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surprise visit


your watching the finale of supernatural with my mom and we get a surprise visit. your the reader

Cole Johnson
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how my day went from sad to fantastic

summery: your watching the finale of supernatural with your mom and we get a surprise visit.

″it has to end that way?!″ i exclaimed through tears, ″why does it have to end at all?″
''it ok honey,'' said my mom through and a little bit of tears, but she was smiling...... why?
''mom?'' i ask through tears.
''yeah? honey what is it?'' she looked towards me.
''why are you smiling?'' i ask.
''oh its...'' my mom starts but is interrupted by a knock at the door. she looks confused gets up and says ''ill be right back,'' then she walks to the door and opens it. i turn away from her, and tightly clutch my dean winchester stuffed toy.
''hey, y/n,'' said my mom, ''come here,''
''im too busy crying my eyes out!'' i yell through tears.
''your gonna wanna come here,'' said my mom, i was now looking at her standing in front of the door, she was laughing.
''i wasnt expecting you till tomorrow,'' says mom.
then i hear someone laugh, ''i know that laugh,'' i mutter.
''what honey?'' asks my mom. i cant see the person at the door.
''i'm just..........hearing things,'' i say and pull the blanket up.
my mom starts cracking up laughing.
''what?'' i ask.
i hear a voice i know all too well ''oh sweetheart you ain't hearing things,'' i slowly turn and look out the window. standing on the porch is. the one and only, Jensen Ackles.
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