One day captain levi went on a mission to kill titans and came back a wolf the whole squad was shocked and had to vote who would take care of hecho what they didn't know is that he already picked someone (See what happends)

Fantasy / Romance
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Levi's POV

I was on a mission with eren when something was throne at me,I felt weird and I had really bad pain on my head and back 'what's going on?!' I was about to ask Eren but he was staring at me blushing. "Jaeger what are you looking at?" I ask in a scary tone. "A-ah sorry captain but I think y-you should look at yourself." I did as he said and i saw was terrifying "I'M A FUCKING DOG?!?!?!?"
'HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?' "Well captain this bottle that was throne at you had a potion. And it's permanent."Eren said as he read the bottle "how do I hide this Eren?!?!?"
"Hey,hey,hey calm down or else you will have a panic attack." I soon calmed down and asked again "how do I hide this?!" "Don't hide it just walk in like nothing happened ok?" He says calmly "o-ok." I give into eren
"Eren you better take care of me!" I yell as we ride home "Trust me I will." I see him with a smirk 'now I'm scared of what he will do'

When we arived at the base I was bombored with fucking questions "OK STOP!!!" I yell when they stopped I finally get to say "one at a time or else everyone besides Jeager has cleaning duty for 5months" let's just say horseface didn't like that J:"how come he gets special treatment?!" He yells I was so fed up with all the yelling! It was herting my animal ears! I was about to say something when Eren stepped in E:"JEAN SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" He said it in a demonic like voice i was scarred of the people and the yelling so i went into a panic attack..........Eren noticed........"hey puppy,can you look at me?" I looked at him I had my wolf ears down and my tail around my leg." Your ok,your ok I promise just breath..." I began to regain my breath and got really tired...

Erens POV

I saw that Levi was getting sleepy so I picked him up bridal style and carried him to my room he wasn't really heavy so it was easy and it looked like he didn't trust anybody else i tucked him in and went down stairs to meet everyone's eyes on me I let my demon out a little and said "if anyone wakes him up for some stupid reason I will have their head got that?" I tried to sound calm, nobody answers I said again "GOT THAT?!" They all nodded and I was satisfied so I went to my room and spooned Levi what i liked about that was that he let me and didn't resist!
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