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One Night


Megan Done
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Chapter 1: The Night

I just got invited to this new site so I'm pretty excited to share my stories with more people. Hope you enjoy this story!

One Night

Summary: It was probably the best night of her entire life, but who knew a one night stand could turn her life upside down in so many ways.

AU: Set in the modern world.

Ages: (i have played with the ages just because it was necessary)

Sasuke 24

Sakura: 21

Naruto: 23


Hinata: 23

Neji: 24

Shikamaru: 23

Rating: M

this is placed at the M rating for sensual situations, as well as possible mild language, and sexual connotations.

Disclaimer: DNON only the story line!!!

Enjoy the first chapter. (mild lime in the italics, if you want to skip it just jump down to the line in separating the italics)

Chapter 1


His strong, calloused, yet soft, hands danced over the skin beneath him, as a small sensual moan was let out of the female. The hands explored every inch of the smooth silky skin as he spread his fingers of the taught area of the females stomach, before traveling southwards to run them over the length of her thighs, making another moan escape the female.

The man groaned quietly when the females hands began to tighten in his hair as his mouth did wonders with her breasts. Her back arched against him as her body pleaded for more of the deliverances he was giving her. Her hands left his hair to run down his bare back feeling his muscles as they held him above her, before she dragged them back up, nails leaving behind little red lines.

Their soft pants and groans filled the room where they were located at. The bed sheets dragged against the bed and their skin, as they continued on. There were breathy gasps from the female as the male continued his ministrations against her skin and body.

Her hands reached for his head and drew it down for a hard kiss, which the male began to dominate, before he swiftly entered her, making her arch into him and letting out a gasping scream. She was no virgin, and the man immediately began to enter her again and again. His mouth trailed down her jaw and then her neck leaving small bite marks in his wake as he went down towards the collarbone. She felt wonderful and he was sure that no other woman that he had ever slept with had felt this good.

He began to feel her meeting him halfway and that only encouraged his pace to increase and become rougher, which by the way she was reacting she really didn't mind, and within her moans begged him for more, which he gladly complied with. Forgetting about kissing her he continued to drive into her, faster and harder than before, and he felt her nails dig into his shoulder blades as she held onto him, as someone would a lifeline.

He grunted as he felt himself release, after she had come for him. He felt extremely satisfied and was glad for the first time that night that he had gone to that ridiculous party. He let himself fall onto the female underneath him. Feeling her groan from his weight he pulled himself out of her and rolled to the side of her, breath still labored. She really had been good, and maybe part of that was also the alcohol he had drunk as well.

Turning his head to the side to get a look at the woman he had just done it with, his sight was blurry, he guessed from the alcohol, yet also the release of what he had just done as well. He couldn't make out her features clearly, but he could tell that he hair was a unique color, he just couldn't place it.

After a few minutes he began to feel the headache that was coming from the alcohol, his hangover was beginning, probably coming quicker from his activities. Placing a hand over his eyes he turned himself so he was on his back, and just laid there, not really taking any more interest in the woman beside him.

The woman beside him was also recovering from the previous event. She had dragged the sheets up and over her exposed body and was getting her breath in check, after the man had rolled off of her. She knew that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do something like this after having a tiny bit too much to drink. She would blame her friend later, for making her drink too much.

Hearing a small groan come from beside her, she looked over at the man. He was gorgeous to say the least, even in the dark. If she had to place this night on the list of best one night stands, it would definitely be placed number one. This man was an incredible lover, even if it was for only one night. Knowing that the room was probably his hotel suite, she glanced at him one final time to notice he was asleep.

Letting the sheets go, she pushed them off of her as she began to scrounge through the dark to find her clothes that had been unceremoniously discarded through their encounter. Finding every piece of material, she began to quickly yet quietly dress herself. First sliding the panties back up her legs, and than hooking her bra in the back, before sliding into the tiny black dress and doing up the zipper in the back.

Finding her purse, she went into the bathroom, and finger brushed her hair for a moment and touched up her make-up, making it look like she just hadn't had a roll in the hay, before spraying a little perfume on her wrists and neck, trying to cover up part of the stench that she was sure that was plastered to her skin. Leaving the bathroom, she took one last glance at the man before slipping out of the room and leaving the hotel to go back to her own apartment, that she shared with a friend.


