Soul Society Magazine

By jae

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1: Soul Society Magazine

Disclaimer: Mature content. I do not own Bleach nor the cover pic.

“Every time you and I connect with each other a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn’t something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that’s when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, you heart wouldn’t exist, now would it? There’s no reason to worry. If you truly want to be here from the bottom of your heart, then your heart is definitely here. And if your heart is here, then… that’s “the reason for you to be here.”

-Tite Kubo

Renji rolled off the top of the petite girl as he was breathing heavily from his strong orgasm. He stared down at the exhausted girl as he reached for the night stand for the cigarettes and lighter. Holding the cigarette up to his lips, he inhaled the poison deep into his lungs before blowing out into the air above him. Using his elbows, he nudged the lifeless beauty breathing heavily from her body expensed from the pleasure he had given her.

“Aye, you want a hit Ruks?” Renji politely asked her before he took another drag himself. He watched her slender arms push up from the large bed that supported her naked body before leaning back against the wooden head board and carefully took the cigarette from him to inhale the satisfying taste, pulling up her sheets to cover her decent bosoms.

“I thought I told you to not smoke in my home Ren!” Rukia complained as she blew out the poison from her lungs. She heard a smooth chuckle from her boyfriend as he grabbed the cigarette from her hand and leant over to kiss those supple lips that satisfied him earlier before ruffling her silky raven hair that reached almost to her shoulders. She smiled sweetly up at her lover as she leaned onto his bared stomach and traced the delicious fine lines that made up his perfect abdomens, glancing at his tatted arm that reached up from his wrist to his shoulders. His long red hair was a little disheveled as it was all leaning to one side. He was the definition of perfection to her.

She loved him.

She loved how he protects her and especially the way he loved her back just as equally if not more. How he knew how to satisfy her emotionally and physically in every aspect that was possible to satisfy. How every time he ran his hand all over her bare body sends shivers up and down her spine. How he kisses and bites the nape of her neck letting her know that she is his and the only one that can make her scream the way she does when he is fucking her.

“Aren’t you starting your new job today Ruks?” Renji asked while putting his strong arm around her shoulder and using the other to put out the cigarette in the ash tray. He grinned as he stared at the ash tray Rukia always leave out for him despite her always yelling at him to not smoke in her apartment. Rukia yawned as she sat up and stretched out her back and arms allowing the sheet to fall revealing the small of her back to him. She looked over her shoulder lazily at the handsome red hair.

“Yes Ren, thank you so much for getting me the job! I am excited to work for ′Soul Society Magazine’ but as you know it’s not really my cup of tea as I hardly know anything about fashion… I am just hopeful to gain the experience of working so I can land my dream job in ′Sereitei Time Magazine’,” Rukia happily glanced up at her handsome model as she gushed about her thankfulness to him. Renji has always been around since she was younger, as they known each other since they were kids. They first met on the playground and ever since been best friends. She had watched Renji grow into a handsome man that became one of the hottest models to date which all stem from Soul Society- the hottest and most popular magazine in the world. Due to his fame, Renji kept their relationship a secret as he did not want her to be overwhelm with the media and paparazzi as he had to deal with them on a daily bases.

“You said the owner is one of the most famous photographers in Sereitei?” Rukia had heard a little bit about the magazine but not enough for her to get through her first day without being completely incompetent.

“He is a fucking prick as I warn you but if you insist on being his assistant, don’t say I didn’t warn you about him,” He yawned as he got up from the bed. “Just hold your tongue back because I know you Ruks, you like to fight back if someone is not treating you right.” Renji glanced at her while giving her one of those lopsided grins, “Don’t get fired on your first day.”

Rukia watched him winced as she threw the first soft thing she can find right at him. “It will look good on my resume Ren since I don’t have any experience at all fresh from college. You know I will try my best not to be a bitch; he can’t be that bad as you make him seem anyways as who can be more of a prick than you?”

Letting out a laugh she winked at her boyfriend, “I am going to shower and leave in about an hour or so. Are you going to go home and shower or stay here?” She asked her boyfriend as she got up from the bed to grab her bathrobe to cover her nude body, sensing Renji’s eyes on her the whole time which made her even more confident of her petite frame. Rukia has always been self conscious about her looks as she was never the pretty one, she was decent but not like the type a famous male model will date. The male models she had seen always had gorgeous and tall women on their arms, sometimes she wonder if Renji would ever leave her for someone better but the way he makes her feel… she feels so beautiful with him.

