The Second Heir

Leaving Lothlorien

So in honor of the Hobbit coming out on Friday, I decided to post earlier than expected. However, I can not promise another update before Christmas. I have my first final on Friday then finals week officially starts next Monday meaning I need to study so I can pass all my classes.

Anyways, this is the last part of Lothlorien. Will Mae be continuing with the Fellowship or will Aragorn tell both her and the Lady no?

Wait and See!

Chapter 9: Leaving Lothlorien

I woke the next morning feeling better than I had for a while. It was nice talking to Legolas last night and knowing he supports my decision to continue is even better. Celriana had already been in and laid a soft blue tunic and grey leggings out for me. I pulled my hair back into a braid quickly before heading down to the fellowship's camp. I really hoped to talk to Aragorn before the morning meal.

As I sat my feet down on the ground, I felt the sun hit my back and I sighed at its warmth.

I was honestly nervous to ask the ranger. I looked around and he was sitting by the fire with his pipe speaking to Legolas who had looked up at me with a smile.

"Aragorn could I speak to you for a moment?"

"Yes, of course. What is it Maethriel?" he asked as we left camp.

"There's no easy way to ask. But I wish to continue on with the fellowship. If you would allow it" I looked at him and the look in his eyes was one of conflict.

"Have you spoke about it to anyone else?"

"Just Legolas"

"I have to think about it Mae. Our road may not be safe for an elf maiden"

"I have been training with Legolas very thoroughly. I would be willing to learn a blade if you taught me…"

"It's not that I question your skill with a bow. I think you would hold your ground in a battle it's just how can you even consider continuing when you know not where our path lies" He sighed.

"I know of your quest to destroy the One Ring and that Frodo carries the biggest burden on Middle Earth. I only wish to help him with his task"

"I will speak with Frodo and the others and let you know soon"

I nodded. It was honestly what I expected. I know there are many things for him to consider. I mean, they hardly know me. Legolas is the only one I really spend any amount of time with. The hobbits have finally accepted me and Gimili is slowly coming around. But to take me to Mordor or worse, would they be willing to take that risk?

We returned to camp and I sat next to Legolas who raised an eyebrow.

"What did he say?"

"He is going to speak to the others"

"As I said last night, you have my support"

"Thank you Legolas" I said smiling as we sat waiting for the others to wake. The others slowly stirred and began getting ready for another day but I noticed some rolling things up and packing them away differently than normal.

The morning meal was quiet for the most part. No one said much and it was uncanny. I may be an elf, but I don't like silence, especially this awkward silence.

"Why is everyone so quiet?"

"'Cause we're leaving tomorrow" Sam blurted out.

"What?" I looked at Legolas and then at Aragorn. A look of pure guilt covered the elf's face and I knew he spoke the truth. He had no intentions of telling me they were leaving. I furrowed my brow before standing. I didn't know if I was more angry or hurt that he wasn't going to tell me. What if I hadn't had the courage to ask Aragorn this morning? Would they have just left me here?

"Why didn't you tell me?" I looked at the elf surly with anger in my eyes and ran off into the forest.

**Aragorn's POV**

To say Mae was furious with Legolas was putting it mildly. She glared at the elf and if looks could kill, it would be safe to say he would be six feet under and well on his way to the Halls of Mandos.

"Why didn't you tell me?" was all she said. But I heard the hurt and sadness in her voice. She trusted Legolas and though he obviously supported her continuation with us, she was frantic over him not telling her our departure was so soon.

"Aragorn, have you honestly considered allowing her to continue?" he asked in elvish not wanting the others to know what we spoke of.

"Legolas you know it is not safe for her"

"She can hold her own, she has come this far"

"I believe your feelings for her cloud your judgment old friend"

"Feelings? Mae is just a friend"

"You and I both know that is not entirely true"

"My interest is first and foremost towards this fellowship and our mission"

"Then allow me to put it to a vote among them excluding you, that way there will be no tie"

"Would you two quit sniping at each other in elvish, I feel slightly left out" Gimili stated halfheartedly unaware of what we spoke.

"Early this morning, Mae came to me with a request. Legolas and I were arguing over that request"

"What does the lass want?" Gimili asked.

"She wishes to continue on with our quest. I believe Lady Galadriel bestowed upon her the knowledge she needed to know, including the story of our fellowship"

"If the lass wishes to help, let her. She's come this far. She seems capable with a bow and she keeps the elf busy too" Gimili stated frankly. I didn't expect him to approve let alone be the first to endorse her.

"I like Ms. Mae! Let her come!" Pippin said next.

"I agree with Pip" Merry stated. I could see Legolas' smile grow with every opinion.

"I don't think it is her place. Aragorn, she is a she-elf and not exactly of Mordor ready stature" Boromir said with a grimace. He was obviously was very much opposed to the idea.

"Sam, Frodo? What do you two think?"

"I have no problem with her coming along. She helps with meals occasionally so I don't have to do it all the time" Sam stated.

