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Love is gone


"Don't tell me that your love is gone." His tears shimmered with myriad tears that he declined to hold back now. _ Leaving him the last thing you'd do but it became your first priority when he married the new love of his life.

Romance / Drama
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1. Leaving him

July 6, 2018

You turned around and wiped the freshly streamed tears with your sleeve which were intenting to reveal and relieve every ounce of pain wringing your heart at the ongoing event.

Without getting noticed, you made it to long large white doors of the church which stood wide open apparently screaming to you that you didn't belong there and it's best that you leave.

Even though the church was whole packed, no one chose to offer you any attention for everyone had their gaze fixated on the couple getting wedding at the altar.

That was your best friend, Jimin. You couldn't help but turn your head and retreat your gaze at him but his was fixed on his soon-to-be-wife.

Those pair of alluring pupils of his stared so affectionately at Nora, soon-to-be-Mrs. Park. Clad in a black tux, he stood there holding her both hands so gently in his, indeed looking like a prince getting married to his princess.

The pastor read out the vows and he accepted them as a wide smile stretched his lips and no sooner the crowd erupted in cheers watching the groom leaning closer to the bride to seal their marriage with the last ritual.

You smiled as few more tears cascaded down your cheeks practically yelling at you to leave the place so did you. Like a lost puppy, you wandered on the streets holding together the broken pieces of your heart.

The clouds snatched all the light away from the panorama as their shades of dark black from the myriad ones of grey replaced the blue hue of the wide sky.

You lifted your gaze above and admired the dark black sky which was about to cry anytime, to accompany you. Few seconds later, a drop mercilessly hit your face as your closed your watering eyes and fixated yourself in that position.

The water cascaded down on your tear stained cheeks and soaked your whole body as if to seize and wash away the pain and burden weighing heavy on your heart with it.

The rushing of the traffics lessened as the rain intensified. The only sound that penetrated the silence of the panorama was the pattering and tickling of the rain droplets hitting the road furiously as if angry at the one who made you cry but it wasn't anyone but yours fault only.

You dropped yourself on your knees on the ground as your legs refused to hold onto your weight anymore. Your hands made contact with the wet ground as you burst out into tears. The tightening feeling in your chest didn't lessen a bit instead it grew even more swiftly.

No one could be blamed but only who. It was now his turn to be happy. You couldn't just go ahead and spill out everything now especially when you had messed up everything so bad from the very beginning.

The tickling of the rain against the road had blocked out every sound from your reach that you couldn't even listen someone calling out for you unless he grabbed your arms from the sides, enforcing you to look at him.

Matching your level, in front of you was the person you needed the most right now. Even if your vision was blurry through all the tears brimming in your eyes, it wasn't hard to recognise him.

Without saying anything and not even bothering about the rain that now mercilessly poured on him too, you threw yourself in his embrace and he didn't hesitate to take you in his arms.

His hands moved up and down on your back gently as you tugged on his white coat which he had wore for his friend's marriage, continuing to weep your heart out. He didn't bother to ask anything for everything had always been crystal clear to him.

Stroking your back, he muttered soothing words to you as an attempt to comfort your crying pathetic self while you couldn't help but sob in his chest with the words,

"hobi, I- I lo-love Jimin."

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