Blind [Uchiha Sasuke Romance]


You heard Sasuke call your name softly as he entered your room, “Hey, are you okay?” So he didn’t know…

“Kabuto and Orochimaru interrogated me…” You said in a small voice, running you hands over the closed book you held.

“What!? When?” Sasuke asked in a demanding tone.

“Just an hour ago…”


“He thought I was hiding something from him.”

“What could you possibly be hiding?”

“I don’t know. He thought I had some hidden power… I thought he was going to hurt me.”

“I’d kill him before I let him do that.”

You wished, for the first time in a long time, that you could see. You wanted desperately to see Sasuke’s face, to know what he looked like. It was a dream that would never come true. Instead, you did what you knew you could do. You got up, walked over to Sasuke, and stood directly in front of him. Hesitantly, you reached both your hands up and cupped both sides of his face. “I want to see you…” you whispered, pausing a moment before you gently ran your fingers over his features, memorizing ever dip and bump from his eyes to his cheeks; you imagined what he looked like. You had a pretty good picture in your mind. It was the first time you really saw him. You had never done this before, afraid he might think you were weird for it. But over this last year, you’d come to care for the Uchiha and you wanted to put a face to a name. Sure you couldn’t actually see him, but in your mind’s eye, he was incredibly handsome.

Sasuke rubbed a thumb just under your eye, wiping away the stray tear. “Are you okay?” His voice was gentle, soothing. It made you want to fall into his arms and forget the world for a while.

You felt more tears, and they fell against your will. “I wish my eyes worked, Sasuke… I wish I could see all the color and light that you do… I’m encased in darkness all the time and it’s suffocating.”

“It might not mean much,” Sasuke hugged you, “but sometimes I believe you see better than I do.” That didn’t make any sense to you, you had no idea what he meant.

“I wish we all had your luxury to slack off, Sasuke.” Kabuto’s disparaging voice loomed from the doorway. Sasuke pushed you away and you imagined he was glaring at the Snake’s Right Hand. “Lord Orochimaru demands your presence.”

You felt the tension in the air thicken, “I’m on my way.”

“See that you are.” Then Kabuto’s footsteps sounded as he walked away.

Sasuke made an irritated ‘tsk’ sound before leaving the room a moment later, off to see what the Snake wanted with him. No doubt it was more training. Orochimaru had been driving Sasuke to the brink of exhaustion lately, maybe he was actually scared of Sasuke’s strength so he kept him at his weakest?

You sat back down in your chair, you were eager to learn any new secrets that your book might hold.

Continuing where you left off: ”It is said there are three branches of the Otsuo Clan; the main branch which is refered to as royalty; the servant branch which is responsible for the protection of the entire clan; and the trade branch which is responsible for the prosperity of the clan. Set in this way, the main branch is wise and handles political affairs as well as making decisions that affect the clan as a whole, they are the Otsuo leaders; the servant branch is strong and is the hand of Justice in keeping the clan safe, they are the Otsuo military; and the trade branch is efficient and is what keeps the clan wealthy and prosperous, they are the Otsuo brokers."

Beneath the Braille text was an emboss design of a family tree with the Braille names of everyone dating back to the first generation of the Otsuo Clan. The tree spread out over three pages and you traced it all the way down until you found your name.

Your name which happened to be directly within the main branch of the family: Royalty.

If this clan structure was true, that meant… you were a princess among your own people. A queen, more likely--in theory--as you were the last Otsuo left.

You read more: ”Though this structure is solely within the Otsuo Clan, every Otsuo’s status carries high regard with every nation, whether main branch, trade branch, or servant branch. They are treated as they would be treated within the clan among every village. The Otsuos are a respected people and their wisdom greatly coveted. For they are among those to establish the first clans in the Land of Fire, long ago, and they are directly responsible for the help and support in creating Konohagakure--the Village Hidden in the Leaves--to become the power it is today."

The book fell from your hands and thudded on the stone floor. You were swallowed in the revelations you never even considered a possibility, that you never even imagined could be true. It was such a curve ball that you never expected it, it never crossed your mind.

You had never told anyone of your true identity--your family lived off on its own as you grew up and you were not a part of any village until after the death of your parents and you moved to Konoha, pretending to not know your last name as it hurt too much to speak of your past--and now, being the last Otsuo left, it was highly unlikely that anyone would believe you. If your parents were still alive, things would be much different. And the only other person that might have known and could have vouched for you, if you ever wanted to go public, would have been Sasuke’s father. But he was no longer around.

Yet here you were, the last of your kin, royalty, and you had no way to prove it.

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