The strange girl


A girl with light brown hair and green eyes was found injured and unconscious who is this girl and how did she get to camp half-blood alone.

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Nico Pov

Nico was walking to his boyfriend's cabin when he saw a girl with brown hair being rushed to the infirmary. "Will what's going on in here"I say. "I was just looking for you sunshine"he said with a smile. "That doesn't answer my question" I say rolling my eyes. "Well come with me and you'll find out"Will said. They went to a bed with a girl who was speaking in italian and crying. "So you want me to be a translator"I say. "Yes we would" said Will. Nico walked over to the girl and started talking to her. "ciao mi chiamo Nico"I say. (Hello my name is Nico) "piacere di conoscerti Nico"she said. (Nice to meet you Nico)"posso chiederti come ti chiami" I say. (may I ask what's your name)
"il mio nome รจ Rose"she said. (My name is Rose) Then the girl fell asleep. "So what did she say"said Will. "She said her name is Rose and that's all I know for now"I say.
(Well that's it for now bye)
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