"I still love you..."


One impulsive decision, Regret, Memories And a second chance?

Romance / Drama
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I took a deep breath before opening the door to enter. I was immediately welcomed by the strong scent of freshly brewed coffee. The atmosphere was warm and cozy unlike the cold weather outside.

I let the relaxing feeling of the cafe sink in as I walked towards the counter. After i gave my order, i gazed through the shop. Until i saw him.

Sitting right there, on that seat, in that corner, which almost never had any disturbances. It was silent and calm, people rarely even glanced over there.

He was focused on a couple files that were laid on the table in front of him. Since he didn't notice me, i could keep admiring him.

I missed him so much... I wanted to be with him right now, sit right there, talk to him, hug him and feel his body warmth. Just be happy again... with him. I missed his smile, his laugh and the way he'd look at me.

All of those unforgettable moments, our beautiful memories. They were haunting me, hurting me, making me feel miserable. My longing for him became unbearable.

"Miss...?, Miss, your coffee..."

The waitress' voice brought me back to reality.

"Oh! Yeah, thank you!"

I said realizing that she had probably repeated herself several times already, judging by her annoyed facial expression.

'How could he have this effect on me?'

While walking towards the door holding the cup in my hand, I glanced at him one last time. I regretted it. So much so, that I hated my stupidity on that day. I shouldn't have left him just like that...
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