Blind [Uchiha Sasuke Romance]


Ambush or no ambush, there was never any doubt of yours or Sasuke’s abilities as outstanding ninja. While the bandits might have thought they had the upper hand, they had no idea who the targets they had picked were. Maybe if they knew, they would have left you alone. Instead, Sasuke and you were forced to quickly knock all five bandits unconscious. You weren’t going to kill them, it wasn’t your way, but Sasuke did make a point that they would cause more trouble being alive than they would dead. You’d be doing the world a favor.

You merely walked away, your back to the Uchiha, and told him to do whatever he saw fit, so long as he didn’t tell you the outcome. If he was going to kill them, you didn’t want to know. You did agree with his point, however, and in the end, you don’t know what he chose to do.

“Is revenge really so important?” You asked somewhere along the way.

“Itachi murdered my entire clan, just because he could.” Sasuke said darkly, “He told me, he did it just to test his strength, to see how powerful he was. But I don’t understand… why it had to be our clan… Why couldn’t he kill someone else? Why did it have to be our entire family?” You sensed the anger and hatred in Sasuke’s voice and it broke your heart to feel him this upset.

“Why don’t we take a break?” You chimed after a long pause.


“--Can wait. Your brother isn’t going to go anywhere. And besides, we don’t even know where the Akatsuki are hiding, where their base is. We’re going to have to find clues and keep our ears to the ground.” You stopped walking, keeping hold of Sasuke’s hand so he had to stop with you. “You just killed Orochimaru, only several hours ago… We’re not going to find your brother in a day…”

“I don’t want to lose him…”

“There’s not even a trail we’re following that could go cold, Sasuke… And I can’t keep up with you. I can’t see like Neji or Hinata who have the Byakugan to give them sight, I’m completely blind.”

“I know that…”

“I might be a Jonin, but I’m not perfect.”

Sasuke laughed, “After all I’ve seen you do, I’m surprised the Hokage never made you a Sanin. You were the best ninja in all of Konoha and everyone knew it, even better than the Hokage--better than the Anbu. You could have even taken on Orochimaru.”

You laughed out of embarrassment for his compliments. “What would that say about the great ′Lord Orochimaru′ if he had been bested by a blind girl?”

Sasuke cupped your face and rubbed his thumb on your cheek, “That he was a fool and underestimated his opponent. Perhaps he’s not so great after all.” You leaned your face into Sasuke’s hand, enjoying his touch and taking a deep breath. “I know you can’t see it, but you’re beautiful.”

You reached out until your hand touched Sasuke’s muscled chest and then you stepped closer to him until you felt his body heat. It felt incredible just to be close to him.

You don’t remember who initiated it, but in a swift movement, the two of you were kissing, your tongues dancing together in a sensual waltz. And for just this one moment, all your troubles seemed to melt away and there was just him and you.

Sasuke snaked a hand around to the back of your neck to pull you closer and deepen the kiss, his other hand at your waist, libidinously rubbing at you through your shirt. You felt your need heightened by his own, desire blooming in your core until it consumed you like a fire. You wanted this, you knew he did too, but it felt very taboo out in the open--even if you were hidden within the density of the forest.

You didn’t have time to dwell on it as the kisses became more fervent and Sasuke pressed you up against a tree, holding your arms above your head with one hand. The other hand was stealthily wandering to the hem of your shirt, sliding its way underneath as his fingers caressed your smooth skin.

He was being gentle with you, making sure you were comfortable with every move he made before he went further.

Sasuke tested your boundaries and completely shattered them. He showed you all the bliss and satisfaction the world had to offer until you were entirely content. He orchestrated your body to a sensual tune and played you until the forest echoed your music.

Sasuke showed you all the beautiful sights he had to offer. He waltzed you to the edge of the cliff and dove off the edge with you. And together, you floated back to the ground.

You felt contentment and tranquility.

Sasuke was truly someone to dote over. You almost felt bad when you wondered what Sakura or Ino would think.


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