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Twisted Perfections


This story is about Zariah and Asher. What happens when their love is put to tests? Is their love too perfect and outstanding or can it be broken easily? Find out about this thrilling high school love story.

Romance / Humor
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Twisted Perfections

"Zariah! Aren't you done yet? We're running late!" My mum shouted from the gate.
Okay, so you might be wondering what we're running late for. Well, I'm starting a new school.

I had to leave my old school because we
relocated to a new place. My dad got a new job with a very handsome payment, so he bought this house. The house is quite big. It's a three storey building with fancy decors.

"Coming", I shouted from my room.

I looked into the mirror and smiled at myself I felt a little bit pleased with my appearance.
I'm a girl with low self esteem, sometimes I find myself somehow beautiful, other times I feel like the ugliest person in the world.

I packed my black hair into a pony tail. I was putting on a red gown that reached my thigh with a pair of blue denim jeans and a pair of blue sneakers.

Blue is my favourite colour, pink makes me sick.
Get over it!

I grabbed my school bag and jogged downstairs.


"Have a nice day honey. I love you", my mum said kissing my cheeks.

"Mum! I'm fifteen now", I said groaning.

"Whatever just have a good day", my mum said and then the driver zoomed off.

Typical mum.

"Wow, this school really is massive", I thought to myself as I entered the school compound.

The school is like times three my old school. Well my former school was when we were middle class people.
Not to brag but now I can say it without a doubt that my family is one rich class now all thanks to dad's new job.

I don't know if to say I'm happy or sad to have a life I've always dreamed of.
Going to fancy schools, amazing houses, trending devices, designer wears, maids and servant.. all of these cannot make up for my friends. I miss them so much.

"Good morning ma'am", I greeted the school receptionist.

Yeah, the school has one.

"Yeah morning. You're Zariah Thompson, right?"

"Yes ma", I replied.

"Glad to have you here. Welcome to Lockville High". I'm Hannah Pierce, she said with a welcoming smile.

"Thank you ma'am".

"I would have loved to give you a school tour but I'm pretty busy now so would you please wait for me?" She asked very politely.

"Okay, sure ma'am", I said giving her a small smile even though deep down, I was pretty disappointed.

I wanted to go to my class early to avoid unnecessary stares from people.

That happens to every newbie, right?

"Oh, wait", she said waving her hand to someone to come over.

"Ryan! Ryan!" She shouted.

"Yes Mrs Pierce", I heard a voice behind.

"You'll be giving Miss Zariah here a school tour".

"What? So that's my job now. Well, the last time I checked I was brought to this school to learn and not roam around with a newbie!" Ryan said rolling his eyes.

Ooohh... sass much, try this to any staff in my old school and you get suspended. Literally.

"Just do as I asked you too", Mrs Pierce strictly said.

After we walked for a while, I decided to talk. Maybe I was going to make a friend in him.

Hy, my name is Zariah Thompson and I'm in...

"Can you please just shut up?! I don't care what your name is or anything about you! Just come with me!" He screamed at me.

I just stared blankly at him fighting tears from rolling down my eyes.

I wasn't going to show him how weak I was plus I wasn't going to start crying in front of this jerk.

"Hey..um...zac or whatever your name is..I'm kinda..."

I didn't let him finish whatever stupid thing he was going to say before running away from him. I didn't know the school very much yet but I still wanted to go. He shouted at me. I hate it when people shout at me. It makes me feel feeble. And the last thing I want to do is cry in front of this psychotic idiot.

"Hey wait up! I'm..um...it was kinda a mistake...".

His voice was annoying me so I ran faster till I wasn't able to hear his voice anymore.

I sat on the floor behind a wall and cried. I cried my heart out. I cried because he shouted at me. I cried because I missed my friends. I cried because I was weak. I cried because of everything.
I didn't want dad to continue this job anymore. We can continue with our old life style. It's preferable to me since I had people who cared about me.

After the crying zone, I checked my wristwatch and realised it was seven fifty three. I still had about seven minutes to catch up to class.
But how can I find the class I have to attend.

Just as I was about to find my way to the receptionist office if I still remembered my way, I saw a guy walking towards to the third block by my right.

Hurriedly, I cleaned my tears and went over to him.

"Hello, my name is Zariah Thompson and I'm a newbie in this school. Can you please take me to the receptionist? I actually forgot to collect my class schedule from her." I said.

"Oh, okay sure. My name is Asher Einstein. Fancy meeting you Zariah", he said giving me a beautiful smile.

"Are you a science, art or commercial student?" Asher asked.

"Actually, I'm a science student and I'm in Senior Secondary School one". I replied.

Oh wow! We're actually in the same class. Follow me, I'll take you, he said giving me his million dollar smile.

After lots of walking around, we finally reached the class.

"We're having biology now, let's go in", Asher said.

Okay", I said and took a big gulp.

You're nervous, aren't you? Asher asked slightly amused.

"Well yeah I am".

"Come on, I'll hold your hand, I think it'll make you feel better", he smiled and held my hand.

Okay this is it Zariah.

Walk like a runway model and wave like Miss Universe.

Easier said than done.

As I entered the class, I met several eyes on me. My eyes met Ryan's. He looked surprised when he saw me with Asher.

Like I care.

Oh well, seems like I'm in the same class with the jerk.


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