Heart Of A Hybrid


Taehyung's POV:

Before Taehyung told Jungkook that he is a wolf shifter.



Don't look around please because you won't see me. I am Jungkooks wolf Gold.

Jungkook is a shifter not a hybrid but I have been dormant for a while and I have only talked to his parents wolves without them knowing. His parents know what they are but chose not to tell him.

Jimin is also a hybrid that was made but he did it of his own free will. Yoongi is a vampire that can only drink animal blood. If he drinks human blood he will die. He still has human traits and always will.

Jin is a light Faerie and Namjoon is a Light Faerie Warlock. They are from the Faerie realm. They go back and forth between realms. They both know what everyone is even Jungkook now. I'm tired of being dormant. If I don't come out soon bad things will happen.

Jungkook and I aren't any normal wolf. We are special, we are the Shadow Diamond Wolf. A wolf that hasn't been around for a while I'm not exactly sure how long but that's not the point. The point is his parents don't need to know he just needs to kill them. The Shadow Diamond Wolf is a protector but to become fully the Shadow Diamond Wolf he has to kill someone who is close to him but someone who has betrayed him and that person is his mom but also it's his dad as well. But if they can they will try and convince him to not kill one of them or both of them.

What he doesn't know is that his parents were the ones who told yours to sell you to that hybrid making and testing facility. Jungkook has forgotten about listening to that conversation because he didn't hear your name being said but I did.

I was the one who urged him to listen to them but thinks that it was because he wanted to be nosy.

Dream that night

Jungkook's POV:

Hi Jungkook, I'm your wolf Gold. You believe enough that you are a supernatural being to be able to have contact with me.

I don't have to tell you whether or not if Taehyung is our mate. You already know the answer to that. You've always known even when you were little that Taehyung was our mate.

I have been able to talk to your parents wolves and they are so different to your parents. Their own wolves don't like their human hosts and that says a lot of a wolf doesn't like their human host and that's a bad combination.

Your parents are arrogant and rude. They think to much of their social status and completely neglected to tell you that you were a shifter.

They meant to not tell you what you were. They aren't well liked in the shifter community. They have views that many other shifters don't like namely shifters should be with only shifters. And shifters should be with their own species.

I am not that way obviously because I accepted Taehyung when he told us that his parents were selling him off to a hybrid making and testing facility. I accepted him then.

When you and your parents first met Taehyung and his parents, your parents didn't exactly like them or him for that matter. You know that already though.

Oh! You can talk to Taehyung this way also.

Since I was dormant supernatural beings didn't know that you are a shifter but since I'm no longer dormant they will know know that you are.

We are a special wolf, your parents are not. We are also alphas. Your parents must not know what we are. If they do we are in trouble they will try to take us away from everything and everyone we know and love. Your parents will use us to their will and force us to do things we don't want while threatening the one we love.

We will protect any and everyone we love even if we have to claim a unclaimed land and make a pack of all of our friends who want to come with us. I'm sure most of our friends would since they don't like your parents.

We are the Shadow Diamond Wolf to become that fully you have to kill someone who is close to you but has also betrayed you. You already know who that is, I don't have to tell you who. But if they can they will try and convince you to not kill one of them or both of them. The Shadow Diamond Wolf is a protector; it will do anything to protect the ones that it loves and cares about.

I have to kill someone to be the type of wolf I am? I don't think I can do that.

I get why you would say that but when the time comes you will kill the person or people who will threaten the ones we care about and love. You won't think twice when it comes.

The supernatural community will understand why you did when it happens and won't criticize you for it so don't worry about it.

Everyone who we know and care about that will most likely follow us won't judge your/our decisions on what happens.

I will go and let you sleep. Tae doesn't need you to be tired.

Golds voice fades away as a dream morphs into a dream from scene I was shown which was a greyish black wolf almost the size of a car laying down under a tree in a meadow looking in my direction.

The image is of a pregnant Taehyung. I can feel my heart swell with pride and Gold goes crazy seeing our mate like this. He looks so beautiful.

I look at his smiling face as he looks down at his baby bump as he rubs it a little. I see tears as they glisten in his eyes. I know that they are tears of happiness. Seeing him happy has always been my goal.

I don't want to see any other emotion from him because it makes me upset.

If those other emotions are directed at me that's bad but I'll do anything to make it up to him as soon as I possibly can.

I give him a smile before going over to him and wrapping my arms around him as he does the same. I kiss him on the forehead.

"You're so beautiful. I can't wait to have our little love here she is going to be as beautiful as her omma."

"You finally accept the fact that she could be a girl. I always have I just like when you pout in annoyance. It gives me another reason to kiss you."

"You don't need a reason to kiss me." I chuckle.

"I know baby." I say kissing him on the lips.

The scene then changes.

I look down to see that I am in wolf form. I look back up to see all of my friends and family around me.

"We are getting your Luna, my husband/wifeu and child back. No one messes with me and gets away with it."

I link to everyone making them nod in agreement.

The scene changes again to show Taehyung holding our babygirl feeding her. He doesn't notice that I am there until he looks up. He looks back down smiling at their daughter.

"Look who's here, look who’s here, it's appa. Do you see appa? I bet you do. I bet he got bored with all his alpha stuff. Don’t you think? I'm sure he missed us. Do you think me missed us baby?” He asks coping at her while looking up at me once in a while, I chuckle.

"Yes, I missed you both and I was dreadfully bored but it had to be done. At least I had Namjoon hyung to help me get it finished." I say walking over to them.

"That's good or you would still be in there till tomorrow." Tae says watching out daughter yawn making the two of us coo at her.

She's so precious and she looks a lot like Tae. She has my bunny teeth.

She finally goes to sleep and Tae goes to get up but I already have her in my hold and puts her in her crib after kissing the top of her head and so does Tae after he gets up.

The two of us make sure that the baby monitor is on before heading to our room.

The image disappears into blackness and nothing else comes to the surface.
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