand and we entered the palace of Rohan.

A door attendant named Hama asked us our names and our purpose and Legolas once again replied lowering his hood slowly to show his ears.

"Welcome master and lady. The king will welcome you in his own accord later. The death of his son is still fresh in his heart"

"We understand"

"The rest of your party is in the main hall just continue forward"

We nodded and moved on.

We walled ahead and saw Aragorn and Gimili sitting at a table talking. As they saw us, grins came to their features.

"Gimili, I believe I won" Aragorn spoke grin growing larger. I looked at the pair with confusion well on my face.

"Indeed, you win lad" Gimili said handing the man a leaf full of smoking weed.

"What was that about?"

"We made a bet lassie. On you and the elf. Aragorn said you'd be together upon arriving"

"What did you bet Gimili?"

"That there'd be an elfling on the way but the light of motherhood is not shining in your eyes" The dwarf said grinning but I blushed scarlet at his words.

"No Gimili that is not a possibility" Legolas corrected their surly traveling thoughts.

"I'm still shocked the elf made a move" he said taking a long breath of his pipe.

"On another note, what has happened in our absence?" Legolas asked releasing my hand and walking towards our friends.

"Gandalf freed the king from Saruman's spell and we patiently await his next move. Though, the Prince's funeral is in three hours" Aragorn stated.

A woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes came up to us.

"Hama just informed me of your arrival. I am Lady Eowyn, niece of the king" she said curtseying.

"I am Legolas of the Woodland Realm"

"And I am Maethriel of Lorien"

"Allow me to show you to your room"

"Don't you mean rooms?" I asked perplexed.

"Would you not want to share a room with your husband?" She asked smiling.

"We are not married. Newly courting actually" Legolas responded.

"My apologies for assuming"

"Lord Legolas, this shall be your room. I hope you do not mind sharing with Aragorn"

"Not at all my lady. Excuse me while I prepare for the funeral" Legolas disappeared into the room with a nod to her and a smile for me.

"Do you mind sharing quarters with me? I am afraid we have no other rooms. I was going to put Gimili in with another to give you two a room"

"I do not mind at all. Some female company will be much appreciated" She walked at my needed pace.

"I will have a maid draw up a bath. But if I may be so bold. How did you come to be injured?"

"Orcs, but I do not like to dwell on that"

"I understand. I need to meet my uncle do you need anything else before I go?"

"We are about the same size, a dress to wear perhaps?"

"Let me see if one of my old dresses fit" She walked into a closet and brought back two black dresses.

"I hope one fits. Now if you'd excuse me"

She left me to my own thoughts. I looked at the dresses. The one was obviously too small but the other looked like it should suffice. A few moments later, a maid walked in and prepared my bath.

"Do you need anything else my lady?"

"A clean bandage for my wound if possible. This one is nearly two days old"

"I will see what I can get"

As she left the room, I slipped out of my tunic and leggings before slipping into the warm water. It has been at least three weeks since I've had a proper bath and to say this felt wonderful would be an understatement. I slowly scrubbed the dirt and blood off my body and washed my hair with the oils Eowyn had sitting near the tub. I ran a brush through my hair, half-braided it, and let the rest dry into its natural curls. I pulled on my undergarments I had left from my pack and the black dress. It was very simple with a lower cut bodice and longer sleeves that flared at the elbows. An elegant silver embroidery traced the outlines of the dress. I looked into the mirror. I saw my immortality necklace lying in plain sight for the first time in a long while. The simple moon lily wrapped around the diamond strands was a sign of Lorien but it was gift from Lady Galadriel herself on my fiftieth begetting day.

**Flash Back**

"Happy Begetting Day Mae" my dad came into my room with my brothers to celebrate my fiftieth summer but his hands held a small box.

"What's that father? I never get gifts"

"This is from the Lady. She has always been fond of you" he said handing me a box.

"It's a necklace" but my father's face paled as he saw the gift.

"It's an immortality necklace. Only special elves are given these"


"Because one day you will have a choice most elves do not have to make"

"What's that?"

"Whether to be mortal or immortal"

"Why wouldn't I choose immortal?"

"Love can do many things to an elf Mae" he said clasping the necklace around my neck.


I touched the soft metal and now realized the double meaning behind her father's words. I was half mortal half immortal thus having the choice. Should I have fallen in love with a mortal, I could choice the mortal life by giving the man my necklace as a symbol of my decision. A realization hit me. Aragorn wore an immortality necklace, I could tell by its natural glow. Was he in love with another half elf? I will ask Legolas later. I did a last look in the mirror before leaving my room. I was surprised to see Legolas outside waiting for me.

"I figured you might need a hand" he said as I wrapped my arm through his.

So there it is! Legolas and Mae are finally together! I hope it wasn't too corny but there won't be much alone time for our favorite pair for a while so I did what I could!

Until next time!

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