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Ackerman Stop!!

Erens POV

I woke up and Levi wasn't there I got worried so I jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen to see if he was there "oh my god you gave me a fucking heart attack!" He was sipping tea and reading a news paper,he looked up like a puppy and his ears went down he said " i-i'm sorry!" My heart broke "hey you're ok I was just worried because you weren't in bed.." His ears went back up and looked like a puppy that wanted attention, i was about to give it to him when mikasa tore the door down she yelled " Eren what the fuck are you doing with this mistake! Come with me now!!!!" I was beyond pissed she just called the cutest,adorablest man a mistake! Then I heard Levi whimper and that's when I snaped "Get out." I said with a hint of my demon voice she said in a shaky voice "w-what?" I just wanted her out! "I said GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!" That time was full demon voice and she scurried away I heard Levi whimper again and looked at him he looked kinda scared and kinda not,he asks in a shaky voice " m-may I a-ask.......w-what are y-you?" At that moment everything stopped not even mikasa knows and that last time I told someone mikasa got so mad she killed them I don't want that to happen to Levi!! He gave me the 'I can protect my self tell me' look,I guess he read my face I said "ok fine you win I will tell you" i took a deep breath and sighed "I'm 3 things half titain shifter half human but I'm manly demon specifically devils son....." I was so ready for him to hit me or yell but all I got was a hug he said"thanks for trusting me with your secret" (got that from a dabideku story BTW, don't come at me) little did i know mikasa was outside the door but the only thing she heard was -thank you for trusting me with your secret- so she spread romers that I wasn't human and began to bully Levi...

Time skip!!

...one day after training I was heading to captain Levis office when I heard yelling,me being me I went to see what was going on what I saw terrified me Levi was on the ground and mikasa was killing him! Levi was still fighting i can see it I then saw a knife behind mikasas back and I snapped 'no one messes with my omega' I was so pissed I let my dark demon side come out and that side is the most dangerous I slightly yelled "Ackerman" she didn't look up, so i yelled over the crowd "MIKASA FUCKING ACKERMAN IF YOU DO NOT STOP I WILL KILL YOU!!!!" Everyone looked at me and was scared shitless. Mikasa looked up and saw that I had devil wings and horns that circle up I also had a tail that was so sharp that a diamond blade was compared to it the color of those,they where a darkred almost black.'thank god you didn't come out!' 'Did you want me to?' Your probably wondering who I'm talking to yeah that's my demon DARK demon side like the one that could destroy a planet with a snap 'no,no I didn't. You would kill mikasa for hurting our omega I don't want that I still want her alive to suffer the same Levi did' 'ah ok you got it!' 'Well I have to go deal with this bitch bye! 'Bye kid'
When I got out of my trance I said "who helped bully Levi?" Nobody answers I got a little bit mad "I will ask again who helped BULLY LEVI?!" Jean,Marco,petra,Sacha,and Connie (he get good) all come up "ok since you only helped a little you are spared but you mikasa" I looked at Mikasa with full intentions to kill "you are now banned from here and you are never allowed back, you also can not bring any gear for protection LEAVE!!!!!

After I said that she ran away crying but I didn't care the only thing that was on my mind was getting my puppy to the medbay and I really need to,he looked dead!

I get there is 2minutes top and let the healers do their work
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