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Kala ends up in the Narutoverse. Things would be interesting. Being her first adventure, she didn't know what to expect. But then again, she did, to a point. It was how she was going to choose to deal with the issues that would arise that was the mystery. The one person she feared would be the one she learned had side a she knew nothing about. And she told herself at the beginning that there was no way she would get involved with him. His reputation was stained.

Erotica / Action
Kala Matai
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Kala sat quietly enjoying her cup of coffee. Listening to music and tapping her foot in rhythm. She drained her cup of coffee and stood up to place it in the sink. She froze. She felt a pressure hit her and then blackness. When she woke, she heard the chirping of birds. Then felt a strong breeze hit her. She bolted upright and found herself lying naked in a clearing. “Oh shit.” She breathed. After a moment, she heard voices coming toward her. She took a breath. Women. Thank God. Two women came into view and when they noticed, one of the women gasped. “Oh, my goodness. Are you alright, Miss?” Kala remained silent. Her companion put her own cloak over her shoulders and helped her to her feet. “We’ll take you to our village, its not far.” Kala allowed them to lead her. When Kala saw the gate to the village, she stopped dead. Konoha. The women misinterpreted her response and reassured her that she was safe. Kala watched carefully. Two men in uniform met them. “Ladies?” “We found this poor woman in a field naked. I think she’s in shock.” The first woman explained. “We’ll take care of her from here.” The first guard responded. He put his hand on her shoulder. Kala, smiled at the women as a thank you. “Let’s take her to Kina.” The other guard suggested. “The hospital might be a little overwhelming for her.

His companion agreed. Kala gasped as he picked her up bridal style and carried her to a small home. The second guard knocked on the door. An elderly woman answered. “What timing, gentlemen. The Hokage’s visiting.” “We’re sorry, Maam.” They bowed. She looked at someone behind her. “It’s alright, bring her in.” Kala heard the voice, a familiar one. When the woman opened the door to allow them entry, she froze. And stared. “Oh, fuck.” She passed out. The men looked at each other confused. The elder woman shook her head and sighed. “Lord Hokage, I must tend to her.” “Of course, we will be on our way.” “Lay her there,” The woman responded pointing beside her. The men did as they were told, then bowed and left as well.

When Kala awoke again, she was dressed comfortably in a simple gown. “Have a cup of tea, Dear.” The woman handed her a steaming cup of green tea. Kala blew on it, took a sip and grimaced. The woman smiled, took the cup and sat it next to her. “You appear to be completely unharmed dear, thankfully.” Kala nodded and smiled. “Thank you, maam.” “What’s your name, dear?” “Kala Matai” She answered. “What village did you come from?” Kala hesitated, “I don’t know.” The woman tilted her head. “Interesting.” She got to her feet. “No matter. You’ve been summoned by the Hokage.” Kala bowed her head. There was a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” The old woman ordered. The guards that had met her at the gate waited. Kala got to her feet and started to follow them. “Dear?” Kala paused and turned to the woman. She held a pair of sandals. Kala took them and slipped them on her feet before following the men outside. Kala took a deep breathe. As they walked along, she saw the hustle and bustle as the people in the village went about their day. Children played, women shopped at different stands. Men and women in uniform could be seen running to and fro. Nothing looked familiar. When they reached a large building, that changed. The building loomed. She was led inside. When they came to a set of large double doors, the men knocked. The door opened into a large room with a large desk with large windows behind. A man sat behind the desk. His long dark hair and matching brown eyes countered by a smile. Standing near him was a man with gray hair and what looked to her to be reddish brown eyes. His arms were crossed and an annoyed look on his face. The third person seemed to appear suddenly. He had long, black hair and onyx eyes. Kala kept her eyes on the floor. The guards bowed and left to return to their post. Kala focused on her breathing. She looked up at the brothers and waited. Hashirama motioned at a chair, Kala stayed still. “My lady, you’re safe here.” His voice was deep but silky smooth. Kala felt a chill run through her. Madara held a hand out, Kala took it carefully as he helped her sit down. She was sure he could feel her shaking, but he showed no sign of it. “Can you tell us what happened? What you remember?” The Hokage began. Kala thought hard. How would she explain? “I remember being at home drinking a cup of coffee. When I stood up to put my cup away, I felt as though I had been pushed, then I blacked out. When I woke, I found myself in a clearing, uh.” Kala fell silent. The Hokage nodded and raised a hand. “What village are you from?” Kala nodded her head taking a deep breath. She could feel Tobirama watching her. She stayed silent and faced the Hokage. “Kina reported that you had no injuries.” Tobirama stated simply. “Yes, sir.” Kala responded. “Brother, she’s a guest here. No need to be harsh.” The Hokage responded. Tobirama simply shook his head. “You’re welcome to remain here until we can learn where your origins are.” Thank you, sir.” Kala responded with a bow. The Hokage motioned for one of his guards. Madara held up a hand. “I’m happy to show her where she’s staying. Perhaps a tour of the village would put her at ease.” The Hokage smiled. “Of course, I’m sure she’s famished after her ordeal.” Kala grimaced a little. Madara must of noticed. “A short tour and then I will take her home.” He smiled. Kala nodded in agreement. Hashirama smiled. “It’s settled then.” Madara bowed to the Hokage. Kala followed suit. Madara led her outside. Kala followed him silently. “Are you hungry?” He asked as they walked. “Yes, thank you.” Kala responded. She was starving. Madara grunted. Damn it, Kala thought. Keeping her mind closed was exhausting. With Madara especially. One wrong slip and she may end up meeting the end of his sword. Kala smiled. Which sword first, she wondered. Madara stopped when he saw the smile. “Do you like, ramen?” Kala nodded. Madara walked a little further and stopped in front of a quaint little shop. He led her to a table and they sat down. A petite young woman saw them and actually sauntered over to them. “Oh, Madara. It’s been months.” She smiled at him batting her eyelashes.

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