Heart Of A Hybrid


I have to leave. It's not by choice. My parents are forcing me. They told me that my dad got a job offer elsewhere that is better but I know that's a lie. I heard them talking the other day..... they sold me. Kookie they sold me to a hybrid making and testing facility. I can't run away and I can't hide. They are monitoring me now as I give this piece of paper, necklace, and tiger stuffie to you that is why I'm not speaking I don't want them to hear me. Promise me this Kookie. Please promise me that you will look for me and never forget about me. Look for me Kookie. Look for me. You are the only person that I trust to look for me. You can't suggest you hide me they threatened to kill you if you do. I don't want that. I need you alive. If you aren't there is no way of me being safe.

I read the note Taehyung gave me before hugging me and kissing me on the cheek. He whispered for me not to cry as he wiped a stray tear away before walking away never to be seen from again.

It has been years since it happened. I promises him that I would find him and find him I will.

I put the note in my pocket as I pack my thing to move back to Daegu since I got another lead on where Taehyung is there.

On my journey to find Tae I have made two friends. I met a guy named Jimin whose boyfriend is from Daegu. We are all three going to Daegu. They are helping me on my search for Tae.

What's funny is I'm a very successful private investigator. I am taking a good bit of time off to look for Tae. I promised him I would and I am. I want my Tae back and I will not give up.

My client's know what I am doing and support why I am doing it. I don't work for people who I think and know are hypocritical. So if I don't like them I send them to someone else who I know is as good as me and that's Kim Mingyu.

He is a friend of mine so I don't really see him as competition and my job isn't about who is the best who isn't. I don't see it as that. I do it because I enjoy my job. He has a good many friends and one of them is also from Daegu. He is also going with us since he's going to visit his family during the time that we are there.

"Junkook. Where is this lead that you have?" Jimin asks coming into my room as I look around it seeing if I was forgetting anything.

"It's a family who had him for a week before taking him to a hybrid shelter. I just want to ask why they sent him back and which hybrid shelter they took him to. They had only said that they took him to a hybrid shelter and that they felt bad for him and I wanted to know why." I say making him nod in understanding.

After I have seen that I haven't forgotten anything I zip up my suitcase and heads downstairs where Jimin and a sleeping Yoongi are waiting.

"You ready?" I ask Jimin as he nods looking scared to wake up his boyfriend.

He gets up from the chair and walks over the couch where Yoongi is sleeping.

I think Jimin hasn't thought his decision through.

He bends down and kisses Yoongi to wake up. I'm sure he didn't expect for Yoongi to be aggressive with it and try to fuck him.

"Guys. We need to go." I say annoyed making them pull apart.

"Oh, you're done." Yoongi says letting Jimin get up.

He sits up and gets off the couch as my phone starts to ring. I take it out to see it's my mom.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hi sweetie, I know that you are leaving today but can you please think about what we talked about? Your father and I..."

"Mom, no. Just no leave it alone because I am not letting it go. I promised him I would never forget him. I promised him I would look for him. I am NOT breaking my promise to him. Do you hear me? If you called because of that I am hanging up if you called to say something else please do so and try not to make me more mad please." I say rolling my eyes in annoyance.

"No that wasn't all. We met a guy that is the same age as you a little younger I think but he was cute..."

"Mom.... Please stop. You are not going to set me up with someone I don't want to be with. I'm not looking for someone I don't want. I want to find Taehyung and I am going to find him. So please stop trying to make me stop and forget about him because that. is. not. going. to. happen. When I do find him I don't want you or anyone else to judge him and if any of you do I will associate myself elsewhere. I know I am being harsh and I love you and dad but I mean it. Taehyung means a lot and always will. I don't want him to go through what he has already anymore. I've gotta go Jimin and Yoongi are waiting." I say before hanging up without letting her say anything.

I look at Jimin and Yoongi who have a knowing look as tears well up in my eyes. I hate when my parents do things like that. It makes me upset and mad.

"I'll drive. Yoongi where are you going to sit since you are most likely to go to sleep."

"Front, I'm sitting in the front." Yoongi says making Jimin nod.

I grab my things and walks outside towards the car. I put my things on the trunk before going back inside to see the two kissing.

"If either of you have to use the bathroom better do it now since we are about to leave." I say making them jump.

I shake my head and walks to the bathroom.

When I'm done I flush and washes my hands before heading back to the living room to see Jimin sitting on the couch.

"Yoongi is in the bathroom. Give me the keys and I will lock the door when he gets out." He says making me nod.

"No making out because we actually have to leave and pick up S. Coups." I say throwing him the keys before walking put of the house heading towards the car and gets in the back.

(I had a headache when I typed this so if I put something wrong please tell me nicely.)

Taehyung was born in Daegu but moved here with parents a couple of years after. I was the first person he met and became friends with.

When he met Jimin, Jimin was mean to him so I stayed away from Jimin. The two started to get along a couple of months before Tae was sold. Jimin did have a crush on me then that's why he was mean to Tae but that went away when Yoongi moved here which was a week before Tae was sold. Yoongi and Tae got along but I was okay with it because they were like brothers. Jimin would get annoyed because he wasn't getting enough attention from Yoongi. Yoongi always made it up to him in the end and the two as you know started going out.

Sometime later I am being woken up again by Jimin.

"Hey we're at the hotel. Yoongi is checking us in. S. Coups is already getting our things out of the trunk. They told us that there was only one room left but it has two beds so that should be good. Since we are staying here one night then heading to Seoul right after you don't have to worry about us doing anything." He says as I get out.

He grabs his and Yoongi's suitcases while I take mine. Jimin locks the car and we head inside where Yoongi is waiting in the lobby.

Jimin hands him his suitcase before we head to the elevator. The three of us get in and Yoongi presses the button for the fourth floor. When we get to the floor we follow Yoongi to our room.

Once inside S. Coups speaks.

"I'll sleep on the couch so that there isn't any arguing done." He says before I speak.

"I'm taking a shower first no ifs, ands, or buts. When I'm done you both shower alone. Have sex when I'm not in the room or vicinity." I say walking over to the bed next to the window placing the suitcase on it.

I unzip it and take out everything that I need before heading to the bathroom. I set my thing on the counter and turns the water on to the shower before grabbing what all I need for the shower.

When I am done with my shower I dry off, put my clothes on, brush my teeth. I walk out of the bathroom and head over to my bed and I plop down on my bed as Yoongi heads to the bathroom. I get up and move my suitcase to the floor.

"If you urn on the tv make sure it's low enough it won't wake me. I'm tired I'm going I sleep." I say as I lay down on top of the bed. (I sleep on top of the bed meaning on top of the comforters)

I don't wait for Jimin to answer as I turn towards the closed window and falls asleep.
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