Lover of Mine


Alison never thought she would fall in love with someone so deeply. Until she met Calum Hood, the love of her life

Romance / Drama
A ♡
Age Rating:

Meeting You

Alison's POV
I always wondered what it would be like to truly be in love with someone. Seeing the people walk by, their fingers intertwined. Bodies close to one another as they look into each others eyes and fall in love without saying a word. I don't think I've ever felt love for anyone. There were moments when I did think I was in love with them, but it turns out it wasn't really love. It was just the image I had created of them that I had fallen in love with.
"Alison?" I turned to come face to face with my best friend, Ashton. "Hey" I said softly as he embraced me. "There is going to be a party tonight at Vivian's place, Want to go?" He asked as he stood beside me, gently placing one foot over the other as he leaned his elbow against the rail. His eyes focused on mine as he waited for me to answer. "Okay but on one condition, You can't leave my side" I said with a soft smile on my lips. He chuckled softly, his dimples making an appearance. "Maybe" He said as he laughed this time. I rolled my eyes and laughed softly. "Come one Alison, you can't blame me. What if I find the love of my life at that party?" He said as I bit my lip softly. He was right, it is possible for someone to meet their true love at a simple college party. "Besides, maybe you will find the love of your life there too" He said as I chuckled. "Sure, cause that usually happens to me Ashton" I could not imagine myself meeting the love of my life there.
"Well I'll pick you up at 8" He said as he placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and walked away. Ashton was never someone I fell in love with, he was like my brother. I loved him in a different kind of way. He was always there for me, but he eventually fell in love with me. I did not want to go though that whole process of dating to end up not talking to one another again. I'd rather stay friends and be together in that sense forever. So we decided to never go there again, only to be therefor one another to find our real true loves. I sighed softly and left the campus, getting into my car I drove home silently thinking to myself about the possibility of meeting my love. I laughed to myself and shook my head.

Arriving home I quickly got ready and waited for Ashton to pick me up. I looked around my empty apartment and sighed softly. Empty picture frames sat on my coffee table, frames I was saving for the right pictures. Other picture frames with pictures of my family and I or of Ashton and I sat on my nightstand and other tables in my apartment. I heard a knock at my door and stood up, opening the door to a smiling Ashton. "Are you ready pretty lady?" He asked as I laughed and nodded. "Yes I am" I said softly as the smile from his lips never faded. He lead me to his car, where I sat in the passenger seat. As he drove I kept my gaze outside of the car window. I could feel Ashton take small glances at me. "You will be fine" He said as I finally turned my attention to him. "I know, I will find him one day" I said as he smiled and parked the car. "We are here!"

He walked out of the car and opened the door for me. I walked out and stared at the front lawn. Everything was still clean and normal in the front, but eventually would be ruined by the numerous intoxicated people inside of the house. The base of the music moved the house a bit, drowning the voices of the people inside of the party. "Let's go" He said as I followed slowly behind him. Opening the front door he was greeted by the people who were dancing with one another. Some greeted with hugs, others greeted with small smiles and waves from afar. A boy with blonde hair and light blue eyes walked towards him. "Alison this is my friend Luke, he's the one I will be starting a band with" Ashton smiled as I shook Luke's hand. "Nice to meet you" I said as Luke flashed me a smile. "Nice to meet you too, I've heard so much about you" Luke chuckled a bit as he spoke. "Well I hope whatever Ashton has said was good things" I laughed a bit myself as I heard a small giggle leave Ashton's lips.

Luke showed us around, talking to other people along the way. Ashton pulled me aside and looked me in the eyes. "Well? What do you think about him?" I stared at Ashton for a bit. "You are seriously not trying to set me up with someone right now" I said as he sighed. "Come on Alison, you said it yourself. You want that kind of love that everyone else has" I shook my head. "I want to be able to feel it as soon as I meet him, look into his eyes and immediately know." He sighed once more. "And Luke didn't give you that feeling?" He asked as I shook my head. "I'm sorry no" He smiled softly. "It's alright, well keep looking" I shook my head. "Ashton no, let's just have fun for now and worry about love later" He nodded and walked back to where Luke was. I stood there for a moment, feeling hot from all of the sweaty dancing bodies around me. I pushed through the crowd as I walked upstairs and found an empty bedroom. I walked in and closed the door shut behind me. I sighed and saw a balcony. I walked towards it and let the wind hit my skin. Closing my eyes and enjoying the moment.

"Had to take a breather too?" A voice said, my eyes staying shut I smiled softly. "You have no idea" Opening my eyes to look at the voice I was met with big brown eyes. I froze a bit, hearing my heartbeat, his eyes looked deeply into mine. I cleared my throat.
"Sorry, Hi. My name is Alison. I didn't mean to intrude" I said as he flashed a small smile. He stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to me. My heart beat pace quickening. "You weren't intruding, I get how sometimes people need a break" I nodded as he stuck out his hand. "I'm Calum, it's nice to meet you" I placed my hand in his and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too Calum" We stood there for a moment before the door swung open, a girl with brunette hair walked in. Calum slowly pulled his hand away from mine as he looked at her. His expression changed drastically. "Brea, let's not do this right now" She walked up to him, her expression full of anger. She shifted her gaze from his to mine. "Who is this?" Her tone sounding disgusted. "I'm Alison, I just needed to get some fresh air. Now I will be leaving" I said as I began to walk towards the door. A hand grabbed my wrist as I turned to be met with her eyes again. "What do you want with my boyfriend?" She asked as she stared me down. I pulled my hand away as I stared back at her. "Nothing, now I suggest you stop being so possessive over him before you lose him" From the corner of my eye I could see a smile form on Calum's face. I walked away, hearing her yell at him for being near me.

All I could think about was him.
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