Blind [Uchiha Sasuke Romance]


“I don’t know anything that would be useful to you!” You cried, strapped down to a chair so you couldn’t run away. You desperately wished Sasuke would show up and save you. For once in your life, you actually felt helpless. Orochimaru was much stronger than you--well at least just a little bit stronger--and you knew that running away wouldn’t do any good.

“I don’t believe that.” Orochimaru hissed. “I know of every clan in the Hidden Leaf… except yours. Are the Otsuos new? Do you originate somewhere else? Is there hidden power that runs through your veins?” This all seemed incredibly out of character for the Snake. From what you had heard of him, he was always a step ahead of his opponent, and never came unprepared. Yet here he was, baffled by his lack of knowledge he had on you. In a way, it made you feel a little less vulnerable.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you. I had no other family to my knowledge besides my parents, and they’re both dead. I’m the last Otsuo. There was never any special abilities in our blood, I just trained a lot harder than most. My father was driven by perfection.”

“He must have been quite disappointed with you then. A blind daughter.” Your anger flare at that. “What happened to your parents?”

You didn’t want to tell him anything, but you feared death, especially at the thought of leaving Sasuke. “My father died on a mission, I don’t know what that was,” you quickly added, sensing the Snake’s impending question, “and my mother… she was mugged while traveling. They left her for dead and had stolen anything of value on her person.” You heart ached at the memories but it wouldn’t hurt to tell Orochimaru. There was nothing he could learn from any of it.

“How tragic, you must be very lonely.”

“I manage.”

“She’s worthless, Lord Orochimaru.” Kabuto added pitilessly, “Clearly she’s not as valuable as we thought.”

“It does seem that way…” Orochimaru cooed, thinking.

“Should I take her back?”

“For now.”

You were untied and forcefully walked back to your room. Kabuto seemed irritated but that only fueled your delight. Everything you had told them was true, though. There was nothing remarkable about you, that you knew of anyway. And when you were finally back in your room, you were abandoned with the silence as Kabuto stormed away.

You sat back at your desk, reaching in your bag and pulling out your book. You hadn’t actually read the entire thing, your father had read “A Ninja’s Way” to you so many times it seemed pointless to do it again. He had given you this version a month before his death but you always asked him why. You’d practically memorized the book with how many times he’d read it to you.

You opened the book and began reading in a random place: ”… ability to learn abnormally quickly and can wield four out of five of the elements if they train extensively and relentlessly…" You stopped, you didn’t remember that ever being in the book. What was it talking about?

You started at the beginning, right where you left off on the first page; there was some more text on chakra before it moved on to a different subject: ”Kekkei Genkai are abilities that are passed down, genetically, within special clans. It can be possible for a shinobi to have more than one of these abilities if born within one of these clans.

Kekkei genkai that work via the user’s eye are called dōjutsu. Other kekkei genkai can include mixing one type of elemental chakra with another, creating a new one unique to the user, which is usually impossible for normal ninja, or other bodily manipulations that are usually unattainable by normal standards.

Deep within Otsuo blood lies a dormant power. Power that could shape one’s life. For generations, all of Otsuo blood have the ability to learn abnormally quickly and can wield four out of five of the elements if they train extensively and relentlessly. Few have been up to the task.

These abilities manifested at the start of the second generation. In the first generation, a Bijuu was sealed within the first Otsuo, creating the first Junchuriki of the clan. Later, when the Jinchuriki and their partner had their first child, certain traits of the Bijuu were passed down. From that point on, for every following generation, these traits are present in every Otsuo’s blood. It is what sets the Otsuo’s apart from everyone else, for they are the first clan for this to happen to, and their abilities are unattainable by any other ninja."

You stopped after that, stunned at the revelation. Why hadn’t your father ever told this to you before? Why did he hide it from you? In a way, it exasperated you, it meant that all that hard work to get you were you were wasn’t the cause for your success in the ninja world. You were simply destined to be better than the rest, whether you wanted that to be true or not. You had some old trait passed down for centuries to thank for your strength and knowledge, not your hard work.

You hated your father even more for how hard he pushed you when he never truly had to.

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