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Achromatic Rainbow || KTH x Reader FF


"Touch my body like you touched my heart. Let me feel the burn of your skin as it rubs against mine" Taehyung x Reader - Being the new kid at school always comes with its challenges. Apart from this dilemma, Y/n is facing an internal tsunami that is clouding her ability to see the beauty in the world - which begs the question - what if the beauty in the world sees her first? ~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~ CoWriter: @noonamochi2 ~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~ Updates every Friday ~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~ ⚠️Warning. Mature content.⚠️ Includes: •Angst •Self-Harm •Smut •Bullying •Anxiety ~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~•=•~ DISCLAIMER ~~~~~~~~~~~ •THIS BOOK IS NOT MEANT TO PROMOTE SELF-HARM, SELF-HATRED AND OR ANY OTHER FACTOR OF INSTABILITY THAT CAN DAMAGE A PERSON BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. •DESPITE THE NON-FICTITIOUS EXISTENCE OF CERTAIN CHARACTERS, ALL SCENARIOS ARE FICTIONAL REGARDLESS OF CERTAIN SIMILARITIES TO REAL EVENTS THAT MAY HAVE TAKEN PLACE.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

1 - A New Beginning

I woke up to the sound of beeping and pots clanging in the kitchen. My mom was running through the hall looking for her make-up as usual whilst I pretended not to notice her and laid back down on my bed.

"Y/N!! Wake up! You're gonna be late" she yelled, fiddling with the mascara in her hand.

Letting out a soft groan, I waved my hand in an 'I got it' motion. In the midst of it all, I had smelt something burning. I made my way downstairs. Only to find burnt eggs. Exhaling a heavy sigh, I turned off the stove and went back upstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I meandered past my mother's room as she was deciding on what colour lipstick to put on today.

"Hey, mom..." I spoke as my response was a simple hum to portray that her attention was on me. "Is today a great day to start? Can't I rather start next week? I mean, it's Tuesday today" I said while she was still fiddling with her cosmetics.

She did not remark to me. I was unsure of whether she didn't hear what I said or just chose to ignore me. Either way, I knew my answer. There is no bargaining with her. Mom walked downstairs, her face plastered with makeup as it always is.

"Sweetie, I made breakfast." She remarked from the kitchen while I still had the smell of the burnt eggs etched in my mind. "I have to leave early today." She chimed, leading into silence. I didn't respond to that as I heard her keys leave the table. "Mr. Han asked me to do some extra work for him"

The door then slammed closed as she left without even bidding as much as a farewell. It's a simple goodbye but I assume that it's difficult for both of us to say. She's the secretary of some company's CEO and while her job does entail a lot, I knew exactly what she meant by 'extra work'. Trying to hide her love bites with a scarf as though she raised an idiot. The thought of her using her body to feel pleasure just disgusts me. I can't imagine what must go through her mind. It was bad enough being forced into it, why would you do it purposely?

I made my way to the shower to help clear my mind. All that I remember from that shower is having the steam hit the walls from the burning hot water and watching the as the liquid trickled down the scars on my arms, while I wondered, "Is this gonna go well?"

I got out and dressed as plainly as I always do. A grey long-sleeved shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. My hair was simply tied up into a bun and as for make-up, well, I don't use it. It's just a burden and unnecessary. I've gotten into the habit of being unbothered by my appearance. People aren't going to like the new girl in any case, so what's the point?

As I approached the school, a wave of intimidation had hit me. I thought about how high school has only been a living hell for me thus far and a raging tsunami of skepticism and fear of the unknown had engulfed me within seconds. I swallowed the lump in my throat and stepped into the gates, ignoring the whispers that tickled my ears.

"Is she new?"

"Who joins mid-year? Problem kid, you think?"

"Urg. Her style is so plain."

Not like it's the first time I've heard remarks like these. People didn't even try to be discreet, they always take a more schadenfreude approach to things like this. They feed off of the misfortune of others as though they're bottom feeders or scavengers waiting for prey to fall on their laps.

Whilst attempting to ignore these remarks, I walked straight past them into the principal's office. I sat there as I watched him read through my record. Mr. Bang. His nameplate was gold and very sophisticated with his name engraved in what resembled calibri. If I stared intently enough I could see the reflection of the ceiling.

"You seem to skip school a lot." He stated while flipping through each page, not once did he look me in the eye, but rather, he seemed to be judging me by what was written on paper.

"Skip is a strong word, Mr. Bang. I was simply unable to come to school on those days and my school was notified by means of a doctor's note or a phone call" I said, pointing to the file containing the doctors' notes. He merely glanced in the direction that my fingers were appointed to, still, never making eye contact with me.

"Hmm, I see" he responded dryly. "Seeing as you've missed a lot already, I hope that you will save the illnesses for later." I nodded as he dismissed me and his secretary led me to my first class. He had given me a note to excuse me from being late.

Now upon being new, I'm late too. Needless to say that my social anxiety was through the roof at this point. The halls were empty and my footsteps echoed, merging with the sound of attendance being taken in the classes I had been passing by. When I had finally reached my designated classroom, the wave of skepticism had inundated me once more.

Even with my hand close enough to touch the door, I hesitated. My knuckles touched the cold wood and I grew more and more afraid. After building up the courage, I knocked on the door. "Enter." said a voice inside. It was my new homeroom teacher. I creaked open the door as my footsteps filled the silence in the room. While walking, I could feel the stares on me.

I directed my attention to the teacher standing in front. He was pale and exuded an aura that could make you shiver in your boots. He seems unapproachable to say the least. His resting face seemed to look bored and while his hair looks healthy, his eyes just scream fatigue. I could sense and confusion in the room because of my presence. I stood stagnant with my head down facing my shoes as I thought to myself, "This is going to be awful"

I stood there silent as my homeroom teacher explained to the class that I was a new student. His name was Mr. Min. His voice was deep and resonated beautifully in the classroom while his articulation was on point. He asked me to introduce myself.

