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Naruto Yandere Series


A whole list of some of our favorite males are about to be cut loose on unsuspecting original characters. A jutsu has been used to unleash the darkest sexual desires of these gentlemen. Will you rise to the challenge and best these men in order to break the jutsu and survive? Or will you fall victim to their hunger? Kakashi (Beastiality a real possibility) Orochimaru Captain Yamato Jaraiya Itachi Madara Izuna Tobirama Indra

Erotica / Action
Kala Matai
Age Rating:

Introduction/Kakashi Hatake


The Sage of the Six Paths had a younger brother, who due to his constant troublesome nature was finally sealed away. But not before he had the opportunity to complicate the lives of many of the inhabitants in the Fire Nation. It didn’t seem to matter, when or where, or even who it affected. His only goal was entertainment. This particular time, he finally went too far and his siblings had no choice but to insure that he could no longer cause problems. He decided to cast a jutsu on unsuspecting gentlemen. The jutsu could be broken, but not by any normal means. And if the jutsu was allowed to fulfill its purpose, the victim of the gentlemen’s sexual prowess would pay the ultimate price. Thankfully for our female victims, the Sage of the Six Paths was there to undo the damage his wayward brother had caused. Leaving the ones involved with no memory of what had occurred. However, if the female was a successfully able to break the jutsu on her own, she retained the memories, though they were remembered as nothing more than a dream. This was her reward for overpowering the man that dared to believe he could best her.

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi returned from his latest mission and after he had given his report to the Hokage, he decided to go and visit Obito’s grave. Sunset was nearly two hours away. He was in no hurry to return home. As he sat there with his head bowed, he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. When he looked up, he thought he saw what looked like a shooting star. “Well, I guess I’ll make a wish.” He chuckled.

