Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 3

Michael reached for the door knob when suddenly Chloe grabbed Michael’s wrist, twisted it as she turned him to face her as Michael made a short yelp and said, “What the...” Chloe immediately kissed him passionately till Michael forced her back looking shocked and said, “Dude what was that for?” Chloe first looked hurt and then she shook her head and looked confused and said, “I don’t know. All of a sudden I felt like...” They both looked outside and saw it was getting dark and Michael said, “We better get moving.” Chloe then moved in front of him and embraced him as she started kissing him passionately and said, “It can wait tomorrow.” Michael struggled as he tried to push her away as he looked shocked and said, “Honey we can’t wait till tomorrow, we have to find them if we want to get out of here!” Chloe then tried taking his clothes off as she said with a desperate tone, “Come on, come to bed with me!” Michael then shoved her away to the side and reached towards the doors when Chloe yelled out angrily, “Hey, get back here!” Suddenly Michael felt dizzy as he grabbed the door knob and his vision began to blur as he removed his hand from the door knob and touched his forehead as his body moved side to side tiredly. He shook his head and the dizziness dissipated and just when he reached for the door knob again a hand grabbed his left shoulder, spun him around and slammed his back against the doors and Chloe jumped on him with her legs wrapped around his back and she began to kiss him passionately and hard. Michael was just able to grab both of her legs and pull them apart forcing her off him and he shoved Chloe back so hard she fell on her butt. She then charged at him as she yelled in anger till Michael slapped her across the face and she stumbled back in shock while rubbing her cheek as Michael yelled, “Chloe wake up!” Chloe breathed heavily in anger till all of a sudden she stopped and she looked at him confused then a painful expression as she felt her cheek and said, “Wha, what’s going on?” She looked at the doors and back at Michael’s confused face and said, “Why haven’t we left?” Michael looked grimly at her and said, “I think they are trying to keep us from going outside using our emotions against us.” Chloe said, “So on top of finding a way out of here we have to resist any form of temptation?” Michael replied, “That’s what it looks like.” Chloe looked irritated and angry and cursed at herself and said, “I’m going to freaking kill them.” Michael then opened the doors and they both walked outside and proceeded to the bridge over the moat around the mansion when suddenly Michael was bounced back and almost fell.

Chloe immediately ran to Michael’s side as he stumbled and looked at him and at the bridge shocked and said, “Are you all right?” Michael rubbed his head as he grimaced in pain and said, “Yeah, but by the feel of it there is an invisible barrier between us and the walk bridge.” He then walked forward with his hands out and then he stopped when his hands touched the invisible barrier. He felt around and still it was there in front of them and Michael said, “See if you can find an opening.” Chloe nodded and went up to the edge, where the fence is, and felt the barrier as she went to the right of Michael, as he went left, and they both walked fast as they continued to feel the invisible barrier till they met on the other side of the mansion and Michael said, “Nothing?” Chloe replied, “No.” Michael sighed and said, “Great, we’re lab rats in an invisible cage.” Chloe said, “Can we dig under it?” Michael replied, “I don’t think that will....” He stumbled as he touched his fore head as if he is dizzy again and Chloe grabbed him steady and said, “Michael, are you all right? Michael!” Michael said tiredly, “I...” Suddenly Chloe stumbled as well and they both fell with their backs to the invisible barrier before they both nodded off to sleep.

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