Blind [Uchiha Sasuke Romance]

Love and Hostility

Lying in Sasuke’s arms, everything just felt right. There was no real way to explain the emotions that you were experiencing but he made you feel safe. You felt that you could truly relax when you were around Sasuke; finally able to let your guard down around someone.

“What happens to us now?” You asked, a little worried that he would treat this as just a casual thing.

“Whatever you want to happen.” He replied, kissing your forehead.

“I want to be with you.” The words just spilled out, you couldn’t stop them.

Sasuke squeezed you lightly so you pressed closer to him, “I want that too.”

You smiled, a sincere, genuine smile for the first time in a long time. And you knew in that instant that you would do anything for Sasuke. Going with him to see Orochimaru hadn’t been a huge deal, you knew the risks and knew you could protect yourself. But going after the Akatsuki was different, unpredictable and dangerous. They were an unknown you didn’t know how to counteract. However, even so, you were willing to go after them for Sasuke. He needed it, and you knew he did, and if that’s what he needed to find peace with himself, you would aid him in achieving his goals.


Over the course of the next few weeks, you and Sasuke spent a lot of time going to different villages and asking if anyone had anything--any information--on the Akatsuki. It was slow going, painfully slowly for Sasuke, and you hadn’t learned much.

Hardly anyone knew anything you didn’t already know. They were a criminal organization. Every member was an S-class missing-ninja. They had black robes with red clouds on them. They always seemed to travel in pairs. No one knew of their location, though. Not even a hint as to where it might generally be.

Sasuke was irritated.

After all that time spent gathering information, neither or you had learned anything. You were still on square one with nowhere left to go. Sasuke didn’t want to give up though, and you couldn’t blame him.

“What now?” You asked, sitting on a log you had rolled close to the fire pit Sasuke had build so you both had a place to sit instead of on the ground.

It was nighttime, the sky was alight with the brilliance of trillions of stars one couldn’t even begin to count, and the moon was beginning to wane. “I don’t know.” Sasuke sighed in exasperation. “They have to be in the Land of Fire, it’s the only place big enough that they could hide. I’m sure that sooner or later--maybe by chance--we’ll stumble upon their hideout.”

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

“It’s just a hunch.”

“I don’t think they’d be as stupid as that to have their hideout out in the open…” You voiced your concern for his plan, “If it was, we would have heard some rumors about it when we were gathering information in all those villages.”

You could sense Sasuke being troubled at this thought. He was running out of ideas and there was no backup plan. The two of you were grasping at straws.

You suddenly felt bad for saying anything as the silence stretched out. “We’ll run into them eventually,” you said, trying to cheer him up, “they have to come out of hiding at some point. Aren’t they still looking for all the tailed beasts? Maybe we could find them that way?”

The apprehension left the air, “That’s actually a good idea.”

“It’s seems you’re going to be quite the little pest… brother.”

You froze, but you felt Sasuke whip around to face the owner of the voice. And instantly, the air felt thick with anger and hostility. “Itachi!”
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