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DON [A Jeon Jungkook Fan fiction]


Being a criminal is never easy, you have to always stay in fear... Fear of police. But me? I kind of enjoyed it, I was living my dream life, constant adventure, betrayals, love... Hate... And so much more~ I loved blood to be honest. There was a secret of my beauty. What I want, is what I get. Once I feel that something is pretty, I want it. And I get it. I make sure that it's mine. Whether it is an object or a human, I don't care. And now I want him, my greatest enemy, Jeon Jungkook who is coincidentally a FBI agent and is determined to kill me. So interesting~ I wanted him for my pleasure of my eyes. Then I got greedy. NOW, I want all of him. His heart, his soul, even his last name.

Action / Romance
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I looked at the sky as I walked towards the warehouse, to 'finalise a deal' with a local gang of Sydney. It wasn’t a really hygienic place, if I had to be honest, but the design was quite good. The warehouse was built on a lake, in the middle of the lake. I carefully walked on the deck, the clicking sound of my boots were evident.

Walking into the warehouse, I found a table with two chairs across it and a man sitting on one of the chairs, probably waiting for me. A smile crept on my face unknowingly, which was more of a smirk, my trademark smirk. The man lifted his face to look at me, he came alone. It was probably the biggest mistake he has ever done in his life, which is going to cost him his life. A life lesson learnt by death.

'Welcome, Miss Soo, I have been waiting for you, please sit down', he smiled, oblivious of my intentions which were not even close to s of being safe. I seated myself across him. I was dressed in a whole black tight, shirt and long silky pants. I was also wearing heeled boots with my short hair let loose. Did I mention, I was fashionable?

'You look beautiful, Miss Soo', he blushed. Stupid fools. ‘Thank you, I am well aware of that', I spoke, my voice full and melodious. I am used to changing my voice according to my mood. It can be melodious, sweet, deep or husky depending upon my mood. I think I really got all the colours of the wind.

‘Well, by the way, about the deal of the drugs…'

'Yes, that’s why I came here for'

'So… it’s total 96 million. In cash?’

I laughed, which showed my dimples. I mean it was funny for which, it caused me to laugh.

'You should have known, Mr… that i…', with that I leaned on the table, closer to him until there was a really short distance between us. He looked baffled and surprised more because of my actions rather than my reactions. ‘Don’t make deals', I ended my sentence with a smirk before going back on my seat.

‘What? You can’t do that. We already talked about this. This. Is. Not. Legal', he was enraged and stood up from his seat, slamming his hand on the table causing the steel table to shake a bit but I didn’t even flinch, I had everything planned.

‘Devils never play fair, my love. Moreover, what are you gonna do? Go to the police and say Donà didn’t pay for the drugs she bought from me. Huh?’, my smirk widened. He gritted his teeth whilei put my hand in front of me, admiring my black long nails on my bony fingers.

‘Enough of this bullshit. I am going to go hard on you, when you are being such a bitch. Remember, you called this upon yourself', he pushed away the table and it fell down as he started to approach me.

'Now who’s going to save you? You have to pay for the drugs. Whether with money or with your body', he was really close to me. Funny. It was funny to think that he can have the pleasure to have sex with me. A bunch of bloody fools. I smiled standing up, throwing my arms around that man, my next victim, my next baby darling victim.

'Who said someone’s going to save me?’

‘look at you, such a slut. Don’t worry, daddy will be more than happy to teach you what are the consequences of disobeying'

‘No ones going to save me. But me', with that I punched in the back on his neck in upward direction, with my claws that I loved to wear on my knuckles. He let out a loud groan, instantly leaving me and then rolling on the floor. I knew what were the weak spots of a human body and I also knew it would take him some time to recover again.

With that I pulled out my gun, pointing it towards his heart. ‘Always remember that I am a alpha woman and bold of you to assume that you can defeat Don. This is your life lesson for underestimating a woman, a lesson learnt with death. Tell me in my dreams if there’s life after death', with that I shot him in the heart, the sound resonating in the whole warehouse.

‘No wonder, my mother used to call me a little devil. Mother, you must be happy in heaven right? Or maybe in hell?’, I sighed, crouching down the dead body around whom blood was pooling. I pulled out my knife, my favourite knife and started to cut his skin. I cut his cheek, writing my initials on his skin.
‘S. (Your initial). Don, ' Perfect', I smirked getting up on my feet dusting my knees. ‘Well then we should get going' with that I left the warehouse, towards my next mission in Korea.

Let’s get into clarifications really quick. I am Soo Y/n and I am a Don. People call me Dark Angel, Devil, blah blah blah. I really don’t care. You might wonder what am I. I would answer, Devil to some, Angel to others. I really don’t care who likes me and who hate me, those bitches can barely love themselves.

World police is after me, wanting to catch me. But they are so fricking weaklings. Even after me leaving so many traces, my fingerprints they can’t catch me. But of course how could they catch me? No one can get where am I. One moment, I am here, in Sydney and another moment I am in Paris. Cool right?

Within the police force in Korea, there is someone whom I consider to be my worthy opponent, my wild bunny, Jeon Jungkook. He is really so sweet and innocent looking, too much cute to be a police officer and you won’t believe me when I say that he wants to capture me. So sweet.

While I was here, on the other side of the world something else was going on.

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