Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 2

Michel woke up drowsy and moaned as he opened his eyes as he sat up and suddenly looked shocked as he noticed he is sitting in bed and in his and Chloe’s bedroom when they lived in their mansion in Zhargosia. He looked at himself and saw he was wearing his pajamas before getting up and looked out through the balcony and opened the glass doors and saw the bright, star filled, night sky. Michael stood stunned and said, “What am I doing here?” He then heard a door open from behind and he immediately turned and saw Chloe but looked star struck even when Chloe looked worried and said, “Michael what’s going on?” Michael still stared at her and Chloe looked puzzled and said, “What?” Michael replied, “Uh, you should see yourself.” She turned and looked at the mirror on the way and saw she looked almost like Marilyn Monroe with red lipstick and a white dress and she looked and angered and said, “What the hell!” Michael said, “Oh honey you don’t fine, for my taste.” Chloe ignored what he said and she turned to him shocked and said, “We can’t be back at Zhargosia!” Michael looked around and said, “ I know, they either are playing with our minds or they made a replica of this place.” Chloe said, “To what end?” Michael replied, “I don’t know.” He then went to the standup closet to his left and pulled out a red jacket with a loose shirt and pants and was about to change till he saw Chloe was still standing there watching him. Michael said, “Would you mind?” Chloe crossed her arms and smirked and said, “No go ahead.” And she still stood there. Michael shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay.” And he changed right in front of her.

Once he finished he went to the door, opened it and saw the open hallway to the main atrium downstairs. Michael said, “All clear.” He and Chloe exited the room and walked down the hallway, quietly, till they reached the main staircase in front of them and as they looked around they noticed there is no one around but them. Chloe said, “Where is everyone?” Michael didn’t respond and he carefully walked down the stairs and looked around and still did not see anyone around as Chloe followed behind him. Michael reached the towering front doors and opened one of them as he peeked outside. He saw a walkway in front of the doors and mansion with water on the other side and curved around the mansion with a walk bridge going over it. Chloe said, “This is not right. They can’t have built this entire place just for us.” Michael said, “Somewhere out there is Arsenal, Minos and Goku.” Chloe said, “Then how do you propose we find them?” Michael replied, “Lets look around and see if there’s anything we can use to find them.” They went back upstairs and back to their bedroom and found their secret rooms where they held Michael and Chloe’s weapons and gear only to find them empty. Michael went back to the bedroom and called out, “Anything?” Chloe came back to the bedroom (changed and her red lipstick gone) and said, “No, nothing! At least now we know we are not back at Zhargosia for sure.” Michael sighed and Chloe looked at him concerned and said, “What? What is it?” Michael said, “I’m going to miss Marilyn Monroe.” Chloe glared at him as he smirked and they began searching through the closets, drawers and their private and shared bathrooms but found only clothes and hi-gene supplies and Michael said, “Lets check the training room.” They went downstairs and went down a grand hallway to the left of the stairs and when they opened the door to the training room it was bare, leaving only a matted floor and mirror walls. Chloe sighed and said, “This sucks. Now what do we do?” Michael said, “Well, I don’t know about you but I’m starving.” He turned back and walked the way they came with Chloe looking at him shocked and said, “Hungry? How can you think of food at a time like this?” Michael said, “I don’t know what else to do for now except make sure we don’t starve to death.” Chloe rolled her eyes as they went back to the main atrium and went to a large family size kitchen to the left and below the stairs and Michael opened one of the four fridges and found various foods. Michael said, “Well it looks like they want to keep us for a while.” He made sandwiches for himself and Chloe as they both ate and Chloe said, “They provided all the kitchen utensils except the steak and carving knives.” Michael said, “Probably so if they decided to pay us a visit we won’t stab them to death.” Chloe said (regretfully), “Which I like to do at this point. What do we do now?” Michael said, “The only thing we can do. Look around the whole palace outside and see how much they copied our home planet.” Chloe said, “What are the odds of finding the others?” Michael replied, “Don’t know. It depends on how big this fake landscape is.” They left the kitchen and they started heading towards the front doors and outside.

Arsenal woke up and the first thing he saw is a ceiling that looks all too familiar. He then sat up and looked around and noticed the room he is in looks exactly like the same bedroom he stayed in when he was living in Tenchi and Ryoko’s home. There is a sound of child like screams and he turned to the door as his body tensed and saw his Joey and Ty running up and jumping on his lap and back on the bed, but he didn’t move and looked at them with a blank stare as Joey looked up at him with a worried expression on her face and she said, “Uncle Arnie, are you okay?” Arsenal looked at her trying to hold back his look of confusion when suddenly Carrie walked in and said, “Okay you two, leave your uncle alone.” They both went to Carrie’s side as she kneeled and Joey said, “Can we go play in the garden, please?” Carrie replied, “Okay, but don’t trample over them.” They both cheered and ran out as Arsenal looked up at her with a blank stare as his body tensed. Carrie looked at him with a concerned expression and said, “Arnie, what’s the matter?” Arsenal replied, “Why am I here?” Carrie looked at him first confused then laughed and said, “What do you mean? This is where we live, until we are safe.” Arsenal said, “Where is Michael and Chloe?” Carrie sat by his side and rubbed his left leg and back and said, “They’re taking a vacation from taking care of the kids, why are you asking all these questions?” Arsenal replied, “Far from here on a ship, away from you.” Carrie looked at him with a hurt expression and said, “Me? Why?” Arsenal replied, “You hate me. Blame yourself for killing all those crewmen.” Carrie looked uncomfortable and moved her hands away from him and said, “Yes Arsenal I do feel guilty, but my niece and nephew showed me a better way to live. I don’t want to keep mellowing up with what I did in the past because I have people here that care about me.” She then looked up at him and caressed his left shoulder and said, “As for you, you’re not like a machine anymore and have done so much to come back to us.” Arsenal said, “And when I hurt you?” Carrie suddenly stood up as she looked upset and said, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore!” Ty called out, “Aunt Carrie are you okay?” Carrie sighed and said, “Yes Ty, everything’s fine! I’ll be out in a moment!” Arsenal continued to look at her with a blank but somewhat grim expression and said, “Didn’t answer first question. Was on ship with Michael and the others till bright flash of light and saw saucer shaped ships.” Carrie looked both hurt and concerned and said, “Would it make you feel better if I told you had been sleeping for a long time?” Arsenal continued to stare at her and Carrie said, “You came to bed early last night and immediately fell asleep. It’s already just past noon.” Arsenal said, “How long since appeared from the woods?” Carrie looked confused and replied, “That same day. You don’t remember?” Arsenal replied, “No.” Carrie then held both Arsenal’s hands and said (with a concerned look), “Arnie, you have been here the whole time.” Arsenal looked confused and said, “I don’t understand.” Carrie said, “It’s okay Arnie, you’ve been through a lot.” Carrie leaned forward to kiss him when Joey called out, “Aunty, when are you coming out?” Carrie pulled back, smiled and said, “Looks like it will have to wait till tonight.” Arsenal struggled but was able to smile as Carrie laughed heartedly as she touched his lips. Arsenal said, “Go ahead, I’ll be out in a moment.” Carrie then leaned forward and kissed his lips and said, “I’ll be waiting for you.” And she walked out before smiling back at him for the last time as he smiled back at her as well till she left and returned to his blank expression.

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