My worth and my rights


Aleena Mae is a 16 year old girl who is documenting her life to find her true self continue to read to find out more

Action / Thriller
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About me

Hey my name is Aleena Mae, but I’m pretty you know that already I am a 16 and I live in a small town called mountain high I lived here all my life I have two sisters (Aaliyah Mae and Annie Mae) but dolefully I’m not very close as I was when I younger, however
I have 3 older brothers (Jordan Mae, jay Mae and James Mae) I guess you would already I am the youngest out of all of them.
I have two friends Maya and Lyra we’ve been friends

but lately I have been distancing my self since I have a lot of issues going on. I have really bad mental health problems but nobody really knows. I really keep this to myself I know it’s bad but I can’t ever bring myself to tell anyone I don’t really talk about my feeling I always promise myself one day I will tell someone but it never happens

But this is my story from overcoming my fear of feelings.
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