Blind [Uchiha Sasuke Romance]

The End

Sasuke seemed a little sad for the next few days and you didn’t know how to cheer him up. He had his entire head wrapped around everything his brother had told him before dying and it was consuming him. You could tell in his eyes that he wanted to go search for Madara but right now, that search was a dead end. Neither of you would even know where to begin looking. Well, maybe the Akatsuki would be a good start but you really didn’t want to get into that yet.

“Sasuke, can I show you something?” You asked, sitting down next to Sasuke, book in hand. He just made a sound that was sort of a mix of a grunt and ′hmph’. You took it as a yes. “My father gave this to me a long time ago, before he died, and I just read it a while back. It’s everything there was to know about my clan!”

Sasuke breathed your name as you felt him slip the book from your hands into his. “You can read Braille?”

“I’m blind, Sasuke.” You said flatly.

“Right, sorry.” Sasuke was quiet for a moment then, you could hear him running his hands over the bumps in the book that formed letters for you. “You’re… an Otsuo?”

You instantly felt shocked. Of course you had planned on telling him but you hadn’t expected him to figure it out on his own. “What?”

Sasuke noted the surprise in your voice. “I thought you said you read this. It says right here, on this big family tree, that you’re a part of the Otsuo Clan.”

“No, no, I know. I’m just surprised.” You said, a confused look on your face. “You can read Braille too?”

Sasuke laughed, “No. There’s actual text under the Braille. I can read that.” Of course you wouldn’t know that, you couldn’t see, but it was surprising to know your father had made you a book that anyone could read. All the clan secrets had to be in there and it was pretty much a priceless treasure if someone got their hands on it. You’d have to guard it a little more safely now.

“I’m sorry I never said anything about it…” You began.

“Even after everything, you didn’t want to tell me?”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to tell you… My past just hurts too much to talk about. I figured--when I moved to Konoha--it would just be easier to try and forget about it. So I told everyone I didn’t know who I was, and I tried putting everything behind me. I still don’t think I want to come forward with anything.”

“Why not?” Sasuke asked, “You’d be reviving a powerful clan.”

“I’d also be taking on all the responsibility that entails.” You let out a short, soft laugh, “I guess I’m not as talented as you are, also. According to that book, I’ve never had to work hard to be a better ninja.” Sasuke was silent again, you assumed he was reading again.

“I’ve never heard of a Kekkei Genkai like that before, but it does explain a lot.”

“It kind of makes me feel like Naruto… That the whole world around me is succeeding in things I can’t learn on my own, advancing further than I can go, and I’m just left behind. I always thought I got where I was because of my hard work, but I suppose that’s not true…”

“Maybe that’s why your father trained you so hard? To make you feel normal.” You had never looked at it like that. But it was a thought that made you feel immensely better about your position in life. Maybe… even though your father never showed it, he was still trying to do right by you. Maybe he actually cared for you more than you thought.

“There’s more…” You began a little shyly, “My clan… was fundamental in the creation of the Land of Fire, and ultimately Konoha--along with Madara and the Senju of the Forest…” You were careful with your words, Sasuke’s wounds were still fresh.

“Your clan must go back ages, then.” Sasuke said, a tone of wonderment.

You read the rest of the book with Sasuke. It was easier to do that then try and explain everything to him. By the end of it, Sasuke seemed a little taken aback. He asked you how you couldn’t have known any of this but you insisted your parents kept the whole thing very secret. With the rest of the clan dead, there was no one to come around and blow the lid off the whole thing. It was easy for them to keep you in the dark. Though you voiced your opinion that your parents probably kept it under wrap to protect you. The whole clan was dying off one after another and they just wanted to keep you safe. If you didn’t know anything, there was no danger.

That’s what you believed.

“So wait,” you heard the smirk in Sasuke’s voice, “I managed to bed royalty?” You hit him playfully on the shoulder. “Your highness, I think that sleeping with a peasant is going to taint your reputation!” He made the whole thing sound very dramatic and you laughed at him.

“If it’s with you, it’s definitely worth it.” You smiled.

“Is it now?” Sasuke pulled you onto his lap, “Well, my Queen, shall we put that to the test?” You giggled at him as he kissed you, passionately and ardently. There was a hunger you both felt in that moment that needed sating. And you did so with fervor.

Maybe one day you would go to the Hokage with the information you had uncovered and bring your clan back. One day. But right now, you wanted to forget all your troubles and just be with Sasuke, In his arms--forever.

As for Sasuke, there were things he still needed to do. Loose ends that needed tying. But all that could wait. Madara could wait, just a little longer. He wanted to forget his troubles too. It had been a long week. Both of you were tired from all the excitement.

“I love you, ” Sasuke whispered against your head as the two of you cuddled together. You smiled and whispered those three words back, content and indescribably happy.

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