The snapping of fingers in front of her face brought her back out of a reverie of the night only two weeks prior. Looking up she saw the concerned face of her blond friends and roommate, Yamanaka Ino. The blond girl was looking at the pink haired girl with concern. It wasn't the first time the blond had snapped the pinkette out of la la land since the night two weeks prior.

The blond could remember it clearly once her friend had come home from where ever she had been. They had gone to a fancy party that Ino's boyfriend had been invited too and Ino had dragged Sakura with them, telling the pinkette that she needed to get out of her little hole called studies, and to have some fun with them. The pink haired woman had been adamant that she wasn't going to go, but when she had gotten a scary glare from her friend she had changed her mind, and had gone, getting herself semi-drunk in the process.

Ino had dragged Sakura to the party and what was supposed to be a fun night of having a few drinks, having Sakura dance with some good looking guys had turned into Sakura disappearing at some point in time only to appear back at their apartment at four in the morning, looking like she was ready to cry her eyes out.

Ino had immediately sensed something was going on and had led her friend into the apartment and settled her on the couch and getting a few tissues her friend burst like a dam, and told her blond friend everything from having a few drinks and dancing with a few guys to finding herself making out with a man before they had left to go to his room at the hotel where the party was held at.

Ino looked at the pink haired girl with more concern, than before. This wasn't the first time she had caught the girl dreaming of something and she was sure that something was probably the man she had been with. She had tried to console her friend and tried to remind Sakura that it wasn't very likely that the two would ever meet again and that she shouldn't put all of her eggs in a basket for the man.

Sakura had tried to take Ino's advice and not play wanton with the man, but there was just something about him that she was attracted too. But it was just a one night stand and Sakura knew that. They hadn't even given their names to each other, before the clothes went flying and clearly not afterwords. Sakura pushed her books away from her hand elbows on knees, she cradled her head in her hands, desperately wanting to get that man out of her head.


If the pen was a living, breathing thing, it would probably be yelling at the man that was fiddling with it. The raven haired man was playing with the pen as he looked at the several documents that were spread out before him. His family ran the Kyoto Police Department, and instead of being in the field, like his brother was, he was the one that handled the paperwork and the press.

He didn't mind the paperwork, he actually rather preferred it to working with a gun in the field. He had done that job once or twice a year or two before and had found a disliking to the whole thing of cops and robbers, as his blond companion put it. But an opinion from him didn't count for much when he was obsessed with the different brands and flavors of ramen.

Letting the pen fall to the desk he leaned back in the leather chair and thought of the night he had had only two weeks before. He had to admit that he had to thank his brother for making him go to that ridiculous party, and the party wasn't even the best part, it was getting a little inebriated and then making hot sex with a complete stranger. He had admit it wasn't wild in the beginning, but it was steamy to him and he liked it that way, not to mention the woman was a little minx when she had wanted to be.

He could remember waking up with no exotic haired female in sight, and a part of him was glad that she wasn't there. It would have caused an ugly scene in the morning, but another part was disappointed that she wasn't curled up against him, and wanting more in the morning, after all morning sex was great.

Picking the pen back up he began to go through the papers and sign what needed to be signed and then went through the papers that had to be revised, and then after scratching lines out, he sent them back to his secretary for revision and correction.

Letting the pen drop again, he turned his chair to face out the large windows that he had uncovered from their blinds. He looked over the vast city of Kyoto. He liked the size of the city. It was large but not as large as Tokyo, which he was grateful for. Maybe there would be a chance of finding that exotic minx again.

After that night he had looked through all the guests pictures that had been invited but to no avail, there was not a one that had an exotic hair color, like that of the girl he had slept with. Knowing that someone else had brought her to the party half riled his blood up, but then knowing that she left with him, it calmed right back down again.

"Thinking about her again." It wasn't a question, but Sasuke turned around to face his brother who was leaning against the door frame.

"Aa." he replied, though he didn't really want to.

"There's a good chance you will never see her again." Itachi commented, stepping forward into the room and closing the door, ignoring the now sleeping blond on the couch, and settled himself in a char adjacent from Sasuke's. "You know that don't you?" Itachi asked cocking his head to the side.

"Aa." Sasuke said a little miffed. He knew his brother was trying to either get him mad or make him feel pitiful about himself.

