Heart Of A Hybrid


I am woken by Yoongi yelling at Jimin for I don't know what reason. I'm not going to question it. This happens a lot about stupid stuff even when it comes to being intimate. Why it happens around me is unknown so I just stay silent and let it play out so does everyone else.

We stop at a restaurant then a gas station because Yoongi had to use the bathroom before we continued on our way to Seoul.

It takes a while to get there but we get there.

I take out my phone as soon as I hear it go off to see Seokjin texted me.

Seokjin: You and whoever you are with can come stay with us since we have V. Namjoon forgot to mention this when he texted you earlier. I apologize for him. You are welcome here. Also we have canceled your hotel reservations it was a little hard to find but we did. I'm sorry that come off creepy I just wanted to make sure you weren't able to say no. Here's the address: 1267 Hello, People Of The World AV.

Me: Thank you and we would love too stay with you but can I ask you to do something right quick?

Seokjin: You're welcome and I don't mind what is it?

Me: If I sent you a picture of me will you show it to Taehyung; V and ask him if he remembers or knows who it is? Then can you tell me his reaction?

Seokjin: Yeah, I can do that no problem.

Me: Thanks
*picture sent*

While I wait I tell Jimin the address of their house and tell him and Yoongi why we are headed there.

My phone goes off signaling Seokjin had texted back.

Seokjin: I showed him the picture of you and he started crying while saying your name. Then he asked me how I have a picture of you. I told him the truth about you coming here. He started crying again and I asked him why he said that he is happy. Before screaming that you didn't forget about him and you didn't stop looking for him. That you kept your promise to him.

Seokjin: I have never seen him happy. He's always been closed off only ever expressing fear, pain, and nothingness. Thank you for asking me to do that. All I ever wanted for him is to be happy and to never be afraid again. You helped me accomplish making him happy. You make him happy that's evident. Since you and your friend or friends are staying here you can stay in the same room as V, he doesn't like anyone but you to call him Taehyung, Taetae, or Tae.

Seokjin: Namjoon and I are working on switching ownership of V to you but we only ask you to let us be in his life.

Me: don't know what to say. But I wouldn't deny the two of you of seeing him much less being in his life. I am glad that I am still recognizable to him. I would have to work as hard as I can if I wasn't. It's the least I can do. I'll work with him on accepting others with calling him by his name.

Seokjin: I get what you mean and yeah I wouldn't want him to be scared of you. Also I am claiming you as my son as well. Has anyone told you that you look like a bunny?

Me: Hahaha that's fine. Sometimes but I do know that I look like one. Tae used to say it a lot while I called him a baby tiger.

Seokjin: He is a baby tiger. I mean that literally he's a white tiger hybrid.

Me: Oh, wow. We are almost at your house.

Seokjin: Alright I'll let V know you'll be here soon.

Me: Can you do one more thing for me?

Seokjin: Yeah

Me: Thanks

Me: Ask Tae if he remembers Jimin and Yoongi. Here's a picture so it my help him remember.

*Picture sent*

I wait a few minutes before he answers.

Seokjin: He said "Jimin! Yoongi!" the second he saw the picture.

Me: Thats good. No one else to get him used to other than you and Namjoon but when my few friend come to visit I'll have to know and tell him before hand when that time comes.

Seokjin: Yeah, that's fine. If anyone could get him used to others it's you. He trusts you more than he does anyone else.

Me: That may be true but we're almost to your house so I'll talk to you then.

Seokjin: Alright, Namjoon and I will make sure he doesn't go to the door when you come up.

Me: Thanks

I put my phone up and ten minutes later we pull up to the house.

Once the car is parked we all get out. We walk to the trunk and gets our things from the back.

I am the first one to get to the door and I ring the door bell. A minute later a tall guy with dimples answers the door.

"Ah, your all here. Come in Jungkook, V is anxious to see you. He's in his room and Jin will show you where it is. I'll show the others where they will be staying. By the way I am Namjoon." He says as he lets us in.

Jin comes in the room up to me and hugs me. I hug him back immediately.

"Come on Taehyung nearly ran in here when I told him that you were here. I told him to stay in his room until I brought you to him. He agreed to do that." He says making me chuckle.

We walk up the stairs and a little ways down the hall to a room sitting off the the right. Jin opens the door and ushers me in before I am attacked in a hug by a crying person.

I already know it's Tae I don't even have to look at him to know it's him.

I drop everything in holding to hug him back.

"You found me Kookie." He cries in my neck.

"I missed you. Taetae missed you show mush." He he says as I full well know what's happening.

I go in "daddy" mode once I hear his little voice.

"Kookie is glad the he found Taetae too. He missed you as well little one. Let me ask Jin a question okay?"

"Otay." He says not letting me go.

"Jin, do you mind if Tae and I stay in his room the rest of the day. Jimin doesn't know about certain things when it comes to Tae and this is one of them. Yoongi knows about this because he found out one day when he came over to my house in search of Jimin. Tae had only ever shown this side of him to me until that day and had just started a month or so before you know everything else." I say hoping he'll understand what I'm trying to say.

"Yeah, I don't mind. I got what you meant. When it's time for dinner I'll bring the both of yours up to you if you want." He says uncertainly.

"That's fine. He may be out of his head space by then if not you'll know." I say before he nods and leaves the room closing the door behind him.

"Kookie, tan Taetae caw shu daddy wike he used to?"
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