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The battle school


A younge hugely named ruby gets a huge case of plices and gets her powers to go to battle school she gets a rival named emras and two friends named soul Cather and another girl named shore

Humor / Fantasy
the enchanted
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(Chapter one)the HUGE case of plices

A girl about thirteen woke up to be coughing and her mother said,”hunny do you have plices?”she responded,”what’s that’s mom.”in a quiet voice trying not to wake her brother ruless “it’s a sickness that will end at 12:00 a.m tonight for your birthday and gain different powers,”she said”ok”a couple hours later they hopped in the car too the docters office.the docter said”she will gain every power instead of three her recolit in the heart.it seems to be giving her a bigger case of the plices just like the most powerful battler relisless.
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