Thomas Sanders. A heartbroken comedian. Logan Croft. a man left at the altar. Patton Baker. A grieving Father. Janus Dean. An officer left to rot. Virgil Shay. A stupid teen. Roman and Remus Kingsley. Children of tragedy. What do they all have in common? A house

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New Beginnings

Thomas POV:

What am I going to do???? I wanted to cry from the frustration and Heartbreak I felt. Why did he do this? Why would he Cheat? And then he had the nerve to kick me out of my own apartment! Maybe this was all a long time coming. I should have seen the signs! The Goddamn signs! I sighed one more time and opened up my laptop, making sure the headphones were plugged in. I didn’t want to wake up Joan or Talyn. They were already nice enough with letting me crash on their couch while I got back on my feet. Not knowing where to start I just typed ‘Cheap Houses Near me’ into the search bar and clicked enter. Immediately I saw a beautiful, charming house. Complete with a garden and a wrap around porch, I was in love. Maybe it’s too soon for that… I immediately clicked on the link, also preparing myself for the chance I might not be able to afford it. To my surprise, it was exactly on my budget I immediately replied I was interested. It was strange that I was the first reply though, This add was posted over a month ago. Well whatever… I’m not going to worry about it too much. If I do then I know I’m going to drive myself crazy. I’ll just lay my head down on the pillow, take a deep breath, and………...

Unknown POV:

All that was heard throughout the small apartment were snores at that point. Every occupant asleep. Meanwhile, A couple miles away there was a lovely cottage, with a gorgeous garden and a wraparound porch, and it was teeming with life. It’s occupants tending to their business, a small blue eyed man tending to the garden, the two strikingly similar boys sword fighting in the back yard with a teacher and soldier watching. The young professor tending to the soldiers burns the best he could, as he had done for the past hundred years or so, and a dark hooded man lurking in the shadows muttering words of warning to the youngest, but also somehow oldest occupants of the home, as they play fought like they had so many years ago, when the small home had been a striking manor, before crumbling in the independence war. Little did these tormented souls know that all of their lives would change, perhaps forever. After all… How long really is forever when your dead?

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