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Layla lost her mother when she was 6 years old. her and her brothers life has not been an easy road she would often get beaten by their own father he is an Alcoholic and drug addicted he beat me to the point I was unconscious and he sexually abused me. He has not touched my brother yet so I decided it was time for my brother and I to get out of there my brother is 9 years old and i am 16 I don't want my brother to go through the same thing that I went through so we ran away I don't know where we are going but I do no one family member on my mum's side so we ran as fast as we could. ....!!! WARNING!!!.. THIS STORY CONTAINS strong language and sexual themes

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1


Mine and my brother’s life hasn’t always been a hell hole. I still remember the worst day of my life and the happiest my mother was the most amazing woman ever sweet kind and thoughtful she and my dad were so happy together we were like a happy family I was 6 years old and she was pregnant with my baby brother we were all playing in the back yard when my mother tripped over one of my big toys I was so worried about her and the baby she yells for my dad and he came running to us.

Joey, I think there’s something wrong with the baby. She said

What happened.? Said, dad

I tripped over the toy. She said

My dad looked at me and yell for not picking up my toy.

It’s not her fault stop yelling at her mom said it’s OK sweetheart don’t cry I will be fine.

Dad ran to the phone and call the ambulance

It’s OK honey we will get you to the hospital as fast as we can.

I was so scared we waited for the ambulance mom was in so much pain there was blood everywhere I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I hear a baby crying and then I hear my dad, screaming from the top of his lungs...

.... NO NO NO... Please don’t leave me please I love u please stay with me it’s meant to be me and you together for? forever remember please stay with me...

That was the worst day of my life from there on my life has been a nightmare dad turned into a completely different person

the ambulance showed up but they couldn’t do anything for my mum it was too late my mother died on April 21st, 2015 It was so hard for the first couple of months of my baby brother been born I had to take care of my baby brother because my dad turned to alcohol he was never home he left us with no food I was 6 years old turning 7 and I had to look after a brand new baby my dad couldn’t even look at him knowing that mother died giving birth to him

one day my dad come home from the bar and the baby was crying I didn’t know what to do dad keep yelling at me to shut him up and I said to him that I’m trying so hard I need help my Dad come steaming up the staircase and walked into the room and slam me against the wall and said never speak back to him again that is the first time my dad has ever laid a hand on me from there on out it just kept on getting worse and worse I had to defend my brother at the age of 6

I’m now 16 years old and it’s time for me and my brother to get the hell out of here any money that I have found I’ve saved for this day. my father used to have parties and there would be a lot of people who lose their money inside the couch. I have saved up about 600 dollars I used to go to the store and steal food and sometimes clothes and money just to feed my brother.

my brother is 10 years old now

We packed up the stuff that we needed I knew my dad was at the bar so this was the perfect time to start packing and get my brother ready because I knew my father would not be home yet I ran to the nearest window that I could see through I saw a car pulling up which was out of the ordinary my father never came home so early from the bar so I ran back to our room and we quickly grab the stuff and jumped out the back window and we ran as fast as we could we ran until we got to the train station I brought our train tickets and we boarded the train to Los Angeles when we got there Justin was so scared all I could do was tell him that everything was going to be OK. But the truth was that I had no idea if it’s was going to be OK we got off the train and called for a taxi I give him my aunty’s address.

As we pull up to the address we were so scared but we had to do this so I grabbed my brother’s hand and we started waking up to the front door I took a deep breath before knocking on the door as soon as the door opened my aunty’s eyes widen in shock

Hi aunty Mia I said with tears in my eyes

Layla, what are you's doing here?

Are you ok?


Come inside are you hungry you look so skinny.

What happened tell me everything?

I want to know what happened?

why are you guys here?

Omg I’m sorry

Have something to eat first.

And then Layla we will have a serious conversation

all I could do was nod my head

after you’re finished eating

Justin, you can go and put your stuff in the spare room just down the hall on the right. well Layla and I talk ok

OK auntie Mia Justin said

Layla, what’s going on?

I..... I.. ITs...d.ad. He.

Ok, Layla takes a deep breath for me OK calm down everything will be OK just take a deep breath...

Good girl now let’s start from the start OK

I nodded I told my auntie everything about my dad being abuse inappropriate touching about him being drug-addicted drinking all the time hitting me yelling blaming me for everything and my brother for everything that happened to Mum everything that he has ever done I had told my auntie

To say my aunty was shocked was an understatement when I looked up at her I saw the expression on her face there were tears falling down her face.

oh..my..god I don't know what to say to you honey I just can't believe that your father was ever capable of doing that he was such an amazing father when your mother was alive.

I just can't believe he turn into such a monster we have to go to the authority and let them know what going on and put him behind bars.

NO NO NO, please...

he will nowhere we are please don't make us go there please he has a friend in the police departments we have already tried going to them once before and they called dad and he just told them that I was a troubled child and then when we got home he beat me until I was unconscious and he also locked me and Justin in the basement for two weeks without food or water.

please don't make yous go back there, please tear were falling uncontrollably...

ooww ookkk ookkk calm down calm down Its going to be ok I promise take a deep breath for me ok

that's it take another deep breath for me.

Good girl I promise you he will never ever be able to get to you i'll make sure of it.

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