"Aragorn, you know as well as I, we need all the help we can get" Frodo said wearily.

"So it is decided. Mae will leave Lothlorien with us tomorrow as we continue on to Mordor. Legolas do you want to tell her or should I go find her?" I said looking towards where he last stood but he was long gone.

"The lass looked pretty upset. Let the elf deal with her, although, seeing the princeling beg for forgiveness may be quite entertaining" Gimili said with a slight laugh at the end. Though Gimili and Mae didn't speak often, he was obviously tolerant of the female elf of our group.

**Maethriel's POV**

After I left the clearing, I ran through the paths unaware what direction I was going. But I found myself in a clearing about 15 minutes later and decided I ran long enough. I sat down against a tree trunk and watched the golden leaves fall down around me in beautiful waves. Why wouldn't he tell me? I closed my eyes as everything that has happened over the past few days ran through my mind. My talks with Lady Galadriel relieved some of my grief over my family but also posed me with several questions. My mother was the last known descendant of Isildur, making me heir to Gondor. What was I to do? I am a half being, how could even begin to think about claiming the throne of men? She also had given me four visions through her mirror of the battles to come. And finally the last of the visions passed through my mind. My future…did I chose the path leading to that ending?

"The leaves of Lothlorien fall for you. You are upset with me" I heard Legolas whisper from the other side of the small clearing as he held a few in his hand.

"Disappointed is appropriate but that is not all that is on my mind" I snapped looking down at the leaves in my own hand.

"I'm sorry for not telling you Mae. We planned on leaving at first light and you normally sleep until mid-morning" He realized his words after they left his lips as his eyes turned to the ground and his stance tensed.

"I hoped I meant more to you Legolas than to just abandon me without warning"

"You do Maethriel, but I have been selfish. I had planned to tell you last night until you told me of your request. Then I thought if you were meant to come with us, the decision would be made today"

"Oh" I guess I can't be completely upset. He was going to tell me.

"I am truly sorry for keeping you in the dark" He looked saddened. But I wasn't forgiving the elf just yet.

"Has Aragorn decided yet?" I asked changing the subject.

"He has"

"And?" I asked standing up.

"You will continue on with us. It was almost unanimous"

"I can guess who opposed it"

"It does not matter. You are coming" he said with a small smile.

"You're forgiven" I said mirroring his smile.

"Thank you Mae"

"But fail to tell me something again and it will not be so easily be forgiven" I said walking over to him and looking up at him with serious eyes.

"Understood, I cannot stand the thought of you mad at me"

"I doubt I could stay upset with you for very long anyways" I said with my serious face cracking into soft laughter.

"Let's go back to camp; we must pack" he said extending his hand. I took it and we walked back to the fellowships site. After packing, we all went for our last walk through the golden wood. Legolas had left us for a brief time to say goodbye to some of his kin her in the city and gave them letters to give to his father. Everyone else was asleep and I sat at the edge of our talons watching the moonrise into the sky. Lothlorien was home now. I will miss it much so on the journey ahead.

The next morning Aragorn went for one final meeting with the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien and soon joined us at the riverbank where we loaded our things into the boats generously given to us. Before we finished a line of nine elves lined our fellowship each holding a different item.

(A/N: Normally I don't skip stuff, but I just want to move on. We all know what each member gets…well except for Mae)

Finally, after she presented Frodo with his gift the others headed to the boats. Only Legolas and Aragorn remained on shore. I knew Legolas would hear whatever the Lady had to say. I looked upon the lady nervous.

"Young one, I have a gift that I know will aid you so in the weeks to come. Haldir, her gift" she said softly. He held a blade in his hand and he looked almost afraid to drop it.

"This was your mother's blade. She often called it Aglar-nin (my glory) which is very appropriate. She fought until the very end with it in her hands. Now I bestow it upon you" She handed me the blade, which was lighter than it looked.

"It's an elvish sword" The sword was just a little longer than my own arm and held a design of leaves engraved along its sliver and the simple black hilt fit naturally to my hand.

"Yes, long has your family loved the craft of our unique skill in forging blades"

"Thank you so much My Lady"

"And Mae, worry about the present and the future will unfold as the Valar will it. Go the fellowship is waiting. But remember young one, things are not always going to be easy. You will be tested"

'But Legolas is by your side. He cares for you more than you believe' she added telepathically. I blushed at her words.

"May the blessings of Lothlorien and the elves lead your journey on. For you nine hold the fate of Middle Earth" Celeborn added as I left the Lady.

I was the last to enter the boat I was to share with Legolas and Gimili. Aragorn had Sam and Frodo and Boromir shared a boat with Merry and Pippin.

"Be swift, Fellowship of the Ring, may the Valar watch over you" Lady Galadriel said as we left the shore.

Finally done with Lothlorien and we can move on in the tale of the Fellowship of the Ring. Hope you enjoyed it overall. I know it was a lot of Mae and Legolas interaction but it's going to happen. I am building their relationship. I hate when authors have the OC fall in love instantly. I believe it happens over time.

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