“Naw, I am just going to go home and shower. I have to work late tonight so don’t expect a phone call from me Ruks,” He casually said pulling up his black jeans over his red briefs. Rukia gave him a pout pushing out her lips before going over and giving him a chaste kiss before he could slip his head through the hole of his fitted shirt.

“Just lock the door on the way out,” She smiled up at him as she gave him another peck on his lips. She stared lovingly in his eyes as she was sad to see him leave as he has been busy lately so she had not been able to see him as much as she would have liked to.

“I love you Ren…”

“I love you too Ruks,” He smiled down at her brushing the fringe out from her face before heading out of her bedroom door.

Rukia rushed out of the taxi to one of the most gorgeous and tallest buildings in Sereitei that she has ever scene, just everything about her new company building was posh and modern yet so intimidating. The city was one of the busiest and one of the hottest fashion cities in their time as the media put it when she looked it up previously while researching a bit aboiut fashion and the history of it. Rukia was mesmorized as she stared up at the tall building with large sophisticated bold letters that read ′Soul Society Magazine’. She eagerly pushed through the revolving gold doors to approach a man who seems to be waiting for her as he was standing in the bustling foyer, eyeing her

Rukia observed the man watching at her. The man’s hair was as immaculate as it looked so soft, a light shade of black but could be mistaken of a very dark blue depends on how the light hit his head. Everything of his hair style was pristine and in place as it ran down to the mid of his neck. His thin squared framless lens was perfect for his slightly pointed chin. The man clothing style definitely matched his hair as he was wearing dark blue designer jeans and a tight fitted white t-shirt with a white sleeveless hooded vest over the top. His pale arms crossed as he saw her approached, everything about this man seems immaculate- very Soul Society she noted.

“You the new hire I assumed?” The man asked as he bluntly took a glance at her from head to toe.

Rukia nodded her head as she stared at the pale index finger pushing up his glasses while he casually observed her, as if he was grading her already on her appearence. The man sighed and gave a small frown as he stared at the petite girl wearing her hair up in a severe elegant bun, fitting dark violet blouse, and black pencil skirt with matching black heels. Rukia became very uncomfortable as she looked down at herself as well and didn’t seen anything wrong with her appearance as she thought she looked very professional especially for an assistant.

Maybe my clothes are too simple… Renji does buy me a lot of designer clothes but I haven’t worn any of them. Maybe I should give it a try?

“Welcome to Soul Society Magazine. My name is Ishida Uryu, and you are?” He was now making eye contact with her.

“Kuchiki Rukia,” She replied at once, for some reason he seems like an impatient man. Her insides were turning as if she wonders if everyone that worked in the magazine was so uptight or awful like her boss was supposed to be.

“Tell me, do you happen to know much about Soul Society?“Uryu asked with a hint of doubt as he continued to have his arms crossed before her, such an intimidating man.

“I am a huge fan of the magazine (lie)…I majored in journalism and English at a well known university and graduated with one of the highest marks,” Rukia was very proud of her accomplishments and she wasn’t one to slack when it comes to work, if anything she was hoping her outstanding achievements will overlook the lack of knowledge when it comes to the fashion industry. The fresh 22 year old just graduated from college with a double major degree with outstanding grades. She was blessed to be able to have a connection to be able to work in Sereitei as most don’t take applications that have no experience even with the outstanding marks.

“I don’t know if that will be sufficient enough even if you have high remarks with no background in fashion especially with such a very highly prestigious magazine,” He remarked as he started to lead her to the gold elevators and inside. “You have a job that many want but don’t get since so many are fighting for it with the highest credentials, even higher than your own.” He pushed the elevator button for the top floor. ”He normally isn’t in this office as he liked to be in his photograph studio outside the city … although he doesn’t photographs anymore. He is usually here during the last week of the month finalizing the edition before it goes out to the press,” He informed her as he followed the light from it switching the floor count. “That is why you are here. You will be doing any errands that he wants and assist him in the office here while he is away.”

