Is this Real Life or Just Fantasy?

By Stacie Sells-Vanscoder

Adventure / Humor

What's My Line?

In a flash he was in wardrobe and on a fake space ship that looked like Serenity, with a crew that was semi-familiar. He thought there was no use fighting it and perhaps this was some weird dream or time portal he was in that only could be broken if he did everything correct. Might as well give it a shot. How hard could it be always? He was actually a space ship pilot so this should be a walk in the park. “You know your lines for the day?” a young woman with fiery red hair said as she popped into his line of site, “here’s the changes and also I’m a super big fan!” she quickly sputtered out with a grin that didn’t leave her face. “Oh, thanks,” Wash sheepishly said as he began to flip through the pages. “Wait a second. What is this line ‘I’ll see you in hell’. People really say that? Who actually says that?” he mocked as the girls eyes light up as she nervously giggles, “That’s your catch phrase! God, I’m so so, so happy they are finally making this into a movie.” She turns and quickly runs over to hand other people scripts as other people swarm around him applying red gunk to his face and to his clothes. “Huh,” he says to himself as he goes and plops himself in the pilots chair, as if was second nature. Mal’s doopleganger comes over now dressed in some futuristic leather jumpsuit as he begins to closes and opens his mouth, muttering to himself “You got this! You’re awesome”. He looks over to Wash, “I’m so excited we’re doing this! I can’t believe it took you so much convincing as it did but nonetheless this is going to be EPIC!,” he said as his eyes widen. Suddenly, everything was in motion and people whizzed around set as groups of people gathered around, all eyes on the both of them. “What is happening,” Wash whispered to Jack. “We are shooting you death scene! I can’t believe they are going to kill you off but it’s gonna drive the fans insane! It’ll be great!,” Jack said as his composure changed as they suddenly heard someone from the onlookers yelled, “ACTION!” “You can’t go like this. I need my pilot. I need my….friend.” There was a long pause as Jack puts his hands to Wash’s face, “You’re supposed to say I’ll see you in hell. You know you’re catch phrase.” Wash just looked at Jack and smiled as he said, “I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I sore.” There was a long silence around him that remind him of the quietness of space. No one said a word as everyone was dumbfounded at the performance. Even Jack, the showboat had nothing to say. “CUT! That was GREAT! Lets take a 10,” the slightly balding Gingered haired man said as he got up to stretch his legs. Wash sat in that fake pilot chair happy with his performance when suddenly a strange feeling washed over him and a slight pain began to ache in his chest. As he unbuttoned his costume he noticed a large red stain that all over his favorite Hawaiian shirt. It looked like blood, but maybe it was all the red goop that was just placed on him. As he looked up he noticed that everything around him became dark and he was alone. No director, no actors, no one at all.“Oh come on!” he shouted! “What’s going on!” A low red light blinked as he looked around still sitting in the chair. As it rhythmically filled the room like a heart beat he noticed he couldn’t move. He was stuck. As his eyes adjusted he noticed a large piece of metal sticking out of his chest where the pain was coming from. Everything started to come back to him. He remembered the Reavers chasing after them. He remembered River unleashing some sort of super ninja loose. He remembered the warm tear that fell from Zoe’s face when she realized he wasn’t leaving the ship. He was dead. When suddenly a loud beeping sound filled the entire darkness that surrounded him as a white beam of light began to fill the darkness.

“Hey. Wake up Alan,” said a soothing voice, “you were talking in your sleep again.” As Alan slowly opened his eyes to the bright white of the ceiling above his bed, the sun slowly seeping into his blue eyes, he realized everything was just a dream as it slowly began to seep out of his consciousness. “I just had a crazy dream. I dreamt that I was, I think, an actor on a show that was played by a very similar character that was real. It was very meta and I almost can’t even follow it when I explain it now. But you were there too as, I think, the captain,” he said as he turned over to Nathan who just sweetly smiled. “You and your dreams,” he’s said, “you should write those down and make a story. Sounds pretty weird,” he says as he snuggles deeper into Alan’s chest. “Nah,” Alan said, “what could be better then this?”

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