Heart Of A Hybrid


Hyunjin POV

"Jinnie hyung?" Jeongin calls to me as we cuddle not wanting to get up.

"Will we ever see Taehyung again."

"I have a feeling we'll see him again with the person who he has loved and missed. You know I have a knack for these things." I say rubbing his back lazily.

"COME ON YOU LITTLE SHITS GET UP!" Minho's voice rings through out the house.

"MINHO IT'S TO EARLY TO BE CUSSING SHUT UP. But everyone get up we need to leave in thirty minutes." Jisung yells after him.

"Guess we got to get up now." I say making Innie nod as the two of us get up and gets ready for the day.

Jungkooks POV

The next morning I wake up to Taehyung excitedly jumping around the room.

"Why are you up and what has made you so happy?" I ask him which makes him stop.

"I'm just happy Kookie. I have you back and then I get to have my friends back that I haven't seen in a while. Plus Yoongi and Jimin are here. Oh, Jin and Namjoon hyungs have a friend who will be coming over in a little bit he's also a shifter wolf but he's a beta. His name is Jung Hoseok, he's a literal sun." He says coming back over to the bed and gets on before laying down placing his head on my chest.

"Tired of being energetic?"

"No, but I am hungry and have been ever since I woke up but I didn't want to go until you woke up."

"Tae, you don't need me to be around every time you want to leave the room but I understand why you would though. Let me call someone before we leave the room ok?" I ask petting behind his ears.

"Ok!" He says happily.

I reach over to the nightstand and gets my phone from it and calls Mingyu.


"Hey, since I'm not able to at the moment can you look for two people for me?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Great thanks. I need you to look for Hwang Hyunjin and Yang Jeongin. If you can't find Yang Jeongin look for Hwang Jeongin. Jeongin is Hyunjin's fox hybrid. Look for any registrations under the name. And that's all also if you could do one more thing for me. Can you keep tabs on my parents tell your family and friends to change their numbers. I'll tell you when I have more time."

"Ok, I'll get to it. Yeah I can keep tabs on your parents. You finally figure out that your a supernatural creature?" He chuckles.

"H... how?"

"All of us know Kook and I could tell that you know about it now. You just had to be told yourself or you find out yourself. We couldn't tell you or your parents would know that we told you so we waited for you to leave to a much father area. Someone was bound to tell you plus you need to know also we have an area of land what would be perfect for a pack to live on."

"Who all are you talking about?"

"Me and the guys whom call our selves Seventeen only there is thirteen of us. The rest of your family and yes, I've gotten ahold of the rest of your family. The now alpha is willing to step down for you and I know you are going to complain I've already done that for you. Your uncle wouldn't take no for an answer." I laugh.

"Well ok then." I say uneasily.

"Don't worry Kook. You're going to be a great alpha. You have your mate but you need to know that you need to claim him. Do I need to explain how to do that?"

"No, I already know the process. It's self explanatory and really obvious." I say laughing making him do so as well.

"I was just checking cause you know some people don't know how it's done." Mingyu says once he stops laughing.

"You're kidding?" I ask.

"Nope, anyways I've gotta go someone else is trying to call. I'll look for Taehyung's friends and keep tabs on your parents and ask the guys to help with that."

"Alright thanks Bye."

"Bye." He's says before the both of us hang up.

"My friend is going to look for your friends while I can't at the moment. Now come on bub, let's go to the kitchen." I say making him nod before the both of us gets up off the bed.

We leave the room and walks to the kitchen. When we get there I am met with three faces but only one I have never seen before.

"Morning Jin and Namjoon hyungs."

"Morning you two. Jungkook this is Jung Hoseok." Jin says as he cooks breakfast.

"Tae mentioned you before I called one of my friends to help look for two of his friends. It's nice to meet you Hoseok and... am I being rude but... uh... what are you?" I ask awkwardly as Tae and I both sit down at the table.

"No! You aren't being rube but to answer your question I am a Lycan. We are much stronger than werewolves well most were's to be exact, except we aren't stronger than the Shadow Diamond wolf. Whoever the Shadow Diamond wolf is they are a powerful wolf and is widely respected if they aren't the punishment for it is humility. If the Shadow Diamond wolf, mate, or both are harmed the punishment for that is death. The Shadow Diamond wolf and their mate are like Lycan royalty which in truth I am. All Lycans are taught that when the Shadow Diamond shows themselves we have to offer them and their mate and any pups... babies they have our protection no matter who we are. Jungkook and Taehyung, I offer you my protection." He says making my eyes go wide.

"What in the world have we walked in on?" Yoongi asks groggily from the doorway.
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