“Why doesn’t he photographs anymore?” Rukia asked Uryu curiously. That’s strange especially since he seems to be known for his works in photography.

He let out another sigh to her question, “I am not at liberty to say unfortunately, but please do not ask him Ms. Kuchiki.” Rukia didn’t pursue further with the question as she took his sighing that he may be getting annoyed with her.

The elevator doors opened and Rukia widen her eyes in awe at the busy and hectic place. The top floor was completely modern and chic, everything oozes fashion that she couldn’t believe the amount of cost and time it was put in to make the floor so well put together. The furniture, decorations, and even the people, the colors- everything was so modern and trendy. People were hustling about the office as they roamed about in urgency as if everything they do was important and needed to be rushed. She watched a woman pushed a rack of clothing by with the most expensive brands that made her jaw drop as she was sure even one article of clothing had to be worth more than her rent. Glitter, frills, ribbons, laces- every piece of design and fabric she could imagine and she just only memorized the terminology from when Renji described her clothing he had given her.

“Good Morning Mr. Ishida!” A pretty and rather small girl with her hair up in an elegant bun like Rukia’s smiled at Uryu behind a black wooded desk- she must be the receptionist as the desk was in front closes to the doors they had just entered. The receptionist noticed Rukia standing behind Uryu as shegave her a small nod and smile which Rukia returned.

“Morning Ms. Hinamori, this is the new hire to our company- Ms. Kuchiki Rukia,” He motioned over to Rukia before returning his head to her, “This is Hinamori Momo. She is the receptionist here so you may contact her if you need anything if I am not around; she has been with us for couple of years now.”

“It feels so much shorter! Welcome to the company Rukia!” Momo gave a warm smile that could light up any room. Rukia could feel her becoming friends with her which she wouldn’t mind as she didn’t have many female friends.

“Thank you Momo, I will do my very best for Soul Society!” Rukia stated confidently. Uryu cleared his throat at her.

“Come this way Ms. Kuchiki.”

“Yes Mr. Ishida,” Rukia complied as she waved goodbye to Momo and quickly clicked her heels behind Uryu. They walked down a wide hallway that was decorated tastefully with black scribbling from famous people regarding about the company, as she peered closer she noticed it was actually written on the wall with thick black markers. Some were thanking for being featured while others were drawings and attractive colored graffiti. This office was becoming more and more surprising to her as she stared in awe, memorized by the beautiful calligraphy. Her heart swelled as she got very excited to be starting in such a famous place and couldn’t wait to gain her experience to work at her dream job.

“This is my office,” Uryu said as they stopped in front of a large door with his name on the gold plate. “I am the Vice President of Soul Society so you are welcomed to come by if you ever need me since I know Mr. Kurosaki can get a bit overwhelming.” He waited for Rukia to nod, “I normally don’t get involved with new hires but when it comes to Kurosaki I will need to personally be involved as he is rather… difficult to work with but let it be known that if you want to continue elsewhere in the future, I would listen to him as he is one- no the best at what he does.”

They finally reached the large French doors at the end of the tasteful hallway. The violets glanced at the gold writing across the top door frame.

Kurosaki Ichigo

Uryu turned to the petite girl once more before proceeding to knock on the door, “Ichigo can be hard to work with so please just listen to any of his demands since he is one of the best and knows what he is doing. That is why he is where he is the President; he started Soul Society from the ground up.” She nodded as she took in the information given to her. The nerves started to form in the pit of her stomach, trying to push its way out and overcome her. She did her best to calm herself as she wanted to keep the confident charade prior to meeting her boss.

He crossed his arms while sternly looking at her, “You got here through connections which Mr. Kurosaki hates. He must not know you have a relationship with one of his most famous models especially one he isn’t terribly fond of or you will be out the door since you clearly didn’t go through the strenuous interviews like you should have. I got you in here since I owe Mr. Abarai one. I just want to be very clear that no one must know about your relationship. Please try your best at least even though you have no background in fashion.”

Rukia face paled as her shock and nervousness has taken over.

