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All-Around Bodyguard (BTS X Male Reader)

Chapter 1 - Moving On


I'm finally here, South Korea. There's not a doubt of my decision moving here. For years living in this world, a lot has happened to me. Most of it is tragic, living as an orphan and adopted just to be a punching bag. A kid that has been left out of what you called family.

Growing up was an experience but I will never forget those things because that shaped what I am today. Although, I still have regrets in my past but standing here in this land will make a fresh new start of my life.

Looking at my passport while walking to the boarding station of the airport. I could feel the atmosphere different from what I've used to, like home.

I guess it's a perk of being a half-Korean, my appearance and some of my behaviors would blend with the natives here. I didn't discover my heritage not until I accidentally found my adoption papers when I was eighteen years old while cleaning the room of my 'parents'.

It was a shock for me of where I've came from. That's why it was captivating to study the culture and country I'm technically part of. Ever since I discover it, I was so focused on studying and be fluent in writing and speaking in Hangul . I've taken online classes and watching videos to learn the basics going through until I can adapt it to my everyday doing. It took me 2 years to finish the courses and learned enough to use it here. I'm not a master on it but everyday is a learning especially being surrounded with the culture of the country.

This learnings I have stored is not a solo thing for me. I've actually met someone from here, his name is Lee Joonwoo. Meeting him was a huge help for me. He was there for me when I thought I was alone in my life. I nurture him as a person and consider him as one of my closest friend, maybe he's the only one.

Actually we met through a public group chat consist of people who like Korea and it's cultures. Most of it are the same as mine who wants to know about the country. The first time we talk was when he hit me up because I tried to type in Hangul but he corrected me on it and then on, we converse time to time. He is ecstatic and also a blunt person. He was also a great listener and gives a ton of advices. He helped me learn more about Korea and also the language like common expressions and correct pronnounciation of it.

He was also one of the reason I fell in love with the Korean music entertainment . Well, in the most popular terminology and Joonwoo would say is K mothereffin' Pop, K-POP for short. I fall in love as per say because it showed something out of me. Every melody and meaning of the songs was meant for me. Through this, I was fascinated on practicing it. Joonwoo and I were hilariously sung songs through video calls and also try to dance on it. Joonwoo was not the best of both as he per say but he encouraged me to practice because I was born with a voice of golden phoenix and limbs of a gelatine. I did not understand on what he's saying but I'm happy he told me that.

Through this also, it motivated me more of my decision of coming and living in here. Not because of the fascination but a certain group of individuals struck my heart and pulled me out through my dark times. They lifted me up with their creation without them even knowing it.

Bangtan Sonyeondan, such a simple name yet in my life it's the one which that carved into my being. They became an instrument of my new life. It's a gigt, I'm forever treasured. This maybe a long stretch but I hope I can repay what they have done to me. That's what all of us, their supporters wishing for.

As I am nearing to the boarding area, carrying not a lot of stuff with my two bags and necessary stuff to pass through the country. I actually have a worker's VISA and apparently Joonwoo did some stuff and registered me as a Korean citizen. Until this day, I am skeptical on how he done it but he said that I don't need to worry about it. I am more curious than worried though.

Nevertheless, as people gather on the area, so was I. It was the height of arrivals and scanning to the group of people, I notice a peculiar streamer with a message that may offend reading it. Unless you are me who knows the culprit of the message. I was just shaking my head and just chuckle a bit upon reading it.

It says that,"Y/N-sshi please notice this shit, I'm tired of waking up early - Joonwoo".

I saw the person whose holding it and upon seeing his expression, he was slumped by boredom. I believe, it was not his intention to do this but he's an unpredictable human being. I love him for that but can't help to be joyous on his demise as he says sometimes.

As a good friend who don't want to see the other friend in agony. I called his name in a high volume. It spiked his hearing as he was looking for my voice. On my end, I was waving to be noticed by him. As soon as his eyes landed on my presence, it put a glee in his boredom face as he dash through and surprised me with a warm tight hug. I know it may be an exaggeration on how suffocating his hug was but there's no other way to describe it.

"Joon...woo....can't.....breathe", as I was struggling with my speech and after a couple of seconds, he released me with a sassy smirk on his face. It was the first time I've seen him in person. I'm glad he's the same person as I met him on the internet. I'm truly glad that this world gave me a wonderful person whom I can be close with.

"I thought you've never come here or backed out like a pussy", as much as his profanity shows, so does his witty attitude. It may stung from time to time but he never make you deceived. From what he said, you could say I'm a hypocrite on what I told myself before. I had some doubts on pursuing to live here because I was almost been busted on running away.

Yes, you heard it right. I ran away from my adopted family. With the amount I saved up from all of my part-time jobs I partake in and some things that still on this day I'm not proud of doing but as I've said, it's a new leaf of my existence and my guts tells me this is the right thing to do.

Anyways, back to his statement, I want to argue but he's not wrong so I just gave him a glaring look with a reply.

"I thought you've never come to meet me for someone who's lazy as a sloth", as he was not surprised with it and let's just say that this is our odd way of expressing our friendship. He just let a 'tsk' sound and smile on his face.

"Touché my friend but most importantly, I'm so excited that you're finally moving here",as he rattled me a bit to show his excitement of my arrival.

"Yeah, It really feels like home", as I reply back with a grin. He clung to one of my arms while jolly walking to the exit.

"Oh totally and I'm happy that my bestie is here, I'll tour you to the ends of South Korea", as we were nearing to the exit and knowing Joonwoo with his words is a thirty percent 'he will do it' type of situation. So I just rolled my eyes and replied back. He, as I said, is a lazy person most of his free time.

"That would be tiring for someone like you", as I was satisfied with it and saw his pout that made me chuckle a bit.

"Oh shut up", as he sassed back but knowing his seriousness, I don't mind touring with him.

"To be honest, I would love too", as I ruffled his hair and that brought back that smile.

"You better be", as he slightly threatened me with a hint of glaring.

"Will do Joon but before that, I'm exhausted from the flight and I need also to exhaust some fluids",as his face change to disgust with my statement and I just giggle back. We're on the part of the airport that can hail a cab. We got one and proceeded to enter. Joonwoo helped me enter the bags on the trunk and after that, we enter to the cab.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Noona agreed that you occupy the extra room we had, my parents used it but eomma liked Daegu more than Seoul so it's always empty and I already decided that you're gonna be my near roommate", as I was overwhelmed on it. Joonwoo helped me a lot even just barely stepping foot on this country.

"I can't thank you enough Joon, you've been a big help for me, no worries, I'll help with the chores and as soon as I got a job. I'll be contributing also with the finances", as I grabbed his hands and look in his eyes with seriousness and he just smile, pulled me into a hug.

"Yeah? When you become millionaire, don't forget to pay me back, fifty percent", as I just chuckle and just nuzzle to him. Joonwoo is an angel in disguise.

"Ughhhh, enough of this sentimental crap, you know I'm a emotional bish",as we laugh so I release first and replied a 'thank you'.

"Haha, I'm glad I could help and don't worry I have already a job for you", as he spoke, the driver asked back to clarify where we can stop. He said that we are close to the destination. I look at the streets outside of the window. It's a different feeling looking at the people. Contentment at most, yet I still can't leave what I've been before. All I can hope is that I can bear the consequences coming but for now let's focus of today as we turn it into a good memory.

"This is a new chapter of my life and it will be good I think", as I told myself and let out a sigh. The cab halted and we arrived to our destination.
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