Star Trek Defiance: Abduction

Chapter 5

Once he found the room his visual changed into an X-ray and showed three alines in the observation room and two in the room where Chloe is held and he pullout the key card and held the laser at the ready. Once he slide the card he kicked the door open and jumped inside and fired the laser that sent a red bolt to the two way window and it exploded into the holding room to the surprise of the aliens as the glass bounced off their faceless heads and they moaned excitedly as Michael kicked the nearest one and it flew and hit the wall before it fell lifeless. Michael then pistol whipped the other across the face before he fired at the computer console and bolts of electricity electrocuted the other alien sending sparks in the air and fell to the floor completely black. He grabbed the one he pistol whipped earlier before the third alien got up making a loud moaning sound as it raised its laser gun only for Michael to throw the alien he was holding onto at it and when the other alien fired the alien that Michael shoved in the way vanished in a blue light as it was hit. Before the third alien could fire at Michael, Michael already had his gun trained and fired at him and he vanished as well. Michael turned to the examination room and saw two lab coated aliens cowering behind the table where Chloe is held down and wearing a hospital type apron as he trained his gun at them and said angrily, “Release her, now!” The aliens stood up with their hands raised and one released her binds while another pressed some button on a large portable computer as Michael watched and he scanned her vitals and his robotic retinal display showed him that she is waking up. Michael turned to the aliens as they raised their hands again and made a couple of moans as if they are afraid and Michael said, “Thanks.” And he fired at both of them and they each vanished in a blue light as they made a high pitch moan.

Chloe opened her eyes as she heard the aliens loud moans and she sat up as Michael approached her and he said, “Are you okay?” Chloe nodded tiredly and she looked at herself and said, “Why am I wearing a hospital gown?” Michael kept a straight face and said, “I’ll explain later.” He grabbed her Green Comet uniform and weapons from a small table in the corner of the room and she took them and got dressed and donned her green wig as Michael watched the observation room and the door to the examination room. When she finished she grabbed two scalpels on a tray and stood behind Michael and said, “Do you know where the others are?” Michael replied, “With this tracker yes.” He looked at it and saw the coast is clear outside and he opened the door and looked at both ends of the curved hallway and it is still clear as they went out. They walked down the hallway silently till they reached a door and Michael said, “Okay this one is going to be tricky. I got four in the observation room and three where they are holding Arsenal. This time we have to be stealth and quick.” Chloe whispered, “Then stop talking and open the damn door!” And Michael slid the key card and opened the door quietly.

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