Uryu let out a soft chuckle, “What you think you can fool me by saying you is a fan of the magazine Ms. Kuchiki?” His chuckling stopped when he eyed her attire once more causing her to gulp slightly. Uryu turned and knocked on the door a few times before a voice called out to them from behind.

“Let yourself in.”

Uryu opened one of the doors to an extremely large office with the back glass wall overlooking the beautiful city, the side walls had large windows as well but not made up completely glass like the one wall she first noticed. The office decorated just as stylishly as everything she has seen prior, very modern and beautiful yet a complete disaster with photographs and magazine pages hanging about the walls with different markings and scribbles on every single one of them. There was a tall vintage bookcase that was filled neatly with books and magazine, but had scattered papers with similar markings strewn over it overshadowing the handsome guise it gave. There was a large single dark wooden desk in the center towards the glass wall that she wondered if he had ever done any work there as it was completely disheveled and looked far worst than any other part of the room. The large comfortable and posture-pedic office chair even had files thrown onto the seat. She slightly shook her head in disbelief that such a beautiful office could look sour to the eyes from the mess that was caused.

The large violets shifted over to the prominent orange hair man hunched over a slightly tall brown coffee table with photographs laid out across the top. He had a black marker in hand as he concentrated hard on the photographs set before him with the marker’s cap in between his teeth. Ichigo didn’t even notice them even though he allowed them to enter until Uryu cleared his throat grabbing his attention.

Ichigo looked up at Uryu and stood up tall from one of the chic white sofa with an annoyed scowl on his face, must be from the interruption. His amber colored eyes shifted from Uryu’s to Rukia’s which caught her breath as she could feel her cheeks flushing slightly red. Rukia confirmed the sayings people had said about this famous photographer- Kurosaki Ichigo was a very very sexy man. It pained her to admit, she has never seen such a sexy man in her life and Renji wasn’t even close even though he was very good looking.

Ichigo had to be more stylish as he was the president she had concluded as his dark designer jeans were slightly faded and ripped but fitted with black combat boots, which she wondered how his butt looked in the jeans. A black tight fitted t-shirt with a v-neck cutoff showed her that he has to be working out as his muscles were very toned yet not bulging, just the perfect amount for her liking. His stomach, she was interested to see if his abdomen was just as toned as Renji or even more toned. Ichigo must like dark colors as his watch was a large white face and black leather band. His face showed he was younger but must be several years older than her to be owning a company but not older than 30, maybe close to. The chiseled jaw with no stubble as he was clean shaven, the ambers of his eyes were dark and very serious- actually his face was contorted into a scowl which she is guessing must be somewhat permanent as she hadn’t seen his face change which gives him such an intimidating and powerful look. The best feature he has was his hair as it must be his signature that he was known for as it was a vibrant shade of orange. Not too short yet not too long, the ends were softly spiked forward framing his forehead and slightly messy. Orange was a very strange color for her but it was so damn good looking on her boss especially when it is so tousled as it is now. He must be good in-

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

Rukia jumped and was taken aback by the rather rude question that came out of her boss’s mouth. Yes she was staring and was embarrassed by it but he didn’t have to be so rude about it. Before she could open her mouth to let him know, Uryu stepped forward and intervene as he sensed her hostile composure.

“Kurosaki, this is your new assistant. Her name is-”

“Whatever Uryu, I don’t have fucking time to go through the introductions as the deadline is coming,” He turned to the raven haired girl. ”You, midget come over here,” Ichigo turned away from her and rested his hands on the table, holding himself up as he stared back down at the photographs.

Rukia constricted her eyes and held her breath at the term ‘midget’. How dare he call her a name referring to her height when she wasn’t even that short! Rukia was very short when she was younger but thankfully she had grown taller and was not about average. Sure she wasn’t model height but she was a good 5′5" so why was he calling her a midget, with heals it could give her an extra 2 inches? Ichigo again broke her thoughts with his insufferable attitude.

“Did you not fucking hear me? Are you that daft? Get the fuck over here!” Ichigo repeated himself in annoyance as he returned his glance over to the photographs again. The vein was popping out of her forehead as she cracked her neck and tightened her fist in complete and utter annoyance at the lack of respect her boss had said to her and she hasn’t even spoken to him yet!

