Will You Still be mine?


A love story between hybrid wolf and a human being where both have to face many challenges including death in order to be together

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Prologue 1

Centuries ago, there is one far most powerful wolf pack in old London whom has controlled of all wolf; the Blue Crescent Moon Pack lead by Maximus Johnson and 3 other elders; Henry Knight, George Xander and Michael Dante. Due to the power crazed of Henry whom wanted to take control of the whole kingdom, he managed to brain washed George to assist him to kill Maximus’s only son; Daniel who are just one year old so that Maximus don’t have any heirs to pass down the throne to.

Since Maximus comes from the Royal wolf pack family, they are more powerful compared to those normal werewolves. His troops managed win the war together with the help of his best friend, Michael. They managed to kill George but Henry managed to escape with Daniel with him held as hostage. During the chased while running away, little Daniel fell off a cliff and everyone thought he died but due to the blessing of the Moon Goddess, Daniel survives the fall and was saved by Samuel’s wife; Lily.

They took him in and raise him as their own godson. Neither they have they known that every descendants of the Blue Crescent Moon Pack has a small crescent tattoo at the back of their neck. This will only appear when they reached the age of 21. Daniel’s mother passed away due to too heartbroken two months after the death of her only son. Maximus was too heartbroken to know that both his wife and only son is gone and and has fallen very ill not long after his wife passed away. He passes the throne to his best friend Michael before he died after a month of his wife passing.

One night Michael came across a dream and in the dream he met the Moon Goddess. She told him that Daniel is still alive and jumped up from his bed. Since is not everyone are able to dream of the Moon Goddess, this means a true blessing for the kingdom. So he swore to look for Daniel so that he can pass back the throne to the actual royal descendant so they can rule back the Royal Wolf Pack.


Somewhere far away from the Royal Kingdom where Henry managed to stay alive and built up his own packs. He met his mate; Marianne June and both of them got married. After being married for 8 years, Marianne still not able to bear Henry any child. Henry was not happy and devastated so he accidentally killed Marianne 1 night while he is drunk. He then married his second wife name Wendy. He thought Wendy can bear him a heirs but never did he knew that he has no luck in having a child whom carries his blood line after being married for another 5 years.

He banished her out from his pack territory and never wanted to see her again. He then married his third wife Linda and she managed to bear him a daughter but too bad that his daughter was born with a hole in her heart and she passed away at the age of 3. Both Henry and Linda were devastated and because on this, Henry blamed Linda for bearing him a ”defect" child and he also banished her to the same territory as Wendy. Ever since then, he has been very cruel to his pack members and not everyone is loyal to him but since he is strong, no one dare to despise him.

One day when he and his beta went hunting for Daniel, they came across a pair of twins’ baby; a boy and a girl inside an empty hut after killing the baby’s parents. Since Henry has no kids, he brought the twins home and treat them as his own. He named them Andrew and Spencer Knight. Never did the twins knew that Henry only treats them like 1 of his “chess piece” which he will used them for anything in exchange for power in the future. Adam and Spencer aren’t like their adopted father, luckily because they are brought up by Henry’s Beta’s wife.

Both of them are kind, humble and treat their people even the maid and slaves like their own family compare to Henry. Henry trained Andrew day and night in order for him to become the strongest Wolf in the pack so that he can become the next Alpha and to revenge him by taking over the Royal Kingdom which no one knows this plan other than Henry himself. He knew Michael is looking for Daniel so he had to get hold or killed Daniel and his family before Michael finds them.


As a wolf, you only manage to find out who is your mate at the age of 18 for male and 21 for female. Adam had a crush on Andrew’s younger sister; Spencer since young age. Three of them are very close friend and Andrew knew Adam likes Spencer and try to match made them together. Since Andrew and Adam have reached the age 18, they managed to find out who their mate is. Andrew’s mate is Elena Elanor; Spencer’s best friend. Both of them likes each other since young but since Elena has yet to reach the age 21, he promised to wait for Elena until she finds out who is her mate then decides their next steps.

Adam is not mated to Spencer but is mated to someone else whom is Spencer’s best friend Amelia. Adam was not happy because he likes Spencer and if he managed to get married to Spencer, he can become the Beta of the pack and rule the pack together with his best friend, Andrew. He tries to persuade Andrew to help him to get Spencer so both of them can rule the strongest wolf pack together.

Andrew went to have a talked with his sister and asked her about whether she likes Adam and wanted get marry to him so he can be Beta and rule the pack together with him. Spencer told Andrew that she likes Adam as a brother and not as a lover and she needs to find who is her mate before she can decides anything in the future where there might or might not be a chance that she will be with Adam; everything will depends on the blessing of Moon Goddess.

Andrew understood and promised he will stand by her side and support his sister’s decision whether to be or not to be with Adam in the near future. Adam understood this and respect Spencer’s decision. Since he is a kind and caring person, he promised to try his best and treat Spencer the best and wait for her until she reaches age 21. He hope that he can make Spencer falls in love with him one day by giving her everything including time and support she needed until she become his.

Neither anyone knows that Spencer is mated to someone else; far more powerful and strong among all wolf pack and that person is not awaken yet from the power he/she has until the age of 21 where the tattoo arises.

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