"Hi. My name's y/n, 17 years old and new to the area" I said awkwardly, waiting for the teacher to assign me a seat.

I had gotten assigned an empty seat next to the window somewhere in a middle row. The scenery outside had me zoning out, staring at the tree as they ruffled in the wind. Whispers were being heard again, I noticed the class starting to talk. In an unsuspecting motion, I glanced over at Mr. Min and saw him sleeping on the desk. Someone then tapped on my shoulder from behind me. The most memorable aspect of that moment was his rectangular-shaped smile.

"Hi! I'm Kim Taehyung! This is my friend Park Jimin." He said. I greeted them back and forced a smile.

"So why'd you transfer schools Mid-year? It's kind of weird. Get into fights or something?" Jimin asked me with his head slightly tilted to the side to emanate his curiosity.

"Yah! Jiminie pabo!* You can't just ask something like that!" Taehyung said, flicking Jimin on his forehead. "I'm sorry about him"

T/N: Fool*

I let out a small chuckle and answered, "it's fine. We recently moved from (your/city)" I said.

"Oh! That's cool, so why'd you move" Jimin asked. I looked down awkwardly as the question had me a bit taken aback. The reasons for our relocation playing in my head again and turning the air around me cold once more. Taehyung could feel the atmosphere getting undesirable and I noticed his eyebrows furrow ever so slightly.

"Hey! Do you wanna have lunch with us?" Taehyung asked, trying to change the topic. Before I could answer, someone from the front row dropped their books off the desk, causing Mr. Min to stir in his sleep. He woke up and continued the lesson as though nothing had happened. I guess this happens often, him falling asleep.

When class ended, I walked to my new locker, staring into it, wondering whether it was worth customising. I shook the thought away and took out books for my next class. As I walked along in the hall, I had accidentally bumped into Taehyung in the hallway. He noticed me and his eyes seemed to have lit up a bit.

"Y/n, hey. I never did get an answer earlier." He spoke with a smile. "Lunch?" He asked.

"With who though?" I asked softly as I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. He put his hands in his pocket and straightened up a bit while he looked off into space when he answered me.

"Just a few friends," he said, showing me his boxy smile again and making direct eye contact. After a slight hesitation, I agreed and went back to class.

Soon, lunch rolled around and I walked in the direction of the cafeteria. Suddenly I heard someone calling out to me followed by heavy panting.

"Y/N!! YAH!(Hey)" Taehyung yelled from the end of the hall as he ran up to me.

I stood there in shock as a group of girls stared at me whispering, I couldn't hear what though but it made me uncomfortable.

"Hey, Taehyung, you know you don't—"

"Just Tae is fine" I was cut off by a finger on my lip.

"Okay, Tae," I said reluctantly, "you don't have to yell from the end of the hallway" Just then, more yelling could be heard. This group must be rowdy, what have I gotten myself into.

"Kim Taehyung!! Yah!! Why are you running!" One yelled flamboyantly. I watched as both of them ran and stopped right in front of us and began breathing heavily.

"Yeah! You should know better than..." he paused to inhale, panting from the loss of breath. "to make your hyungs* run like that!" The other continued. Both of their hands were on their slightly bent knees to support their body weight.

*T/N: Used by males to
address an older brother
or close male friend

"Sorry! I was trying to catch up with Y/n," he said, trying to shrug it off. Both of them looked at me as they smiled. Both warm and welcoming, one of theirs was as radiant as the sun and the other hard the most adorable dimples I've ever seen.

"Hi Y/n! I'm Hoseok! But Hobi is fine!"

"I'm Namjoon! Nice to meet you!"

They both introduced themselves sweetly as I slightly bowed in front of them, wanting to get out of the situation as there were eyes on us. Eyes that felt like they were piercing right through me. My response was met with Tae shrugging his shoulders and putting his arm around me. He looked up confidently and said, "Let go get some hamburgers."

I chuckled feeling a bit more at ease as I moved his arm from my shoulder and said, "sure" We got our food and sat down at a table with Jimin and someone else.

"Hi! I'm Jungkook! It's nice to meet you!" He said, waving both his hand up and smiling like a bunny. His eyes crinkled in the corner and it was as though he smiles with all of his features, not just his mouth. I grinned back and introduced myself to him.

I quietly ate my lunch as I was listening to Jungkook and Jimin argue over who would win in a fight against Luffy and Naruto. Namjoon was on his phone and Hobi was trying to get his attention By leaning on him frequently. Tae was just content with his burger. I excused myself and went to the bathroom.

I walked into the lady's room and before I could go very much further, someone kicked her leg up onto the wall, blocking my path. I recognised her. She was sitting in front of my class with the other girls that were fancily dressed.

"Why hello there," she said in a condescending voice. "I'm Ahreum. You're the new kid in class, right? What's your name?" She asked as though I were a little kid.

"Y-Y/n" I replied, being a little hesitant. Her aura just screamed alpha female. Whilst there's me, an omega.

"Well, Y/n, I just thought that I'd let you know, TaeHyungie belongs to me." She said, smiling cynically as though she were trying to intimidate me. "So, I would suggest that you keep your filthy hands away from him, okay?" Another malicious smile.

I nodded my head hesitantly as she walked out. I stayed in the bathroom for some time, thinking to myself.... As it continued to echo in my head, I turned around heading towards the class. I sat, staring out the window just waiting for this day to end when I fell asleep in this new place where nobody knows me., " 'filthy hands?' Huh."
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