Uryu whispered in her ear, ”Good luck!” He quickly headed out before shutting the door behind him, leaving her completely alone with this major prick. She tightened her fist digging her nails into her palms as she stepped forward to her boss.

“Yes, Mr. Kurosaki?” Rukia tried to stabilize her voice and sound as polite and pleasant as possible, after all- it is her first day.

Ichigo used the same thick black marker to point down at on of the photographs that was lying on the table before them.

“Tell me midget, do you know what is wrong with this photograph?” He questioned her as he eyed the confused violet irises of hers, she turned and look down at the photograph that he was pointing at.

Rukia stared at the photography intensely trying to figure out if this was a trick question or not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the photograph. Must be a trick question.

The model was a beautiful auburn hair girl with a bountiful large chest- very large in fact. The model was leaning against the white wall with her arm up over her forehead, fingers dangling lazily while her face was shifted as she was staring sideways at the camera with her hair long hair down and slightly disheveled. She had a seductive look on her face as she was wearing blue shorts with one leg propped bent on the wall and an orange shirt that her free hand was lifting the hem of the shirt up to only the extent of revealing her tone abs in a provocative yet sexy manner.

“Ummmmmmm…” Rukia was completely puzzled and hated when she didn’t know the answer to a question. She knew she sounded completely dumb as the only words she can muster out was ‘um’.

Ichigo grimace with a frustrated groan as he threw the marker down onto the photograph they were looking at, “They hired an incompetent idiot to be my personal assistant who can’t even answer a basic question.”

Rukia face flushed several shades of red as she took the insult and continued to listen to him. “Do you not see her face and body language? She is trying to look seductive but failed miserably. The model has no fucking relationship with the camera or photographer as if she was a complete amateur.”

Rukia was taken aback as he was talking so rudely about the model as if he had a personal vendetta with the beautiful woman. The way his ambers darkened and the thrusts he made with his hand towards the photograph, he was really passionate about his magazine.

Ichigo ran his hand through his tousled hair which told her that he doesn’t gel his hair, it was naturally like that, “To be a photographer you need to learn to direct and to form that relationship with the model even if it’s for a few hours. If you can grasp that concept then you can do anything with your camera as you don’t need any of that fancy bull shit.” He picked up the photograph and tore it in half before throwing it onto the floor behind him.

“Go and get Ayasegawa Yumichika in here now,” Ichigo commanded as he continued to stare at the other photographs on the table moving his black marker among them.

Rukia hesitated as she trying to figure out the name, “Who is-?”

“I don’t have time for you stupid questions! Just go fucking get Yumichika in here!” Ichigo growled without looking at her.

Rukia let out a small shriek and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind her. Her cheeks were red as she at the door completely pissed and breathing rather heavily. She flipped him off behind the closed door and fumed down the hall quickly before reaching Uryu’s door to which was cracked opened. Despite the door being a bit open, she gently knocked as she peeked through the door to view Uryu working on his laptop on his light blue sofa while sipping on steaming coffee. Uryu set down his coffee and looked up at his doorway to only be surprised to see her looking in at him.

Uryu raised an eyebrow at her, “Don’t tell me you are here to quit already?”

Rukia scoffed as she felt it was a small insult which was not intended on his part, “No Mr. Ishida… Mr. Kurosaki wants to talk to see… I think his name is Mr. Ayasegawa in his office… I am not sure who that could be quite honestly so I thought I would ask you.”

Uryu face dropped as he rested his forehead into his hand looking rather exhausted than upset, “Again?” Uryu quickly stood from his pale blue sofa and walked over to his desk which was slightly smaller than Ichigo’s and dialed on the office phone that was sitting on the top, he casually leaned on the desk waiting for the phone to be answered. After several rings that she could hear on the speaker, he finally picked up.

“Yes my lovely Mr. Ishida?” A happy flamboyant voice filled the quiet room.

Uryu rested his forehead on his hand as if it was throbbing again, “I am very regretful to say but you are needed in Mr. Kurosaki’s office…”

There was a long silence before the line clicked off. Uryu stood up from leaning on the desk as he walked passed her out the door. She followed quickly on his heels as he was walking down the tasteful hallway to Ichigo’s office. Uryu opened the door and walked straight in without knocking. Rukia was surprised at how bold Uryu was without knocking seeing that Ichigo was a complete asshole but he didn’t seem to mind as her boss was still in the same position, hunched over the table.

