The Second Heir

Visions for the Future

Wow, I'm proud of myself, I actually kept my word and got two chapters posted in one day!

So here's the Third part of Lothlorien. Mae gets to look into Galadriel's mirror! What will she see?

Chapter 8: Lothlorien Part 3 (Visions for the Future)

Later that night, Lady Galadriel requested an audience with me. Celriana had laid out a soft purple dress for me to change into. My battered training tunic and boots were nowhere near appropriate to wear before the lady.

I met the Lady in her courtyard as most called it. She wore a light pink dress but she was still beautiful even in a less formal state.

"You wished to see me?" I said looking into the open area. She stood before a pedal stool with a bowl on it.

"Yes, young one, come closer. How has your last week been? I hope Lorien has been a breath of fresh air for you"

"It is amazing. My brother's stories didn't do it justice in their stories"

"Such as with the other Elven realms, their beauty is often indescribable until one sees it for themselves" She paused and silence surrounded us.

"Maethriel, I have seen that the fellowship will decide to leave within the next week. Have you discussed continuing with them?"

"No I have not my Lady. I had hoped that after training with Legolas, I would have a better chance. Our initial agreement was that I would continue until they reached a settlement. I feel I must prove myself to them"

"I am meeting with Aragorn tomorrow to discuss his path after you leave our borders. I will mention my advice to him" Great, that means I have to ask tonight. But how? I could ask Aragorn separately then rate his reaction before asking the others.

"I brought you here for another reason Mae. I have decided to offer you the opportunity to look into my mirror" What is so special about her mirror?

"What does your mirror show?"

"It shows things that were, things that are, and things that have not yet happened. Not even I can predict what one sees when they look. I just can control who looks upon the knowledge the Valar have given us"

"I'm not sure my lady. I fear I may not like what I see"

"That is always the risk. The decision is yours" She said stepping back. I thought about it. The things it could show me started running through my head, the past, present or even the future…

I stepped up to the mirror and the water was still. I took a deep breath in and put my face into the water.

The water rippled around me and I saw many images flashing. My mother, my father, my brothers, Galadriel, Haldir, Aragorn, Gandalf, and finally ending on Legolas. The scene changed and I was watching things unfold below

There was rain and thunder all around. I looked down and saw a massive army of Orcs marching on a fortress of stone. Four figures stood out among the army on the fortress' outer wall, Legolas, Gimili, Aragorn, and… me. There was silence and a strong sense of impending doom in the air. Then the Orcs charged.

^^next scene^^

"Lady Mae, allow me to tend to your wound. The longer you wait, the worse it may get" I woman with long blonde hair and sad blue eyes pleaded with my future self. I saw a large cut on my upper thigh and my face and clothes were covered with blood.

"I must find my friends! I must know if they made it through the battle!"

^^next scene^^

I saw a small army of men gathered before a large gate made of metal. The gate started to open and I saw the eye… the eye of Sauron looking down on the group. Then it went black.

^^next scene^^

The darknesss lightened to a bright forest.

"Momma?" A young ellon and elleth stood looking up at an older elleth. She had long brown hair to her waist and green eyes. She had a bright blue dress on and a mithril circlet upon her head. The boy had golden blond hair and green eyes…my green eyes. The girl had my soft brown hair and blue eyes… dark blue eyes that I had only seen in one person… Legolas.

I gasped as I left the water. I blinked my eyes several time before Galadriel handed me a linen to dry my face.

"Those are all possible futures for you Mae. You must go with the fellowship, or it may alter the outcome of every scene you saw"

"So, every scene is possible…" I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact of Legolas and I. Together and having children…

"You are weary of the last one but not over the others? Battle does not scare you? "

"Yes they do but I know with my friends I can do anything. Over the past weeks, I have built trust in the companions. But Legolas… he is but a friend I cannot see him in another light"

"Do not be troubled young one, the future is not set in stone. But know I would approve of such a match" she said with a slight grin.

"If you would excuse me My Lady it is well past dusk"

"I understand. Go, rest with your friends"

I walked back towards our camp as all of it ran through my head. It seemed to be a trend that after meeting with the lady, I had a lot to process. Each of the four scenes I saw shocked me in its own way.