"Well then, get over the girl and move on." Itachi stood up from the chair and began to walk back out the door. "by the way, mom wants us both at the house for dinner", and Sasuke only nodded watching his brother leave the office.


"Let's go out tonight." Ino called from where she was in the bathroom the two girls shared in their apartment. It was a small apartment, with two bedrooms yet only one bathroom, though it was a good thing that they both had their own separate closets or else Sakura knew her side would be overrun by the blond. There was also a small kitchen with a four seat table and then a living room.

"Where would we go?" the pinkette asked back weakly from her laying position on the couch. "and besides the last time you said we should go out, we went to Shikamaru's job party and I had one of the best nights of my measly life and can't get the man out of my head." she finished the last sentence off with a moan.

"That was your fault deary. I only said we go to the party, not for you to go off and have sex with some random stranger that would make you lose your mind!" the blond girl yipped from the bathroom. "Now, we need to go somewhere, er, well at least you do."

"But where Ino?" The girl moaned into a pillow that was now covering her face.

"I don't know! I'm trying to think. "How about that club we hit a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure a few good looking guys would get your mind off the other one that is currently occupying that massive head of yours." the blond laughed at the end, ducking back into the bathroom when a pillow was thrown at her face.

"Fine, but what am I going to wear now?" Sakura mumbled looking up at the white washed ceiling.

"Oh, I'll help you with that." the blond again giggled from the bathroom and that was the final words Ino had said before dragging the pinkette into her bedroom to find an outfit for the girl to wear that night.

Two hours later Sakura found herself in a very crowded club, swinging her hips to the music playing, wearing slim jeans and a pastel green sliding halter shirt. She caught a glimpse of Ino only a few feet away with an attractive brunette. The two were suggestively grinding on each other, but Sakura knew that to Ino it really meant nothing, the girl was loyal to a tee to Shikamaru. Feeling a man come up behind her, and a hand come around her waist Sakura gently moved back into the front of the man that had come up to her. She could feel as he bent down to whisper in her ear.

"Hey, I'm Saichi." he whispered in her drawing her closer back to him, which Sakura allowed him to do. She wasn't attached to anyone and maybe dancing with this guy would make her forget about the raven haired man that was invading her thoughts at almost every waking minute.

"Sakura." she told him back, tipping her head backwards to tell him. She could practically feel him smile as he started to grind into her, which she returned.

It felt good to dance with this man and completely forget about the man she had spent the night with only a few weeks before. The music kept going and the two kept dancing, Sakura getting glances from Ino every once in a while to tell the pinkette to have some fun. For a song the music died down a little bit and the couples on the floor slow danced, but as soon as it was over, the music was up again and the grinding started again.

Sakura and Seichi were still dancing together. This time front to front. Sakura had wound her hands around Seichi and got a look at the dark haired male she was dancing with and for a moment she could have sworn the same man that had been in her mind was before her, but with another blink of the eyes he was gone, and it was just the man she had been dancing with for the night, and Sakura cursed herself. Even dancing with a complete stranger who was not the man from two weeks ago, the man still haunted her.

Few Hours Earlier

Sasuke pulled his car up to the front of his parents house. It was in a gated community a few minutes outside the bustling city of Kyoto. Cutting the engine to the sports car he exited, and locked it as he made his way up to the front door. Disregarding the door bell he opened the door and stepped inside the high ceiling foyer. Shrugging his jacket off he placed it on the coat rack and proceeded to walk deeper into the house as he rolled the sleeves up on his crisp white shirt, that already had its tie loosened.

Hearing voices come from the living room he proceeded to head in that direction undoing the first few buttons of his shirt as well, before stepping into the room that held his father and brother. He was sure his mother was in the kitchen. She liked cooking for her family and refused to have maids do the cooking, they only cleaned her house once a week.

The two other men acknowledged Sauske once he walked into the room with sharp hellos and nods of the heads. He took his own seat in a single chair directly opposite of that of his brother and father. He quickly joined in the conversation when it came to the topic of the Police Department. It was to Sasuke's pleasure when he told his father that the station might need to open another wing to accommodate the growing forensics department.

When the dinner was ready, their mother appeared and after giving a short hug to him, as well as Itachi, she ushered them towards the dining hall where the evening progressed with further talks of the forensics department as well as other topics once Mikoto decided she had had enough of talk of the Department. The night for them progressed easily with Sasuke having no thoughts of the pink haired woman.

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