“Kurosaki,” Uryu called out to him. His tone wasn’t the polite tone he had earlier when he tried to introduced her but more of a stern kind of tone as if they had been friends for a very long time for him to dare to speak to his boss like that.

“What do you want now Uryu? I don’t know if you noticed but we have a deadline approaching to be talking about useless shit right now,” Ichigo still hasn’t looked up from his table at them.

“Kurosaki, you can’t just fire another photographer. We finally settle on a pretty damn good one to do our main photos while the others can handle the rest. We don’t have time to find a main photographer nor should we even find one if you are going to keep firing them!” Rukia was so surprised to see Uryu so heated at Ichigo, she stepped back trying to not be part of this as she could send Ichigo is about to explode.

Ichigo dropped the marker on the table and stood up, turning while crossing his arms in front of his chest giving a glare are the VP, “Uryu. It’s not my fault if they don’t know fucking shit when it comes to photography. How am I suppose to work with them if they are completely useless? I just don’t want us to waste our time and I am tired of having everyone edit the shit out of the photos because they weren’t taken well in the first place.”

Uryu brought his hand to his temple, rubbing the vein back in from popping out due to frustration with the president, “Kurosaki, he is a highly respectable photographer in Seretei…”

“Are you fucking done?” Ichigo looked bored at him and was clearly done with the conversation, his eyes turn to the small girl. ”You. God you are a fucking midget next to Uryu you know that?”

Rukia bit her tongue as her anger started to seethe out of her. Renji would be laughing right now at her since she is not the one to hold back. Continuing using her teeth to bite down on the inner meat of her cheeks, she repeated to herself she was only here for the experience to achieve her dream job.

“Did you get Yumichika like I asked you to?”

Before she could answer a quiet knock sounded the room as a man with short black hair with a sleeveless orange turtle neck and black leather pants walked in The man was very gay and wasn’t afraid to show it as he was wearing bright yellow eyelashes on one side that feathered out and the other had just as crazy red ones. Rukia was completely confused if this was the trend nowadays but it looked pretty artistic to her. Yumichika nervously looked at Uryu before turning his focus to Ichigo, flashing him a dazzling smile.

“Why hello Mr. Kurosaki! What pleasure do I have in being with the handsome-”

“Cut the shit Yumichika. You are fired,” Ichigo cut to the chase before he turned towards her and lifted his chin. “Midget. Go find me another photographer that isn’t so damn incompetent like this one here.”

Rukia shifted uncomfortably while looking at the man that had tears welding up in his eyes,” Yes Mr. Kurosaki.”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Yumichika wailed as he started to sob to his boss falling to the ground and crawling to hug Ichigo’s knees. “Please don’t fire me as this is a dream job of mine! I have been wanting to work for Soul Society once I heard about it. The visions and the passion, I want to b-be part of it!”

Ichigo looked flustered as Yumichika cried harder to him, “U-Uryu?” He looked over to Uryu confused on how he should proceed with the crying man. Uryu gave him a grin as he held his hands up and decline to offer any sort of comfort and advice, basically telling him that he is on his own.

“Please give me another chance! I will try harder with Inoue, she is just she is lacking the emotions I know!” He begged to him.

Ichigo viewed down as the sad pitiful face looking up at him, “Or give me Abarai. He is so handsome that I am sure I will be able to work with him better. We will have the chemistry!” He batted his red and yellow eye lashes at him. Rukia heart pounded at the mentioning of her boyfriend, she completely forgot he worked for the company as she had been so preoccupied.

“Whatever, get up Yumichika. You can photograph Renji since I dislike the cocky son of a bitch,” He crudely said as Rukia about to open her mouth but caught Uryu heed of warning in his eye.

Yumichika immediately rose up from the ground, “T-thank you Mr. Kurosaki! I won’t disappoint you anymore.” Ichigo gave him a dangerous glare as Yumichika held him self back from hugging their boss and even smothering him with thankful kisses.