I was about a hundred yards away still lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder and almost jumped a foot in the air. I turned to see Legolas smiling at me.

"A little jumpy mellon nin?"

"I just have a lot on my mind after speaking with Galadriel"

"Do you want to talk about it? I promise to be a good listener"

"I know you are Legolas, but I need to sort it out for myself first" I said laughing.

"You seem upset over something, are you positive?" He looked at me with those blue eyes of his, they were worse than a child begging for a sweet after the evening meal.

"Fine, let's go up to my Talon" I said smiling.

The others sat below enjoying yet another night of peace and quiet as I still tried to figure out what and how to tell Legolas of my visit with Galadriel. I guess continuing on is the best place to start.

"Legolas" He stood on the porch outside the door looking over the woods of the Golden City. He looked truly gorgeous in the moon light. His pale hair looked like silver threads and his skin pale but beautiful. His dark tunic blended well with the night and his bowstring reflected just a little of the moon light...I blinked. No, he is a friend.

He turned towards me and sat beside me on the bed.

"What troubles you mellon nin?"

"Lady Galadriel has seen the future and spoke briefly of it to me"

"What does it hold?"

"It holds many great trials for the fellowship" No matter how hard I tried, my mind kept flashing to the last scene I saw.

"But, I also saw my future…" the words escaped before I released it.

"You gazed into Galadriel's mirror? That is an honor"

"I saw our future…" I looked at the ground.

"Our future? The fellowship?"

"Yes the fellowship" I was relieved he didn't take it the way I meant it.

"I saw myself continuing on with you. I stood by you and Aragorn on the outer wall of a stone fortress"

"Do you wish to continue on with us?"

"Yes" My answer wasn't shaky or halfhearted, but firm and determined. I knew that Galadriel was right when we first spoke. I was meant to complete the mission with the fellowship and now I truly realize it.

"How can you when you know not where we are bound?" Legolas asked raising an eye brow.

"I know your quest. Galadriel told me many things in our meetings. She told me of the One Ring and your journey to destroy it" his face went grim.

"I did not wish to burden you with such knowledge but now you know"

"Legolas, I need you to support my decision to come with the fellowship. If you don't then I don't know if I could"

He looked up at me. Many emotions crossed his face but finally a smile formed on his lips.

"It is not a journey I would want anyone to take part in but I can see your desire to continue with us. I would selfishly support you. If not for your own good but mine as well"

"Thank you so much Legolas!" I said hugging him tightly. I felt a slight spark and the vision I had popped back into my mind. I pushed it aside and pulled away with a smile on my face.

"One down and seven to go"

"Aragorn and Boromir will be the hardest to convince" he said laughing softly.

"I will ask everyone at the morning meal, perhaps in groups of three. However as far as I can see, Aragorn and Frodo have the most say"

"So what other visions did you see?" Legolas asked as we sat at the edge of our talon. Our friends were long asleep and it was just us watching the night pass over the land.

"I saw four in total"

"Two were impending battles and One was a conversation with a future friend I suppose"

"Can you tell me anything about the battles?"

"Not much, they were barely more than flashes. I remember that in the first there was a fortress made of stone with an army of Orcs charging at it. It focused very quickly on four figures on the outer wall. Aragorn, Gimili, you and me.

It then changed to me speaking to a blonde haired woman, she looked injured and I was worried about her" I lied. I couldn't have Legolas know I got injured in the future.

"Then the scene changed once again. It was the blurriest. I saw large gates made of black metal. They opened and I saw a large orange eye made of fire. I assume it was Sauron but everything went black"

"What of the fourth?" Crap.

"Excuse me?"

"You said you had four visions in total"

"Umm" I stuttered.

"Was it worse than the other three?" He looked down at me with those blue eyes. The same blue eyes the little girl had. I blinked then smiled. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad fate.

"It was a happy ending, my happy ending if we succeed" I blushed

"I see, good to know there is truly hope"

"As much as I'd love to sit out here all night with you, it's late. We should retire"

"I'm going to stay out for a little longer. It is not long before we will leave and the forest will be but a dream to us. I plan to enjoy it as long as I can"

"Sleep well Legolas" I said as I closed my door.

So there's Part 3. Hope you enjoyed it!


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