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Black rose

My room

“Spenell, I don’t get it. I do everything they tell me...” She’s still too happy to understand the pressure that I’m under. I’m set to go to the moon tomorrow. Spenell is helping me pack, she thinks I’m going on vacation. Yellow and blue want me nowhere near her because they think I’m a bad influence to her. “Black Rose, can we play?” Okay, I can’t leave my room until time to leave, Yellow’s orders, and Blue don’t want me and her to hang out with each other. “Black Rose, now that we are done packing can we play?” “No Spenell, I cant be near you. If Yellow and Blue find out we hung out with each other they will bubble you and shatter me!” I tell her in anger, not towards her but my self. She runs out of my room crying. A few minutes later Blue angerly calls my name.

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