Heart Of A Hybrid


The next morning I wake up to my phone ringing. I check it to see that it's my mom. I don't feel like talking to her nor my dad so I mute them. I get up, grab some clothes, and heads to the bathroom.

When I'm done I gather everything that is mine and leaves the bathroom. Upon walking out I find Jimin awake.

"You need to wake Yoongi and get ready to leave. We have to go to the families house. We won't be there long and we can get something to eat on the way and drop S. Coups off at his family's house. I'll wake S. Coups." I say putting my thing in my suitcase before zipping it up and setting it on the bed.

I walk over to the couch where S. Coups is asleep on the couch.

I shake his shoulder.

"Coups, you need to wake up. We need to take you to your family's house." I say as I stand up letting go of his shoulder.

"Ok." He groans as his eyes flutter open.

He stretches and sits up. I walk back over to my bed where my suitcase sits. I take out my phone to see I got a message from my lead.

Lee Minho: I know what all you are going to ask so I'm just going to tell you here because my manager just now told me that I have a photo shoot and has to work in the studio. When you first contacted me I didn't want to tell you this way but it's inevitable. The hybrid whom you call Tae or Taehyung goes by V.

Lee Minho: He never liked anyone calling him by his actual name. Yes, I already knew his name but when I got him the people told me not to call him by his name. I did accidentally once. He started crying and screaming that only Cookie who ever the hell that is can call him that. He cried until he fell asleep.

Lee Minho: When he would fall asleep he would have nightmares and scream waking me and my girlfriend up. The both of us tried our best to calm him but he wouldn't. He kept crying and crying for Cookie. He would also cry out saying "Cookie please save me." "Cookie save me." "Help me Cookie." "Cookie where are you?"

Lee Minho: message deleted

Lee Minho: He wouldn't let me anywhere near him when I first got him. He would scream or slap at me or turn into his animal form. He's a white tiger cub. That will change when he is with someone who he is comfortable with and who he knows he can trust. I wanted him to trust me and my girlfriend but I knew he was never going to so me and my girlfriend put him in a good and well known hybrid shop.

Lee Minho: The owner owns multiple shops across the country. Kim Namjoon is the owner along with his husband Kim Seokjin. I'm sending you their contact information so that you can get ahold of them. I made sure to tell them to except someone to call them some time sooner or later.

Lee Minho: I am sorry for the set back but I hope I answered all of your questions and if you have anymore please don't hesitate to ask. I may not be able to answer immediately but when I get the time I will get back to you.

Me: Yeah, you answered all of my questions. If I think of anything else I'll contact you.

Lee Minho: Here is Namjoon's and Jin's numbers. Namjoon; xxx-xxx-xxxx, Jin; xxx-xxx-xxxx

I save the numbers and send both a text telling them who I am and that Minho told them about me before putting my phone back up.

"Change if plans. We're writing drop Coups off and head to Seoul. My leads schedule changed unexpectedly. But he answered the questions I had I'm guessing. If anymore I'll send him a text asking about it." I say as soon as all three of the guys are all ready.

"Ok, that sounds fine." Jimin says making Yoongi nod.

"I just want to go back to sleep." Yoongi says making the rest of us laugh.

We grab our things and head out remembering to take the keycards with us as we go.

We walk towards the elevators and S.Coups presses the down button to go on to the main floor.

We get on as soon as the doors open. I press the button to the main floor before going down.

We make it to the bottom and gets off the elevator. I already paid for the room so we just have to give the keycards back.

I place the cards on the sign in desk before walking away following the others.

I unlock the car. Jimin opens the trunk and we all put our things in the back.

"Who's driving so I know where to sit?" Yoongi asks making the three of us laugh.

"I'm driving halfway then we switch but that's after we drop Coups off at his family's house." All Yoongi does is nod before getting in the back dragging Jimin with him.

I shake my head as S.Coups gets in the car as I close the trunk and walks around and gets in.

I crank the car, backs up, and leaves heading towards S.Coups family's house as he gives me the directions after stopping somewhere and gets something to eat.

A little bit later we get to the house. We pull into the driveway and S.Coups gets out and gets his things out of the trunk. He tells us to be careful before heading to the door and knocks. I wait to leave to see if anyone will open the door. After a couple of minutes of waiting someone opens the door to reveal a woman who hugs him before the two head inside as they wave us by.

I smile and wave before backing out of the drive and prepares to drive a while.

Jimin falls asleep off and on until we stop at a gas station.

"There is a restaurant near here that we can stop at and get something to eat. It's a drive thru so we don't have to worry about losing ground. We can switch now and then let Yoongi drive some." He says making me nod.

"I can drive for longer. It's perfectly fine hyung." I say making him laugh.

"Yeah, I know but you need a break and I need something to do." He says as I take the pump out of the car and puts it back up.

He gets in the driver seat as I get in the passenger and he cranks up the car and we leave to the restaurant.

Jimin wake Yoongi up long enough for him to order and eat.

He goes back to sleep immediately after.

I lean my seat back slightly and goes to sleep eventually.

I wake up when I hear thunder and the rain pounding on the car.

I had forgotten that they said it was supposed to be stormy today but at least we aren't walking in it.

I close my eyes and try to go back to sleep but I fail. I get out my phone and checks it. I check my texts to see my parents texted me. I just completely ignore them and sees that Namjoon had texted me back, Jin hasn't.

Namjoon: Yeah Minho told me and Jin to expect a text or call from you.

Namjoon: We understand that you are looking for a specific hybrid. Minho told us who it was and Jin is a bit upset about it because he made me adopt V. I wasn't exactly against it. I just know that we aren't the people who he needs.

Namjoon: I'll give you our address which is in Seoul. We didn't adopt him immediately we move our hybrids from store to store until they all get adopted.

Namjoon: V had been in Seoul for about a week when Jin and I went to check the progress of the shops in person. We can't check all of them in person most of the time but we take a week or two just to do that. Once Jin saw him he said "He's our child." Then made me adopt him. I didn't protest I just did it and to this day V is still not used to us.

Namjoon: He has gotten somewhat comfortable but you can tell that he wants to be with someone else. That and he screams and cries out for someone when he's having a nightmare.

Namjoon: I know Minho didn't figure out that you were the person he was screaming out for. I figured it out after Minho told me your name. Why are you looking for V though? Do you know him personally? Do you know what happened to him?

Me: Yes, I know him personally. He was and is my best friend. I have always loved him more so though. His name is Kim Taehyung. He was born on December 30th, 1995. I don't know everything that happened to him exactly all I know is that his parents sold him to a hybrid making and testing facility. I'm not exactly sure how he's out now so I couldn't tell you.

I text him back and tries to go to go back to sleep which I eventually do.
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