All-Around Bodyguard (BTS X Male Reader)


Can I escape my past me? Me that made me strong. Will it haunt me upon seeing those people who I used to call "friends"? Can I show my true self without hesitation? If I meet them, can I trust them and love them? Can they love me too? Talents within me, can I show them? A face whose seen the dark side of life covered by the mask of innocent bliss. Accepting truth hurts especially attaching to someone you trust. Y/N is a 19-year-old boy who recently moves to Korea to escape his past life. He is a talented person but doesn't want to show it. He disguises himself as a simple guy but when he meets the BTS. He is slowly starting to show his true self.

Romance / Action
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(Y/N) (L/N) - (X/X/1998) , Half-(your ethnicity)-Half Korean, 184 CM, 65kg, Tall, lean but built, Looks a nerdy guy with cold personality but actually good looking and kind, talented doesn't really show it and loves KPOP.

Lee Joonwoo - Y/N's bestfriend since Y/N moved in Korea a while ago. A year older than Y/N, Short and Average compare to Y/N, Supportive, Talkative, Clingy and No 1. Shipper of his best friend, Don't care if it's a guy or a girl..

Y/N Parents - Not real parents of him, abuses Y/N before he moved out in (Your country).

BTS - As themselves

PD-Nim - as himself
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