I Would do Anything For Family

Chapter 2: An old friend

Alison and Pete watched their son, both with a perplexed expression, Pete wanting to ask what his son would like. As Pete was going to ask, his son raised his right pod slowly, the pod peeling apart at a leisurely rate, a short vine with many serrated thorns protruded from the vine in a multitude of places. Both Alison and Desmond looked at Pete with unease as the Peashooter wore a look of shocked amazement.

“How? I am amazed and surprised you haven’t been selected to join L.E.A.F.” Alison sighed in relief, glad her partner accepted their son’s talent. Desmond simply carried a look of shock.

“You don’t think I’m a freak? I-I mean, when other plants f-found out, especially the other Peashooters, they started to pick on me more.” Desmond’s stuttering enforced his shock. This revelation angered both Alison and Pete.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would have pulled you out of school as soon as I could. I can’t believe I fell for the 'playground injury' routine.” While Alison was mad at her son, Pete was mad at the plants that had been antagonizing his son. Pete sighed and got up off the couch Alison and himself were on, and he waltzed over to his son, placing his scarred right pod on Desmond’s shoulder.

“Your training starts after dinner. You need to learn how to protect yourself.” While Alison diverted her anger towards Pete, Desmond’s mood went from anguish to jubilation at hearing the words his father just uttered.

Once time had elapsed by around an hour, and the family of three had dined in the Helianthus family hall, a size that even rivaled the size of Dave’s own dining hall in his mansion, Pete took his Fire Peashooting son, Desmond, out into the sizable backyard to spar. As Pete made Desmond start to attack him, the regal doorbell rang out, Alison answering the door herself. Upon opening the door, Alison was greeted by a jovial Plasma Pea and a vivacious Alien Flower.

“Hey Alison, we were wondering if we could come in?” The Plasma Peashooter asked in a curious tone.

“Sure, if you are wondering where Pete is, because I know that’s why you’re here, he’s in the backyard with Desmond.” Wulf and Vivian nodded as Alison lead them through the grand double doors of the manor and through the ornate hallway, the floor made of mahogany that went halfway up the walls. This lead straight to another set of ostentatious maple wood doors that let them onto the porch that offered them a view of the sparring father and son.

As the fight escalated, Desmond’s elation was quickly replaced with frustration, his many punches finding only air. Finally something snapped inside the young Fire Pea as his father dodged him once more. Pete’s eyes widened as he felt his cheek be ripped open by sharp thorns that protruded from a short vine. Pete jumped back, but the thorns still found home, leaving a few lacerations in his stem. Pete regained his composure and kept up the dodging. After a few minutes, Desmond had calmed, the fire on his head dying down a bit when he saw what he had done to his father.

“I-I’m so sorry… I-I didn’t mean to do that.” Desmond spluttered in a worried tone, this caused Pete to let out a couple of hearty laughs.

“It’s fine. I was caught off-guard by that little move you pulled off so it’s my fault for not preparing for it.” Before the two called continue their conversation, the three plants on the vast back porch applauded the little fight. Pete hypered over to them, perplexity upon his green face.

“Wulf, Vivian! You’re alive!” The Plasma Pea and Alien Flower nodded at Pete who was nearly jumping in joy.

“I can’t believe you’re alive. After I saw you and Alison this afternoon, I contacted a few friends, they should be here in a few days.” Pete continued to grin stupidly at them, Wulf’s news adding to his already heightened exuberance.

“That was reckless and careless and do you have anything to say?” Desmond looked down, he hated it when his mum was mad at him. Before Desmond could reply, Pete interrupted them.

“Alison, I will be fine. Be proud in our son, he did something that very few plants have been able to do to me.” Alison looked at Pete jokingly.

“You know, I remember a certain somebody lacked self-esteem back when I first met them.” Pete, Wulf and Vivian laughed at the sly remark at Pete’s lack of self-esteem.

Alison, Vivian and Desmond spent the next hour watching Pete and Wulf fight to show Desmond what he should do and avoid doing in a fight. Wulf was a good fighter, but years off the battlefield had limited his abilities while Pete had been fighting for, nearly, the entirety of the past twenty-two years. When Alison told Desmond to go to bed, the two Peashooters stopped fighting since they were both beginning to feel tired and there was no point. Vivian and Alison looked at their respective Peashooters and ′tsked’, they were both covered in bruises and a couple of cuts that were bleeding lightly. Pete and Wulf laughed at both Alison and Vivian’s expressions of disappointment before they all wished each other a goodnight.

When Wulf and Vivian went home, Alison and Pete headed for bed. Alison decided it would be fine if the two of them shared a bed considering the guest rooms were bare and cold. When they both hopped in, Pete began hugging Alison.

“It feels good to be with you again, twelve years apart and twelve years that our son hasn’t had a proper father figure.” Alison giggled as she allowed the Peashooter to hug her.

“It feels good to have you back to. I just hope in those twelve years you learnt a bit about self-preservation and self-esteem.” Pete laughed this time.

“Yeah, I haven’t learnt anything about those two things” Alison tsked and gave up. The two of them lay in bed just enjoyed the presence and contact of the other.

Desmond lay in bed and considered what he would do to the group of Peashooters that would probably make fun of him tomorrow at school. He knew that if he tried to hyper away he wouldn’t be able to outrun them, the other peashooters were simply too fast. On the other hand, if he tried to stand his ground, they would have an even bigger reason to pummel him to a pulp. Desmond tried to put it aside, perhaps if he could meet up with his dad it would put the group off from beating him up. He tried to keep thinking of that thought as he drifted off to sleep.

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