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all you need a little patience. choi yeonjun au, lower case and short chapters intended, reader discretion is advised

Romance / Drama
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“suki!” beomgyu ran towards his friend, his eyes brimming with tears as he caught up to his friend at the airport. “please don’t leave! i’m gonna really miss you!” the boy’s voice squeaked as his tears started to spill over, falling down his face. “my momma and poppa said we’ll take care of you!” his voice started getting louder, throwing his arms around the girl. he held her tightly as they sobbed together.

“mitsuki! say goodbye to beomgyu, its time to go! we’re going to miss our flight.” mitsuki’s father boomed over the two kids.

“taeyong, please. give them a couple more moments.” beomgyu’s mother pleaded with the man, hoping she should give their kids more time. “they’ve been friends since they were babies.” she frowned, looking down at her son who was now kneeling on the floor, holding mitsuki in his arms as they sobbed. their chests heaving up and down sounds barely audible.

“please stay out of this, bonhwa.” taeyong scolded beomgyu’s mother, and she furrowed her brows at the man.

“no, he’s my kid too. and i’ve learned to love your daughter as my own.” bonhwa shook her head, walking over to the two children. she embraced the two kids, holding them tightly in her arms as tears started to well in her own eyes. soon enough, there was another set of arms that wrapped around them, and bonhwa looked up, seeing her husband, who was also in tears hugging her and the children.

“give him the time he needs with her. your flight isn’t for another two hours.” sanghoo looked up at mitsuki’s father, and taeyong just stared at them, fire in his eyes.

“you are all too emotional. they’re just kids, they’ll end up forgetting about each other anyways.” taeyong scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning his head away.

“i’m really gonna miss you, gyu...” mitsuki muttered, her voice soft and broken. beomgyu nuzzled his face into the girl’s hair as he held her tightly, never wanting to let her go. je wanted her to stay here in south korea, where he could always protect her from her father, but... he couldn’t. he couldn’t even try to convince taeyong because he had his mind so set on keeping the two apart.

“i love you.” she muttered, causing beomgyu’s tears to fall faster. His eyes burned from the crying, and his heart was shattered.

“i love you too, mitsuki,” he whispered, a broken smile on his face. “i’m never gonna forget you, and we’ll find each other again someday.”

suddenly, mitsuki was being pulled away from him, and all beomgyu could do was let her go. he didn’t even try to hold on, as she was being picked up and taken away. beomgyu stayed put on the floor, tears flowing faster, as he watched his whole world be taken from him until she was out of his sight.

his parents watched their boy, their hearts breaking at the sight of him. tears ran down their faces as they watched the light leave his eyes and body.

“let’s go beomgyu.” sanghoo muttered, holding out his hand to his son. beomgyu reluctantly took his father’s hand and stood up.

as soon as he was on his feet, he threw his arms around his father’s waist and sobbed heavily into his father’s chest. sanghoo removed the boy’s arms and got down on his knees. beomgyu wrapped his arms around sanghoo’s neck, burying his face into his neck, and sanghoo wrapped his arms tightly around beomgyu’s small body. he picked his son up and started walking out of the airport.

“i was able to sneak a small paper into her jacket pocket that had our phone number, and emails on it, so she’ll never lose contact with beomgyu.” bonhwa whispered into her husband’s ear, through her own tears. sanghoo nodded and placed beomgyu into the backseat of their car.

though moments before, beomgyu was sobbing hysterically, he was fast asleep. his face was red, and his eyes were puffy. his parents placed soft kisses on his forehead and cheek before climbing into their car and heading towards their home.

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