Annice had finished her shift earlier than she expected. She decided that due to that, she deserved to eat out. So she went to Ichiraku Ramen. She didn’t get to eat their very often so she intended to enjoy it. As she sat there eating her meal, she saw a familiar silver haired ninja. She couldn’t help but blush. Like any woman with a pulse, she found Kakashi to be hot as hell. But unattainable. “Good evening.” Kakashi says with his signature closed eye smile. She blushed again making Kakashi chuckle. Annice nodded and tried to return to her meal. She felt electricity run through her body. When she turned, Kakashi was sitting next to her. She froze. Kakashi leaned in and whispered in her ear. “Can I walk you home?” She gasped and closed her eyes as she wet herself. “I take it that as a yes.” Before Annice could do anything, Kakashi had picked her up, tossed money down to pay for their meals and carried her out the door. She didn’t resist. She didn’t dare. Her body was tingling with anticipation. It never crossed her mind to ask herself how he knew where she lived. When they arrived at her apartment, he found where she had hidden her spare key and proceeded to open the door. Annice began to feel dizzy, not sure why. Her heart began to beat faster as he carried her to her room. He lay her on her bed and without warning, he struck her across the face. When she cried out, he put his hand over her mouth and leaned down. “Shut your fucking mouth, or this is going to be so much worse than it has to be.” Annice nodded, she could feel the blood trickle from her now bloodied nose. He pulled chakra proof rope from a pouch and proceeded to tie her hands to the posts of her bed. She was scared to death, but at the same time her body was reacting in a very positive way. Kakashi used his kunai to cut her tunic and bindings in one swift flick of his wrist. Annice gasped. When her clothing fell away, Kakashi had a grin on his face. Her nipples were hard in response to what he had done. “You really are a fucking slut, aren’t you?” He asked with a growl. He smacked her again when she didn’t answer immediately. “Yes,” She screamed. Her cheek stinging. Kakashi leaned down and began to suck on her nipple. First one then the other. As soon as she began to close her eyes and enjoy what he was doing to her, he bit her. And covered her mouth in time to stifle her scream. She bit him instinctively. “You fucking bitch.” He raised his hand to hit her and paused as he watched her flinch, then struck her from the opposite side. He laughed. Annice felt a tear fall. “Oh, look at that.” Kakashi says in a mocking tone. “The cunts going to cry.” Annice took a breath and jerked back when Kakashi used a finger to wipe away a tear. For a moment, he seemed gentle. But then he licked the tear off his finger. “I wonder what your other juices taste like?” With that he cut away the rest of her clothes. He spread her legs as far as they could go until she cried out. Her muscles aching from his roughness as he forced her legs open with his knees. She may have been wet previously, but she had dried up quite quickly when his abuse of her had begun. He took four fingers and jammed them into her pussy. When she cried out, he struck her again. “I told you to shut the fuck up.” He proceeded to fingerfuck her as rough as he could manage. And considering his strength, it was pretty rough. Yet despite the pain, she came and her whole body shuddered as she orgasmed harder than she had in her life. He continued to fingerfuck her and leaned his head down between her legs. He began to gently beat her clit with his tongue until just before she hit her peak. Then he smiled at her and roughly held her swollen clit between his teeth. Despite the pain outweighing the pleasure, she came again. Kakashi fingerfucked her roughly four consecutive times and then pulled out his fingers and bit her clit at the same time. A geyser of cum shot out her body. “Look what you did, you little slut.” He tells her. “You messed up my pants.” With that he smacked her clit, HARD. She screamed and cried. There was no pleasure this time. Only pain. She began to cry, “Please, Kakashi, stop. This isn’t what I wanted.” Kakashi laughed. “Who gives a fuck what you want.” She fell silent as the tears began to fall. “Hel...” She tried to cry out, but Kakashi’s hand was around her throat. She could smell the juices on his hands and she gagged some. In his other hand was his kunai pointed at her throat as well. “I could kill you right here, and know one would care.” Annice jerked trying to get free of his grip, her breathing becoming more labored. He finally let go causing her to gasp for air. “You know,” Kakashi says then. “It’s only right that I share. Onc mustn’t be selfish.” Annice looked around the room thinking that Kakashi had arranged for another ninja to join him. The ones that did weren’t the ones she expected. “Summoning jutsu.” Three of his largest ninja hounds appeared. “What’s all this, Kakashi?” One asked. “I thought you might like to help me have some fun with this little whore.” “Kakashi I...” Kakashi watched his hounds for a moment. Then. “Hell yeah. Where do you want us?” What the hell? Annice thought. Surely his summoning animals would recognize that she was in trouble. How could they possibly join in? She watched as Kakashi pulled down his pants and walk towards her. He grabbed hold of her cheeks and shoved his semi hard cock into her mouth. She gagged on his above average size. “If you bite me, I will fucking make you regret it.” She looked down and saw one of his hounds lay down on his legs and closed her eyes as the dog proceeded to lick her pussy. She could feel his teeth graze her clit as he licked her in a frenzy. Despite the situation she was in, it felt amazing and as she came, she heard his hound say, “Damn, Kakashi, she cums like crazy.” Kakashi couldn’t answer as he fucked her face with his cock. He held her hair in his hands and began to pull harder as he got closer to exploding. The hound eating her pussy picked up on Kakashi’s impending orgasm and ate her even rougher. Another hound began to lick her nipple. This only made her cum harder causing the third hound to have to aid his comrade, burying his long tongue deep into her, leaving nothing behind. When Kakashi finally came and forced Annice to swallow his load, shoving his cock as far as he could and holding her there, she came as well. Her clit was beginning to get raw and she tried to move herself away from the dogs as they continued their work. “Keep going boys, I want to see her cry again.” Despite the pain, she still came multiple times. The dogs backed off then as Kakashi, his cock hard, shoved himself into her. She cried out, making the dogs chuckle. The biggest dog was licking himself, Annice watched, wide eyed, despite her best efforts as the dogs member grew to easily eight inches. Another dog bit at her ropes. “I want some too,” The biggest dog said. Kakashi nodded and grabbed Annice, slamming her down on his cock. He then pulled her over him so that her ass was accessible to his hound. Annice cried out and nearly puked as the dog shoved his member into her and began fucking her at the same rhythm as his master. It was almost too much for Annice. When she tried to pull away, the hound snapped at her, grazing the skin on her ass with his teeth. Annice was dealing with a mixture of emotions and tried to interpret them to no avail. She was angry, disgusted, felt dirty and yet... She realized it felt so fucking amazing. She was shocked as she gasped out. “Yes, Kakashi please fuck me harder. This is fucking amazing.” By the time Kakashi and his hounds had had their fill of her, she fell back with a smile on her face. Kakashi had passed out as well. When she woke, Kakashi had his arm around her. But as he opened his eyes, he was in complete shock. “What the hell?” Annice looked at him and smiled. “Thank you, Kakashi. You were wonderful.” All Kakashi could do was smile. He had no idea how he had ended up in bed with this woman. “You’re welcome.” When he saw the bite marks on her body, they looked like bite’s a dog would leave behind. “I better go, I’ve got to report to the Hokage.” He lied. He grabbed his clothes and bolted. Whatever happened last night, he was thankful he didn’t remember. He must have had a bad batch of ramen. Annice on the other hand found out that she was kinkier than she realized. And what a lucky woman she was to have bedded Kakashi. Her friends would be jealous as hell.

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