Uryu cleared his throat and walked over towards Yumichika grasping his shaking shoulders and letting out a deep breath, “Let’s go back to my office and we can discuss Mr. Abarai schedule.” Uryu gently said as he led the photographer out of the office.

Ichigo rubbed the back of his neck as he sat down and lean his head back on the white love seat after the dramatic and exhausting scene. Rukia didn’t know what to do as few moments had passed while she stood there doing absolutely nothing but looking at her hands and feet.

“Mr. Kurosaki?” She quietly called for him. Ichigo didn’t make any movement as his eyes were closed. She stepped closer to him. “Mr. Kurosaki?” She called again raising the tone of her voice. He didn’t move at all.

She rested her hand on the arm rest of the chair as she peeked over at his relaxed face. He looked calmer and incredibly more handsome as he wasn’t scowling or yelling at anyone. She continued to observe his face filled with tranquility causing her to peer closer at him as if she was in a trance. All of a sudden without any warning his eyes flew open and made direct contact with hers allowing her to note how close she was to his face. Letting out a small scream from the surprise she tumbled back off the love seat and onto the hard floor. Ichigo immediately straightened up and rested his elbows on his knees while clasping his hands, staring down at her on the ground.

“What were you doing?” He asked as his eyes glimmered towards her, a small smirk was hidden behind those lips.

She got up from the floor, straightening her pencil skirt that had ridden up slightly exposing her thigh to him which Ichigo was eyeing, “Nothing, I-I called out for you an you did not answer me back so I thought I would check to see if you were in fact alive.” She stood her ground defiantly.

“Were you going to fucking kiss me or something midget?” The smirk erupted on his lips as if he couldn’t hold it back and it irritated her.

The violets transformed to a deeper shade as she glared down at her boss. She clenched her hands into fists as she continued to stare down at him in a menacing manner. She had it with this prick.

“Don’t think I will ever kiss you because I have a boyfriend whom I love very much and he is ten times better than you will ever be! Also, here is a little tidbit for you- I don’t kiss pieces of shit like you! Don’t call me midget because my name is Rukia!” She breathed hard as she continued her deadly glare. She knew she crossed the line but she didn’t care at this point. Her heart was telling her to find a job as a waitress tomorrow at least.

Ichigo continued to smirk as he stood up, towering over the girl, “What did you fucking call me?” His eyes were dark as well, crossing his arms as he stepped closer to her.

Rukia held her ground and didn’t take a step back despite how close he was to her. She could smell the cologne with a hint of his natural sweet scent, “I called you a piece of shit!”

He started to laugh which caught her by surprised as she was sure she would be fired right then and there or at least continue to egg her on. He brought his hand to his chin in thought as he stared curiously at her with a rather attractive smile. Rukia watched him as he didn’t say a word as he walked passed her heading towards the door to swing it open, back still facing her.

“My office is a fucking mess midget. Clean it up before I get back,” He said nonchalantly before shutting the door close.

Rukia let out a huff of irritation as she wanted to scream all the air out of her lungs for letting him get to her already when it only been a hour since she had met him. She refrained from walking out of the building as this was her only hope to her dream job and she wasn’t about to let her boyfriend down as he tried so hard to get her a job there. She bent down and started cleaning the pictures Ichigo had ripped prior.

Ichigo shut the door behind him while turning back and staring at the door while letting out one of those rare smiles. She was very quirky compared to the other female workers that work for him, they weren’t feisty like her and it intrigued him. He shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and walked down the long hallway remembering the times each one of the famous persons wrote on the wall- a tradition. Once he got back to the main lobby, every female worker said hello to him but were disappointed when he didn’t say hi in return. Just a nod, but most were satisfied with that as they were giddy he had noticed them. Ichigo reached up to push the elevator button’s to open.

His mind was too focused on the situation with the small girl that he didn’t notice Uryu was out in the main room as well eyeing him from one of the worker’s desk he was standing at overviewing the makeup articles.

Uryu watched him head for the elevators with an odd smirk on his face. Uryu couldn’t help but smile himself as he knew Ichigo was thinking.

“Piece of shit huh…” Ichigo chuckled to himself as he closed the elevator doors.

To be continued...

Welcome Bleachers!

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