What if the Boy-Who-Lived died the very moment He-Who-Shall-Be-Not-Named rested his eyes on him ? What if the The Half-Blood Prince did what the little Harry was destined to do ? What if The Dark Lord got killed BUT before resting in the slumber of death he did something no one expected or witnessed till date ? What will The Half-Blood Prince do ? A curse so strong and by no means unbreakable , that the Prince couldn't anyhow escape it . A curse that will force the Half- Blood Prince to do something that he don't want to or maybe he thinks he don't want to . How many lives will this curse affect ? The Half - Blood Prince is befuddled. Read to find out the rest.........

Romance / Adventure
Aniya Kumar
Age Rating:

Chapter - 1 The Battle

An icy cold wind blew past him sending chills down his spine . He was heavily breathing trying hard not to collapse on the snow below him . His energy was drained out , he was tired . But the battle was far from end atleast that's what he thought .

The night was dark and menacing , under the moonlight his pale skin which looked even more dreadful due to the battle scars shone . His black robes were soaked in his blood , he felt a tickle of unease . A drop of blood from his wound on his hand dropped on the ground . The red spot of blood radiated against the white snow , the scene was very unconventionally beautiful . His robes that were always perfect were covered with dirt and his own blood . His black clock lying flyblown on the white snow . Slitting spell wounded him badly on his broad , muscular chest , his long legs and even his long torso . The icy cold winds felt like a hundred scorpion stinging him repeatedly , causing him unbearable pain .

But he had to stand against the very demon he was serving earlier .

Harry Potter had been killed by Lord Voldemort and now the Wizarding world need someone to save it from the darkest wizard ever born. But what no one could have ever thought was the fact that their savior would be Severus Snape , the former Death Eater who was sent to spy at Hogwarts by the Dark Lord himself . The young and loyal and Death Eater turned against his master but nobody knew the reason for him doing so and nobody cared to know the reason either . At the present moment everyone's main concern was the annihilation of the Dark Lord and his army of Death Eaters .

The image of The Dark Lord infront of him got blurry at times due to the weakness his body felt . Dark lord was also getting weaker as the moments passed he could sense it . He was always able read his mind . Albus and Minerva were successful in their mission , they have destroyed all the horcruxs . Now it was just Nagini who was left to be killed . Hagrid and Filius had successfully kept her away from him , Albus and Minerva but she was needed to be killed by the sword of Godric Gryffindor which was with Minerva . He hoped she would also die soon eventually killing The Dark Lord.

The death eaters were greeted well by the ministry so they couldn't be threat while he was facing the Dark Lord himself .

"Sectumsempra " he managed to mumble despite not being in a condition to even stand properly . Dark Lord fell on his knees on the floor covered by snow of the Cabalistic Forest . Dark Lord didn't show defensive reflex neither threw any spell on him , it was clear that Nagini was also in life threatening danger causing the Dark Lord to weaken to that extent.

A sound . A sound got is attention away from the heat of that moment when he realized the sound came from the bushes near which he was standing . The hustling sound became louder in the blink of the eye ,when suddenly he saw a figure emerging from the bushes , the figure of a snake . It was Nagini . He himself was too weak to reflex and save himself from her vicious attack so he decided to close his eyes and greet death with acceptance , it was the moment he realized death has also accepted him . He heard a clashing sound and thud came another voice , it felt to him he like fell on the ground . He took a deep breath .

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" the sound of screaming tugged him out of his presumed slumber of death . He shot open his eyes to find Nagini's cut off head on his feet blood from her body all over the snow beneath his feet , the blood infused in snow the way ink spread on the cloth . Minerva was standing close to him panting with the sword of Godric Gryffindor in her hand and a panting Albus little behind her . The sword shone bright under the moonlight , the venomous blood of the decreased snake dripping off it onto the ground covered with snow . The venom possessed by her was so perilous that it left burnt marks on the snow where drop of blood fell turning the snow coal black .

A soft sound of mumbling grabbed their attention , when they shot a glance at the almost dead Dark Lord he was still on his knees like he saw him the last time but now his wand was pointed towards him , Dark lord mumbled something in agony illegible to understand , a wave of blue light flew out of his wand taking a shape of a snake but it was nothing like Nagini , but it was rather a very beautifully carved Patronus of a snake with large eyes and a very precisely scaled body . The snake which formed high above the ground it's body doing a dancing motion in the open sky suddenly it shot a glance at him and the hissing words poured out as its thin mouth open
" haaaaaahayaeehesseytha haahasseeyssss hassesseythahasseyssssseythassssssaah sssseythaayaeeh aayaassssehhhaaahhasseeyaayaaseyythaasssseytha hassseyythaa hassseyythaaehhsssseythehhh hatheeeyseethaaaayaeeh aayaasssseytha haaaaaasssssssseytha sssseythaayaeeh hassayayahssssehhhssss aayaaseyythas haaaaaahayaeehesseythahasseey hathehhayaahassayssss. "

