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Twisted Fate


Just a tragic store about a girl who fell in love with the devil

Romance / Horror
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Pizza Delivery Girl

I WAS AWAKEN by an ice-cold breeze causing the hairs on my skin to stand on ends. My head pounding intensely as the memories before I passed out came back to me. I was on my way to work the night shift at the local diner when I was approached from behind and dragged to an ally. I struggled as hard as I could to break from my attacker’s arms when I suddenly felt a sharp pain on the back of my neck causing me to blackout cold.

I tried moving to level out my head when I felt a firm grip on my waist and behind my ankle, holding me in place.

“I wouldn’t move so much,” a deep voice whispered into my ear causing chills to creep up my spine. I lifted my head to greet the side of a beautiful boy’s face. He was facing forward but I could still see a smirk forming on his face. From the corner of my eye, I noticed the illuminating light of the moon that brought pain to my eyes and made me quickly turn away. Looking down, I noticed I was staring at the top of many trees and I was nowhere near close to the ground. Panic took over me as I tried to register what was going on.

Okay, I’ve been kidnapped and I am now flying over a forest. Not sure what kind of a twisted fairy tale this is...

"Hey! Stop wiggling,” the mystery boy said harshly as he tightens his grip and holding me closer to his body. “If I drop you, it’d be a waste of my night.”

I quickly wrapped my arms around my neck and closed my eyes shut. This is impossible, there is no way we are flying without a plane. This is completely unnormal. I peeked over his shoulder to see a pair of birdlike pitch-black wings emerging from his back. I felt the pain in my head coming back as looked at them and debating if they were real or a hallucination. Upon landing, we reached an abandoned cottage that was deep within the woods. It looked like the type of cottage that serial killers and rapist take their victims to torment and butcher them.

The winged boy’s feet greeted the ground softly and proceeded to carry me towards the cottage. He kicked down the door only to reveal a pitch-black room causing my heart to beat out of my chest uncontrollably.

This is it. This is where I die. I will be raped, murdered and forgotten here. I lived up to nineteen years and this is where it all ends. Goodbye mom, dad, Jason, Jungkook, and Jimin. I love you guys.

Suddenly the room lite up to reveal a nicely decorated living room that seemed way to nice for what it looked like on the outside. Placing me down in a nearby black leather chair, he took off his matching leather jacket and turned to give me a grilling look that caused me to halt in my movement.

“Don’t move,” he said grabbing hold of my chin and tilting my head so I met his intense gaze. “I’ll go get you something to drink and order you some food. But if you try to disobey me, I’ll kill you in a heartbeat. Understand?”

Scared I quickly nod earning a smirk as he rubbed his thumb against my chin before vanishing into what I assumed was the kitchen. I began trembling in my seat as I thought of what he was planning to do with me. Or better yet, what type of being was he. It was like he came out of a horror movie, like if Jeepers Creepers had an attractive long distant cousin. Whatever he was, it only made my skin crawl at the thought of what he had in store for me.

The sound of footsteps entering the room causing me to spring forward in my seat as he approached me with a clear glass of water in one hand while the other held a phone up to his ear. He handed me the glass, which I snatched and quickly chugged without hesitation as he spoke into the phone.

“I’d like one medium pepperoni pizza and one sausage. NO onions,” he spoke as he watched me intensely. His eyes slowly took in every inch of me while grazing his tongue against his bottom lip and making me feel extremely uncomfortable. That's when I remembered, I was still wearing my diner uniform. A black mini skirt, that revealed my thighs and a now slightly unbuttoned light blue button-up shirt that hugged tightly around my breast. I quickly tired to cover my body which made him chuckle at me.

Once he finished ordering, he placed the phone on the coffee table across from me and proceeded to take a seat so he was at eye level with me. I quickly turned my gaze away from him, afraid to look him in the eyes. I felt his cold fingers run through my hair causing my breath to hault as I sat completely still. His touch continued down my cheek and stopped right on my neck.

“You’re healthy,” he whispered. His deep mellow voice made me shiver under his touch. I can tell he was enjoying it, making me feel vurnable, making me scared at the thought of what he would do to me next. His fingers continued down my neck and grazed against the top of my exposed breast. I could hear his tongue running against his lips once more as his finger tips brushed against it. “Yes, very healthy.”

Suddenly a knock was heard at the door, much to your relief. The winged boy groaned in annoyance as he got up to answer the door. I remained seated as I watched him open the door revealing a girl that looked about my age.

“Medium pepperoni pizza and a medium sausage pizza with no oni-” she stopped in midsentence as she looked up and met the eyes of my kidnapper. Her expression became flirtatious as she examined him from head to toe while biting her lip. I tried getting her attention, maybe she’ll be able to call help or distract him while I made a run for it. But no matter how hard I tried, her attention was stuck on the winged boy in front of her. And by the sounds of it, he was giving her what she wanted.

“Why don’t you come inside and hang out for a bit. A young girl like you deserves a break now and again,” he said welcoming her in while biting his lip. I rolled my eyes as I watched her stupidly walk in. She gasped at the sight of the house, her eyes wandering around until they landed on me.

“Oh, hello,” She greeted with a smile placing the pizzas on the coffee table. “Is this your sister?”

Before I could protest, the winged boy appeared behind the pizza girl and gave me a dark look and whispered ’speak and I’ll kill you and her.” I bite my tongue in silence as I watched him wrap his arms around her waist and whisper something into her ear. She giggled as he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her up the stairs to what I assumed was his bedroom.

I signed looking at the box of pizza sitting in front of me. My stomach growled as the scent hit my nose causing my mouth to water. No longer fighting the urge, I opened the pizza box and took a slice and began stuffing my face. I couldn’t remember when the last time I ate. As I took a bit out of my fourth piece of pizza, a moan was heard from upstairs which made me jump and almost drop it.

The sound of moans echoed around the house making me more and more uncomfortable as I had no choice but to sit through it. Suddenly the bedroom door was slammed open and the sound of rushing footsteps where heard. The pizza girl zoomed passed me, hair messy and she looked flushed from what I saw before flying out through the front door.

Confused, I continued eating the pizza when the winged boy appeared beside my chair. He glanced over at the pizza at the table and grabbed himself a piece, acting as if nothing happened. I guessed he noticed my confused expression, I looked up to see him raising an eyebrow while looking at me.

“What did you do to that girl,” I stupidly asked. A wide grin grew on his face as he threw the pizza back in the box and grabbed a hold of my hands. I was pulled from the chair and pressed closely towards his body. His eyes looking deeply into mine lustfully as he licked his lips.

“I could show you. I could show you better than telling you, princess.”

And at that moment, I was lifted off my feet and carried upstairs to the bedroom.

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