Lost on the Moon

Chapter 5

"And you are being stuck on the moon, like the rest of us

Trying to make sense of it

Crying, cause we don't have any reason

We're alone together

'Cause we all share the very same crime"


Unbeknownst to Arty boy, I was just as baffled about today's events as he was.

I mean, sure, I got into fights all the time. That was a fact. But it was the cause of this fight that confused me. As Kyota whisked me into her office and procured some medical jargon for my bloody tooth-hole, my happy-go-lucky smile was quite the contrast to the distant look in my eyes. I'd never done anything like that...for anybody. I mean, sure, there was my gang of homies back in Arizona, but they fought their own battles. Sure, we'd traded jokes and messed with each other like it was nobody's business-but somehow it had been different with the Fowl kid. I'd felt a red hot surge in my gut when Ike lunged for him. Being the impulsive child I was, I had reacted immediately. But that surge was something different than my normal battle impulse. It was more like that furious churning in my gut that I get when people talk bad about my dad for being an actor/druggie/etcetera. I get especially violent when people go that far-just ask my former schoolmates. But I'd never had that sensation before with anyone else. So what the #$& was going on?

Sakura Kyota gave me a chemical-swabbed cotton ball to put in my wounded mouth. I liked Sakura-how could I not? Not only was she was constantly bandaging me up after getting into scrapes, but she my roommate, being the only other girl on campus. She never even yelled at me for fighting, unlike every single other teacher I'd ever met. She had dark hair and darker eyes, with asian features and deft, demure hands. She was really pretty, which is probably why she could sufficiently subdue every boy on campus for medical treatment.

"What did Ike do to you?" asked Sakura while she busied herself with putting the cotton balls and neosporin away. Even though I'd only been here a week or two, she already knew me back and forth. "Let me tell you, you messed him up good. Did he insult your dad, like that poor kid from last Monday?"

"No, actually," I managed through a mouthful of cotton. Sakura arched her eyebrows and blinked at me; her typical polite-surprise face. "He was picking on Artemis. Y'know, the antisocial genius who never does anything in class? Looks and acts a lot like a vampire?"

"Him?" replied Sakura incredulously. She was thinking the exact same thing that I was: why Fowl? I shrugged back at her unhelpfully, communicating that I was just as bewildered as she was at my own actions.

"And here I thought you were a chaotic neutral through and through," wowed Sakura to herself, clicking past me in ebony heels. She tends to spout nerdy jargon once in a while-I think it's because of all the anime she watches. I know that sounds racist, but she is seriously into the stuff, even for a Japanese native. She even got me into Hetalia.

"Next thing you know, you'll be the vigilante of the school." predicted Sakura. I gave my boar-sigh again.

"Yeah, and Arty Boy will be elected to the head of ASB," I retorted. "It's not like it's a big deal. I get into fights all the time."

"You have a pet name for him?" scoffed Sakura, smiling at me wryly. I gave my best wreck-your-$ *& scowl, which unfortunately didn't deter her. "That explains a lot about why you jumped to the rescue."

"Shut it, Gaisha," I growled threateningly. I'm the only person who's allowed to get away with being racist to Sakura, partially because I don't really mean it. She's been my only friend since I left Arizona...until later today at lunch.

"I imagine you looked like an angel," sighed Sakura, theatrically batting her eyelashes and waving her arm as she swung on the doorjamb. "Swooping in to rescue your pwecious Arty Boy from the villainous-"

I spat my bloody cotton ball at her, which she nimbly dodges. She's annoyingly good at dodging everything from insults to actual punches. Sometimes it makes me wonder if that means she's a ninja.

"For the record, if that gets out of this office, I'm going to slip an ice cube on your pillow," I snapped. She kept her smile on, but I could tell that she was through teasing. Which I appreciated, in all honesty. Sakura can get under your skin as easily as any IV, and her burns range from second- to fourth-degree.

"I believe you," she relented, sitting at her desk at the other side of the doorway. On the same wall as the doorway was a large window that encompassed almost the whole remainder of the wall. There was glass in the window pane, but at the moment Sakura had pulled it back to talk to me. She picked up the black cord-phone and dialed someone, undoubtedly the principal to give a doctored report of my affliction and its cause.

"I just...I don't know why I did it," I admitted. Sakura payed attention to me while she held the phone to her ear, flicking her eyes over to me. "The way I felt in my gut, though, it was as if Ike was going after my dad rather than some random classmate. You saw them, didn't you?"

"Yeah, they're just in the other room," confirmed Sakura. There are two wings to the nurse's office, in case one has to treat opposing sides of a brawl. With the whole school being composed of men save me and Sakura, you can imagine how the testosterone gets to peoples' heads around here.

"Yes, it's me," spoke Sakura into the phone. I cocked an ear, paying close attention in order to fill in the details on Guiney's side. "...she's fine, yes. Took an uppercut that dislodged a tooth, nothing more. ...hm? Oh, the others are worse off. Garth has two black eyes and Ike has two broken ribs, a shattered nose, the works. Kevin has a couple broken toes and a bruise in his side. ...if I may say, sir, Diane was acting in self-defense of another student. ...with all due respect, Artemis would have fared much worse than Diane if he had fought himself. He's a slight thing. ...I understand, sir. Starting…? Very well. I will inform her. ...yes. Bye."

Sakura put the phone down with a catty sigh. She and the Principal didn't get along very well, especially in terms of me. I was in the middle of mouthing 'Boo-Yah!' at my totalling of Ike and those other goons.

"Guiney has suspended you for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow morning." informed Sakura glumly, getting up and leaning through the open window at me.

"In case he hasn't noticed, this is a boarding school," I pointed out. "Where am I going to go?"

"Tell that to him," replied Sakura. "Apparently you're not to attend classes. I suppose all you can do is hang out in our room all day."

I gave my boar sigh again, mixed with a little hissing crocodile. "For two days? What the #*$ am I going to do with myself?"

"Anything but get into another fight, is his reasoning," growled Sakura sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "He's such an idiot. If he were subjected to his own classes, he'd barely get by with a 1.6, let alone your grade."

"Tell me about it," I chuffed, hopping off the medical table and rubbing my sore jaw. "...wait, isn't that my actual grade?"

"It was last I checked," purred Sakura, patting me on the back. "You're almost there, kodomo-I know you have what it takes."

My smile fades, but only a little. I know I should care a lot more than I do, but I simply don't give a *# about my grades. My mum was so sick of putting up with me and my nonchalance that she shipped me here in the hopes of whipping me into shape. So far it hasn't worked.

I walked out the office door, quickly getting my bearings and strolling off to my current class. You never know. I should be the first to know that fate is only half as predictable as people make it out to be. Even as I make it out to be.

"Lost on the Moon" is copyright Rina-Chan, the Living Tombstone, and WoodenToaster

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