All of them were dumbfounded , not a single word could be comprehend , it was Parseltongue and non of them knew that language . Hagrid and Filius were now out of the bushes standing with Albus and Minerva . No one uttered a word , no one knew what to do and no one knew what it was . All of them were great magicians but they never saw a hex like that so it was clear they didn't knew if it was a life threatening spell or a normal Patronus .
The snake was staring him , it's expression masked . Suddenly it started flying higher , it's fluid and wavy motion made his movement look like a dance . After dancing like that for a while it turned towards him flying straight into his chest . Nothing happened , he didn't felt a single tickle in his body . The misty Patronus collided with his chest and turned into a cloud of blue mist around his body , just like cold wind it touched him but unlike wind he felt like it penetrated through his chest . The Patronus of the snake flew out from his back flying high in sky . The sudden act made Minerva take a step back who was standing close to him . A fearful expression took on all their faces . They feared if he was hexed to death by the dying Dark Lord or even worse if he was possessed by him , but nothing happened , he didn't looked possessed neither he uttered a word . Minerva went for him "Severus " she wispered softly to him , he neither flinched nor does he said anything . He looked around and saw people who fought for him , the one he never cared about were standing for him endangering their life for him who never cared to even ask how they were doing , he was soo busy with his own plight that he forgot that he wasn't the only one with whom life wasn't fair . Finally weakness overtook him and he finally fell on his knees on the blood stained snow below him . Minerva , Albus , Hagrid , Filius came running towards him . His wand fell off his hands . But before he could fell on the ground flat Hagrid got a grip on him . He could feel the half - giants hand holding him protectively . Before collapsing further he looked in the sky but the Patronus vanquished to oblivion .

"What just happened ?' He managed to utter before falling unconscious completely .

On the other side of the open field the Dark Lord screamed in agony as his wand fell from his lifeless hands on the ground . As time passed his body turned into dust and he died a long death suffering immeasurable amount of pain . Now nothing was left , all parts of his soul were destroyed and his very own and faithful death eater stood infront of him to battle . All for a woman who never loved him .


Darkness surrounded him , he felt alone , it was the first time in last 4 years that he felt alone otherwise his job of being an double agent kept him so busy that sometimes even Lily also escaped his mind .

Lily died and he couldn't do anything to stop the Dark Lord , how pathetic . He felt helpless he didn't knew what Dark Lord did to him . He wasn't possessed and he felt relieved about that fact but then what was that he did to him . What did the Patronus of snake spoke in Parseltongue because it bothered him .

He wasn't sure for how many hours or even days he was in that darkness all alone by himself .

But the isolation gave him time a lot of time , to think , to acknowledge evey mistake he ever committed , it gave him time to realize . He was a young man of 21 , Albus showed trust in him , he cared for him , he had a chance to live a life again , Dark Lord was no more , he was free , Albus promised him freedom when Dark Lord dies , he can live a life a normal life again maybe.

A Sound . A sound came from somewhere, he couldn't tell from which direction the sound came . Suddenly he felt he was in an ocean , a deep , dark , black ocean . He felt restricted he couldn't move , it felt like he was tied by an invisible rope . He was deep down at the bottom of the ocean when he felt hands, feminine hands wrapped around his body so protectively giving him a sense of security that no one in this world could hurt him anymore . At first he thought it would be Lily but no there was a beautiful young girl . He couldn't saw her face in the darkness but as she was pulling him up towards the surface of the ocean he felt the beam of sun rays fall upon them . Her skin radiated under the sunlight even when darkness surrounded them . Her face was not visible due to the hair covering it but her eyes shone in the light of the sun . Beautiful . Her eyes were beautiful . But who she was ? He never saw a girl with eyes like those , so mesmerizing , mysterious , her eyes were also black like him but not cold like his warmth, curiosity and fun dripped from those making him feel good . He liked the feeling . But yet again the thought strikes him who she was ? He was so busy wondering about that girl that he didn't realized he was on the surface of the water and the girl was nowhere around him . Where did she went so fast ? Who she was ? His hands weren't tied anymore but he still hasn't recovered from the fact that a girl saved him and now she was nowhere to be found .

She vanquished to oblivion just like the Patronus of the snake .

This was the first chapter . I hope I was able to justify myself with my words . This story is very complex so please do read it till the end . Next part will be published soon .

One more thing there is no Harry Potter , Hermione Granger, Ron Wesley in this story . And my Severus Snape is a little bit different from the books . Read to find out how he is in this story .

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