Heart Of A Hybrid


"Kookie, tan Taetae caw shu daddy wike he used to?" Tae asks hiding his face in my neck making me coo at him.

"Yes baby, you can call me daddy like you used to. What do you want to do?" I ask him.

"Cuddwe wif daddy. Taetae don't want shu to leave. Taetae afraid that this is a dweam." He says as I feel tears on my neck.

"Baby this isn't a dream, I promise. This is real. I am real. You are real." I say as I feel something wrap around my thigh.

I realize that it's his tail. I also remember reading somewhere that if a hybrid does this they are claiming what is theirs. I have always been Tae's and Tae has always been mine even though I couldn't have him for a while.

"Daddy, youw phone keep dowing off." Tae says pulling away enough to pull me over to his bed.

"Baby let me take my shoes off and check my phone okay?" I ask him as the both of us sit in his bed.

I take off my shoes and get out my phone to see Minho had texted.

Minho: Answer your parents they are starting to get on my nerves with their pestering questions about whether or not I have heard from you.

Me: Ok I'll answer their pestering texts but I'm not going to listen to them but you already know that. Also you know there's a thing called mute so you don't have to get their notifications?

Minho: Thank you and I'll do that. Have fun with your love.

Me: Lol your welcome and I will.

I switch over to my moms messages.

Me: I know you will show this to Appa so I'm not going to message him and say the same thing twice.

Me: Jimin, Yoongi, and I are in Seoul. I was contacted by a couple who own many of the hybrid shops around the country because their friend told them that I was looking for a specific hybrid that turned out to be the one that they had adopted. The couple invited Yoongi, Jimin, and I to stay at their house plus they said that they are moving ownership of Tae from them to me. I've said this already STOP. TRYING. TO. SET. ME. UP. WITH. SOMEONE. I. DON'T. KNOW. NOR. WANT. TO. BE. WITH.

Me: Do you not think about what I want? No you don't. You do what you think is good for me but in the end it isn't. I don't want anyone other than Taehyung. You both know that and have known that for years yet you try and have tried to make me forget about him which is not going to happen and will never happen.

I send the text before turning off my phone completely and turns my attention back to Taehyung who is now laying on the bed.

I lay down next to him and pull his body close to me. I run my fingers through his hair before petting him behind his ears making him purr.

A couple of hours go by and an knock sounds on the door before it opens to reveal Jin.
He walks in with a tray of food.

"Do you want me to hand you the tray or do you want me to place it on his table and you get it after I leave. I don't want him to be uncomfortable." Jin says making me feel sad for him.

I know all he has ever done since they got Tae was to make him feel anything but uncomfortable and unwanted.

"You can set the tray on the bed. Tae will be fine. Tomorrow we'll all eat together." I say making Jin nod his head before bringing the tray over.

Tae tenses up slightly making me rub his arm to soothe him. He relaxes a bit.

Jin leaves before I say anything to Tae.

"Little one, Jin and Namjoon aren't going to do anything to you. Trust them a little more, trust me and my judgement ok?"

"Daddy, supewnatuaw." Tae says all of a sudden.

"What was that?" I ask him.

"You're supernatural so is everyone else in this house." He say slipping out of little space.

What he says makes me confused.

"What do you mean we're all supernatural Tae?" I ask him.

"You are a wolf shifter. Jin is a Light Faerie, Namjoon is Light Warlock, Jimin is a Puppy hybrid but hides it from everyone. He did it of his own free will. You can tell the difference and Yoongi is a vampire but he's the type that are able to do anything humans can do like eat and sleep. They still need blood but it's all animal blood and only that. Human blood doesn't do anything to them I do think it kills them but I don't remember well. I just remember a family talking about it one day since they were that kind of vampire. They didn't like me much since I never spoke, didn't want to bearound anyone but you, and I screamed in my sleep whenever I had a nightmare. That was the first family I was with. After they got rid of me they got killed the day after which is ironic." He says wondering why my parents have told me this before.

I'll talk to them later about it. When I feel like they aren't being annoying which they always are.

What's funny is I have a feeling when we go back to Busan to get everything I own once I find a permanent resident here in Seoul my parents are going to react harshly especially towards Taehyung.

They'll most likely say "You've contaminated our bloodline." Or "Our blood line is ruined it is no longer perfect."

That sounds like something that they would say they are proud people when it comes to being a Jeon and I have never understood why but if what Taehyung says is true I can see why they are the way they are.

Ever since I've met Taehyung I have always felt connected to him in more ways than one and I never thought about it before until now.

If I am what he says then he is my mate.

"If you believe me about what I just said your wolf will awaken. He'll explain to you about everything to you that you need to know." He says making me nod.

"I do believe you on the outside but my brain will take some time now let's eat before our food gets cold." I say right before his stomach growls.

He hides his face in his hands out of embarrassment making me coo at him.

"Come on my baby tiger and let's eat so your stomach won't speak again." I say chuckling slightly.

The both of us eat and when we're done I have Tae move so that I can get up and put the tray on his table. The two of us cuddle until the both of us have to get up and get ready for bed.

The both of us take a shower separately, brush our teeth, and hair before we lay back down on the bed and cuddle like we had been doing for a while before we had to get ready for bed in general.

The two of us eventually let Morpheus take us in his grasp. While Hypnos fills our minds of what we want to see in the future.
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