Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 4

Michael can only see blackness even as he first heard whispering and then the talking grew louder and Michael couldn’t understand, as the multiple voices spoke over each other, and the talking grew louder and louder and louder to the point where it sounded like they are screaming next to his ears till suddenly he heard his own scream that sounded painful and suddenly he opened his eyes. He first saw the grey ceiling as he breathed heavily and looked to his left to see a two way window with no one inside and to his right he saw a tall figure in a white lab coat with a green bald head writing down notes with its back turned to him. Michael looked down and saw his hands and feet are strapped down and he began pulling his right hand to break the strap as the alien continued writing and under the strain the strap snapped off with the band still on his wrist. The alien suddenly turned and Michael laid back down pretending he is asleep with his hand in place. When the alien came up with a device that made a low hum noise and held it over Michael’s head Michael’s free hand suddenly grasped around the alien’s throat as Michael opened his eyes to see the green head alien had no face at all and Michael continued to squeeze harder and harder as the alien thrashed in his grasp silently till it went limp. Michael dropped the alien and tore out the other bands before went to the room with the two way window and saw three computers and tow large standup computer banks and he locked the doors before he sat in front of one of the computers.

He pressed various buttons until the monitor showed the room he was in and he clicked over and saw the other rooms where Arsenal and the others are strapped down and he looked at the corner of the screen and recorded all the room numbers in his display memory. He then flipped over to see Chloe and notice she was not alone as three faceless aliens stood around her holding various devices. Michael looked angered and he slammed his fist at the monitor and smashing it to pieces before his robotic eye sight detected more aliens approaching and he quickly unlocked the door and stood to the side and waited for them. Once they opened the door and walked in, making various moans and humming noises as they wore green and red spandex type uniforms, Michael closed the door behind quietly before tapping one of them on the shoulder and one of them turned and Michael immediately kicked him in the chest as he went flying and bounced his back off the wall before slamming onto the deck unconscious. Michael then grabbed the other alien and slammed its back up against the wall creating a dent and he stood close as Michael glared at it angrily and said, “You understand what I am saying?” The alien nodded and Michael said, “Point me to where the others are and where is my ship.” He looked down and saw on the alien’s belt a cellphone like device and he grabbed it, touched the screen and saw rooms with labels on them. There was a pulsing orange dot indicating the device’s location and showed red dots that Michael interprets are the other devices and aliens. He looked back down on the alien’s belt and found a key card that had a bar code on it as he snatched it up as well. Michael glared back at the alien and said, “Thank You for your cooperation.” And he slammed the back of the alien’s head to the wall causing it to smash in, leaving a green liquid splatter where the back of its head impacted before letting the alien’s body dropped to the floor.

Michael looked at the tracker and noticed the hallway is clear and he opened the door, looked outside and his visual eyesight scanner confirmed the readings and layout as the hallway is grey and curved to the right. He walked out and kept his eyes both on the tracker and the hallway till he saw a dot coming his way from the front. He used the key card to the door on his right as he detected an alien inside and when the door unlocked he quickly opened the door and before the alien in a lab coat can turn Michael kicked its back hard and heard a loud snap as the alien bent backwards, almost into a V, and fell lifelessly. Michael hid behind the door as the other alien rushed in wearing its suit and Michael closed the door, grabbed its arm that had a handheld gun that looked like a laser and snapped its arm backwards as it made a high pitch moan before Michael grabbed his back, lifted him up with ease and slammed its body forward and down to the floor making a dull snap noise as the alien laid still. He took the alien’s laser as he looked at the tracker and went back out onto the hallway and continued onwards.

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